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Our company The Seed Fair runs the website The Seed Fair Our Privacy Policy page is here to educate all our users and customers in regards to our policies regarding the storing and use of personal information when you use our website  Very important to note that The Seed Fair does not share your information with any outside parties from our website. We only use your Personal Information for return customers and as well improving our website. By using our website you are agreeing to information being retained by our company and as well the use of information in accordance with this policy.  Our Privacy Policy uses the same terms as the agreement under our Terms and Conditions.

Information Collection and Use:

When you use our website for information and or for purchasing please note that we do ask you for important information such as your identity when making an account and or purchases.  Information we may ask are your email address, personal address, zip code, and other details that are listed under “Personal Information”.

Log Data:

In addition to personal information, we may also collect browser information also known as Log Data.  Log Data includes your IP Address, browser company, version, and as well what pages you have visited on our website As well, we do use third-party services such as payment processing, goolge etc.  These third-party’s can as well collect certain pieces of data that is needed for improving your service.  Please note that they have their own privacy policies to adhere to so it is good to check with them how they use their information.


Cookies as per our Cookie Policy, are small items of data, that help to identify you as well as improve your experience on The Seed Fair.  These Cookies can be stored on your browser and or on your computer hard drive.  Cookies are used to help collect information and your data.  There is always a way to not have cookies being used during your visit if you go to your browsers settings you can turn on and off the collection of Cookies.  Please refer to your browsers informative steps in order to do so.

Service Providers:

We employ a few third-party companies in order to help improve and make our services.  These service providers may collect your information to help improve your experience and as well help remember your preferences when using The Seed Fair.  These Third-Party only take information that is needed in order to perform the tasks such as payment and analytics.


We do in fact use your information in order to communicate with you.  We may send newsletter, or important information to help you with the best knowledge needed for your products.  You may cancel our communication at any time by clicking the unsubscribe button on our newsletter and emails.  You can find this link at the bottom of each email including order confirmations.

Compliance with Laws:

Please note that is it important to abide but all laws when viewing and or purchasing on our website  If in accordance by law that we have to disclose your information for court, local authorities, law enforcement, we will do so if needed.  Our company The Seed Fair will abide by all rules and laws to help make each and every customers experience perfect and within the laws of each country.

Business Transaction:

If The Seed Fair comes across a merger and or sale of the company, Personal information maybe transferred in accordance with the change.  We of course will provide you in writing a notice if a transfer is in the works and or eminent. In the event of this transfer, your rights under the laws of data collection will not be affected.


Security on our website is of utmost importance to our company.  We spend a great deal of time and money to make sure your information is secure and safe.  Our methods and as well our efforts are one of the highest in the industry as we value the safety of our customers above all else.  We do not sell your information, and as well keep all information under lock and key that abides by the rules and laws of every State.

Links to Other Sites:

Our website may contain links and information that is linked to other websites.  If you click on one of these links, you maybe directed to a new website.  Please note that we do not track and or hold any legal abilities when it comes to those websites.  We do however choose these third-party links with great caution so that our customers are always receiving the best information while keeping them safe.  We do not hold any responsibility or control over third-party websites and or their content.

Children’s Privacy:

Our website prohibits the entry and products being sold to anyone that is under 21 years of age.  We do not collect information and or sell to anyone that is not legally allowed to be on our website.  We take great care in making sure this law is upheld and will go to the highest levels to make sure this is intact.  If you are aware of an underaged person manipulating our website please contact us immediately so that we can take the necessary actions to remove them as well as information from our servers.

Changes to This Privacy Policy:

The Seed Fair may update our Privacy Policy at any time.  We will always post the new updated version right away on our website.  You are advised to look over our Privacy Policy when first on the website and as well before purchasing.  Changes can occur regularly and it is your responsibility as our website user to be up to date with our policy changes.


This policy will be governed within the laws of both Canada and The USA with zero conflict in accordance to the law.

Contact Us:

If you have any questions in regards to our policy please contact us by using one of the methods on our contact page.