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White Widow Seeds

White Widow cannabis seeds are an excellent alternative for people looking for a strain that will not create exhaustion, lethargy, or a lack of energy. This strain provides a balanced state of mind that is both calm and attentive.

Our White Widow strains can help people suffering from anxiety and depression. With its high THC content and unique smell, it’s made for those who like to smoke socially and take advantage of all the great properties it yields.

This beautiful plant will create a visually stunning crop with bold colors. White Widow’s ability for a short flowering time and its small stature make it perfect for beginners or those with small spaces.


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White Widow Feminized Seeds


Easy Growing Cannabis Seeds

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What are White Widows?

This strain is legendary for its out-of-this-world resin production. It was selectively bred for a high trichome count and had an average of 20% THC, with some variations exceeding that amount.

Smoking White Widow weed produces a cerebral high that, while occasionally unsettling in high dosages, lets users stay functional and alert to their surroundings.

White Widow Properties

The buds of White Widow are massive.  The flower bud composition can be more Sativa-dominant, with an airy and puffy structure that, although sticky, may easily break apart. 

CBD White Widow 1 to 1 Feminized Seeds White Widow Autoflower Seeds White Widow Regular Seeds
Plant type 50% Indica / 50% Sativa 50% Indica / 40% Sativa / 10% Ruderalis 50% Indica / 50% Sativa
THC 10% 26% 22%
Grow difficulty Easy Easy Easy
Climate Indoor/Outdoor Indoor/Outdoor Indoor/Outdoor
Plant size Small Small Small
Flowers 6-8 weeks 7-8 weeks 8-10 weeks
Yields 500 g 400 g 450 g
Taste and smell Skunk, Sour, Citrus, Floral Pine, Earth, Fruit, Spicy Pepper Earthy, Woody, Pine
Effects Uplifting, happy, relaxed Relaxed, uplifting, euphoric, happy Awareness, clarity, joy, energy

White Widows Effects, Taste & Smell

White Widow is recognized for its stinging, ammonia-like fragrance with earthy pine undertones. 

These feminized cannabis seeds can produce high THC level seeds. You won’t have to worry about the couch lock with the original White Widow. It takes away your stress and leaves you feeling energized and with less chronic pain. 

White Widow Marijuana Genetics

Its beginnings may be traced back to the 1990s in the Netherlands. It was produced as a hybrid variety, becoming one of Europe’s first cannabis imports. Experts believe this strain is a mix between South American Sativa and South Indian Indica, while some think it’s a Brazilian Sativa landrace.

Reasons to Grow White Widow Cannabis Seeds 

White Widow is easy to grow and an excellent strain for any people with prior experience growing cannabis. Depending on the cannabis strain, it can be more difficult to cultivate because it prefers cooler conditions, but if you have any indoor growing expertise, this shouldn’t be too difficult.

How to Grow White Widow?

White Widow is unique in that it is great for indoor growing and one of the easiest strains to grow outdoors without compromising yield or potency. It is suitable for all conditions and growing mediums.

Germinating White Widow Seeds

To begin to grow weed, seed germination is required. Begin by soaking your new seeds in water and placing them between two wet pieces of paper towel. Then, put the seeds in small pots with soil. Once they start to sprout past the top of the soil, they will need light to continue to grow. You don’t have to worry about growing male plants by choosing feminized White Widow seeds.

To stop the soil from drying, spray the seeds with water twice daily to keep them moist but not flooded. Once roots have sprouted, the plant is ready to be moved outdoors or into a larger pot.

Optimal Growing Conditions

Although it can be successfully grown outdoors, it thrives best when grown indoors. It demands a significant amount of space, so keep that in mind while shopping for seeds.


The heat generated by these lights needs to be considered, even though CFLs and LEDs have become the industry standard for growing plants indoors. You can light the space for anywhere from eight to twelve hours daily, depending on the type of seeds you utilize.


The seeds do best when a gentle breeze blows, but be careful not to position your fan too closely, or the leaves may suffer from weed burn.

Water & Nutrients

Be sure to water the plant whenever the top layer of soil seems dry to the touch. Plant it in soil rich in nitrates and other nutrients to maintain its robust health.

Temperature & Humidity

Each White Widow strain has its preference for cooler or warmer temperatures, so always research beforehand. Anywhere between 70 – 80 degrees Fahrenheit will provide a healthy yield. 

Harvesting White Widow

White Widow plants need a few more weeks to reach maturity before being harvested. This plant will be ready to harvest outdoors in the middle of October, whereas indoor growers will be ready approximately seven to eight weeks after flowering.

White Widow Seeds for Sale Online

Growing White Widow marijuana strains is easy with The Seed Fair. Our expertise in this classic strain will help you grow the best weed, regardless of your experience in growing weed.

When you buy this strain, know that you are getting high-quality seeds that can produce high-yielding, dense buds with a THC content that you are comfortable with. The old-school genetics give a unique taste and aroma that you won’t soon forget.


The feminized version can take anywhere from 8 – 10 weeks to fully mature. The flowering stage can begin as early as six weeks in some varieties.

If you are looking for high yielding seeds, the White Widow feminized cannabis seeds can deliver. They may be small, but they can give a good yield of over 400 grams per plant. Your yield could change depending on the strain and if they prefer colder climates or warm weather.

Original White Widow needs a little experience to grow, but it is a forgiving crop. You need to pay attention to your light cycle to ensure that you are not giving too much or too little light.

Some versions have a decent amount of CBD content, like the CBD White Widow, which features a CBD content of 10%. Most other varieties have a lower CBD content if it’s existent.

The original White Widows are highly potent cannabis strains—most of these strains in the cannabis world average around 20% THC content.