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Our Products

Our products listed on our website The Seed Fair maybe illegal in many countries, States, and or Provinces.  We sell our Cannabis Seeds strictly as a Souvenir and or as a Collectible.  You must be over the age of 21 to be able to access the website, read the information, and as well purchase products from our website.  It is solely your responsibility to know your limitations on if and when you can purchase products from The Seed Fair.

Drug Policy

The Seed Fair does not market or encourage the use or growth of illegal drugs and or controlled substances on our website.  The materials and information that can be found on our website www.theseedfair.com is solely for educational purposes of Cannabis Products.  We require all users and buyers to be well aware of their local laws and justice systems.


Purchases on The Seed Fair website can only be made by people who are 21 years and above as well as whoever lives in a region that allows these products to be purchased.  We do not market and or sell to anyone under 21 years of age as well as anyone who lives in an area where Cannabis Seeds are deemed illegal.

Images and Content

All content and images that you see on our website are The Seed Fair’s intellectual property.  Use of this information is only for private use and law abiding purchasers.  Our logo and other content related items is solely owned and operated by The Seed Fair.

Our Accountability

The Seed Fair pays close attention to all information and images that is displayed on our website www.theseedfair.com.  We make sure that our information is accurate and is only provided to a customer that has no intention on cultivating our Cannabis Seeds and that will only use as a collectors item or souvenir.  We note that even though we have full control over the website, our content can still be subject to errors in which we are able to edit from time to time.


Please contact us with any inquiries or concerns at [email protected]