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Cannabis Seeds for Greenhouse Cultivation

Most growers will either grow their cannabis plants either inside or outside, depending on the budget, space, and genetics. But what if you could bring the outside in? Greenhouse cultivation has exploded in popularity because you can take advantage of the natural light and local climate to maximize the growing season.

The Seed Fair has high-quality cannabis genetics that many greenhouse growers can take advantage of during the growing season. These feminized cannabis seeds are specifically selected for greenhouse growing.

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What are Greenhouse Cannabis Seeds?

Any cannabis seed can be grown inside a greenhouse, in fact, many people will transition over to growing cannabis in a greenhouse because of the additional benefits they provide.

Since greenhouses can be quite tall, you’ll often find Sativas being the preferred strain type since they love to reach for the sky. A heated greenhouse will also help mimic the heat and humidity that they experience back near the equator where the original Sativa varieties came from.

That being said, you can grow Indica seeds inside a greenhouse with incredible success. In fact, some will build a greenhouse with bigger square footage and less height so that the bushy Indicas can stretch out and sprawl.

You have full control over the climate inside a greenhouse. If it gets too cold, then you can turn up the heat. In addition to the natural light, you can supplement greenhouse crops with an artificial light schedule to optimize production.

That being said, even though you can grow any cannabis seeds in both environments, there are some specific varieties that can benefit from being in a greenhouse more than any other way. Ensure you purchase your seeds from a reputable seed company.

Essential Strains of Greenhouse Cannabis Seeds

It’s quite the spectacle to walk in and see small greenhouses filled with monster plants. The combination of natural sunlight and a controlled climate will make the best strains explode with buds.

Here are some strains that you can get from our green house seed company:

A lot of these feminized cannabis seeds are Sativa-dominant, which means they love growing tall, in hot temperatures, and can handle their humidity. Perfect for cultivators to experiment and optimize their yields.

One problem with high-quality strains is that they tend to attract unwanted attention with their potent smell and sticky flowers. A greenhouse protects your plants in the daylight hours as well as through the night from animals or people.

The strains mentioned above are all quite potent and if grown properly, will produce high yields. A greenhouse ensures that you keep your plants safe throughout the growing season.

What Are the Characteristics of the Taste of Greenhouse Cannabis?

Growing cannabis seeds in a greenhouse produce a much different tasting bud than simple indoor growing. Most cannabis growers can easily spot the difference between bud that was grown inside or outside.

A greenhouse grower will speculate that it’s because you are combining the perfect balance of a greenhouse environment with the natural power from the sun, which often produces better-tasting buds than artificial lighting.

Every grower knows that once you’ve dialed in your system for a specific strain, you can produce Cannabis Cup quality buds. Terpene production is all about transforming light energy into sugars which are then distributed all throughout the cannabis. The process requires precise environmental conditions, which a greenhouse can provide balance for.

These terpenes are essential oils and are what give cannabis-specific flavorings. Since sunlight is the best light for producing terps, you can imagine what sunlight would do in a perfectly balanced environment; you’re going to have some incredibly tasty buds.

Keep in mind that there are some nuances to greenhouse growth that you’ll want to pay attention to. Keep reading to learn about how you can grow cannabis in a greenhouse with ease.

How to Grow Greenhouse Cannabis Seeds?

There is some thinking involved when filling an entire greenhouse with feminised cannabis seeds. Often you need to worry about whether you should put them in pots or directly into the ground, the latter requiring even more care since you now have to fertilize the ground.

A lot of growers will use large pots for their greenhouse seed since it makes for easy cleanup and you can control the dosage of whichever nutrients you’re going to add to the mix. It also gives the grower the ability to check in on things to see if they are showing signs of toxicity or nutrient lockout through flushing and reading the PH of the growing medium.

Some questions you need to factor into greenhouse growing include:

  • Will you have supplemental lighting?
  • What watering systems will you use?
  • How will you keep the greenhouse clean?
  • Are there any local laws you need to abide by for buying seeds?
  • How many plants will you have?
  • Will you use greenhouse heaters to control the climate?

It’s funny that all of these things need to be answered first before you even choose the feminized seeds that you want to use. Once you’ve addressed these questions, you should have smooth sailing as long as your seed does well.

How to choose the right cannabis seeds for greenhouse growing?

Choosing your green house seeds comes down to a few simple questions that you can ask to narrow down your search. Don’t just jump to the green house seeds from a seed company that has won multiple awards. Here are some of the factors to consider when finding the perfect strain.

Do you want autoflowers, regular, or feminised seeds? – Autoflowers will have a smaller yield but can be harvested multiple times a year. Regular greenhouse seeds can have a chance to sprout male plants and feminised seeds are the most beginner-friendly.

What particular terpene profiles do you want in your greenhouse seeds? – This is the difference between earthy tones or fruity and sweet tastes from your green house seeds.

What type of green house seeds do you want? – If you have a smaller green house, then an Indica would benefit you since it grows low to medium height. Build your ceilings high and you can take advantage of Sativa cannabis genetics.

