The SeedFair Seeds Legal Disclaimer

Visitors and Customers alike using our website, theseedfair.com, when purchasing products and or using the information on our website does and willfully accepts our Terms and ConditionsPrivacy Policy and as well our Legal Disclaimer.

It is important to note that Germination of our Marijuana seeds is illegal in most countries around the world.  Our company The Seed Fair sells these products only as collectibles and as well as souvenirs to be used only for the purpose of preservation purposes.  We do not market the use of our seeds to be used in germination but only to hold as a souvenir or collectible.

Our website The Seed Fair, does not sell Marijuana products to anyone that we may suspect will be used in a illegal country of which they may cultivate the seeds.  We have many programs and information on new countries and areas that have become legal for the cultivation of Cannabis Seeds, we recommend that you check out the literature that we provide in our blog section.


Regulations and implementation of Marijuana Laws may differ from State to State.  It is very important to check your State’s legislation and laws in regards to if you are legally able to buy and cultivate Cannabis Seeds.  Many of the State’s in the USA will have recreational use, medical use, etc.  Please make sure to check your local laws before purchasing Cannabis Seeds from The Seed Fair.

The Seed Fair website accepts no responsibility for a Cannabis Seed product to be intercepted by or lost in transit after you place your order that is being delivered to a State where this product is fully illegal.

By using our website theseedfair.com you acknowledge and agree that you are buying our Cannabis Seeds for preservation only and that you are abiding by the rules and laws that are governed by your State.  You also agree that it is your responsibility to check with your local State laws and regulations before making any purchases of our products on our website.


Our company and website theseedfair.com does not accept any liability when it comes to a guarantee of any of the Cannabis Seeds that are sold on our platform.

We at The Seed Fair with passion does not allow anyone to act against the law of their area when buying our products.  Anyone who purchases from our website theseedfair.com takes full responsibility of their actions such as purchasing and delivering our products to their location.  All of our promotional information on theseedfair.com are for educational purposes only.  This is not intended to promote or sell our products, and or cultivate our products of an illegal and or controlled substances.

Age Restrictions On Access and Purchases

In order to view our website and or purchase you must be at least 21 years old.  We have a full disclaimer that begins on the website that asks if you are of age or not of age.  Clicking this notice it is your responsibility that you act within the law of your area.  If you are under 21 you are not permitted to enter our website.  You must be 21 and over in order to purchase as well deliver to your location.  We hold no responsibility for anyone who tries to manipulate this feature and terms and conditions that we have.  Please note the above that you must not purchase our products if you live in a State, Province, and or Country that does not legally allow you to purchase Cannabis Products.