What THC content are you looking for? – The THC level will be different in every green house seed so it’s important to check for suitable levels for your tolerance.

What effects do you want from your cannabis plants? – Some seeds have exceptional medicinal properties while others enjoy recreational properties to be satisfied customers. Pay attention to the medicinal effects to see if they are perfectly suited for you.

Look at the conditions required for your green house seeds and make sure they fit the requirements for a green house. Some strains work best in outdoor cultivation only which means you would only be germinating them inside.

How long does Greenhouse Cannabis take to grow?

Greenhouse growers have one more advantage over outdoor grows and that is you can start good quality cannabis seeds earlier than you could otherwise. This is because you can control the climate while still taking advantage of the sun.

That being said, you can start your seeds in late March and have almost two months extra for your seedlings to build a strong foundation. The greenhouse season for growing cannabis can then run from late March to late October. If you are running strictly Sativa, that can even extend into November depending on how long the flowering stage is.

What is the flowering time for Greenhouse Cannabis?

Flower time for Greenhouse Cannabis seeds can be greatly extended using an indoor structure. Sativa strains can run up to 13 weeks in flower as they take longer to ripen.

What are the benefits of greenhouse weed cultivation?

Growing cannabis in a greenhouse offers many benefits for any cannabis grower. It’s perfect for beginners to learn their craft and experienced growers to modify and cultivate their own phenotypes.

Here are the advantages of growing your cannabis outdoors in a greenhouse:

  • A greenhouse protects your pot from thieves and animals.
  • Outdoor-grown pot is at the mercy of the elements whereas in a greenhouse they are protected from even the harshest weather.
  • Natural sunlight is the best light for your cannabis seed to produce high yields.
  • Some strains are sensitive to weather changes and the consistent indoor climate helps mitigate any adverse effects.
  • THC content and terpene concentration are generally higher when growing cannabis seeds in a greenhouse.

There is a lot of work that goes into growing cannabis inside a greenhouse and that can be reflected in the costs of cultivation. You do have the benefit of lower electricity bills but you will still have to do a lot of work when it comes to maintenance and harvest time.

What are the optimal conditions to grow seeds in a greenhouse?

To get the biggest yields, you’ll need to make sure your environment is up to snuff. These are the optimal growing conditions for green house seeds.

  • High-quality soil is needed for green house seeds. It can be supplemented with organic compost such as worm castings and seaweed.
  • During the colder months, you’ll need a heater to keep the temperature warm enough. Ensure proper ventilation if your green house gets too hot during the day.
  • Supplemental lighting such as LEDs or HPS can provide ample lighting in your green house when it is needed.

What Affects the Cost of Greenhouse Cannabis?

Greenhouse growers understand the cost of running their grows and depending on the length of time for harvesting, it can get quite expensive. Greenhouse cannabis growing generally finds its higher costs found in the nutrients and heating expenses for the greenhouse.

Problems happen in any garden and sometimes the cost to repair the problem can be expensive. Any little hiccup in your system can increase the cost to grow it, which is ultimately driving the price up.

If the genetics are rare, then there is an added price tag to the weed. Sought-after genetics in various markets are always much more expensive than something common you can find anywhere.

What are the Best Cannabis Seeds to Grow in a Greenhouse?

Northern Lights is a great strain to grow in a greenhouse because it can handle minimal heating and is one of the most popular varieties of all time. It has a short flowering time, which makes it great for quicker harvests as you can be pulling buds off after week 8 of flowering.

Super Silver Haze is another great strain to grow in a greenhouse since it likes to stretch up tall towards the sun. The longer flowering period makes sure that the buds develop nice and slow which is why they bring you such a positive, cerebral high.

Blue Dream is one of the best strains to have as a green house seed because it loves good sunlight. Since this strain is used to hot weather and consistent sun, a greenhouse can provide all of that plus a good nutrient regimen to keep it strong.

What are the Effects of Greenhouse Cannabis varieties?

Depending on the green house seed, the effects will vary significantly. If you are growing Indica-dominant strains, then get ready for more of a body buzz versus the mental effects you get off a Sativa. Growers will often notice that the potency of the effects is heightened when consuming flowers from a plant grown from a green house seed.

TOP 5 Greenhouse Seeds

Bubba Kush Strain

Bubba Kush is an Indica-dominant greenhouse seed that some say might even be better than the legendary classic OG Kush. It boasts sweet notes and a robust earthiness of a pure kush. Perfect for a green house, these medium-sized plants will produce buds that reach 19% THC. The hardy properties show as this plant is drought-resistant, meaning if it accidentally dries out, it will bounce back quickly. Using the sun to grow these seeds will produce over 700 grams per plant. Check them out in our green house seed company.

Arjan Haze Strain

On the opposite end of the scale, here is a great greenhouse seed for Sativa lovers. The THC levels are sitting at 21% with the psychoactive effects being incredibly potent. Enjoy the citrus fruit smell that is paired with mint to create unique aromas. The high will bring you concentrated energy to keep you focused on whatever tasks you need. If you’re growing these seeds in a green house, expect to net around 1,500 grams per plant as long branches become encompassed in flowers.

Hawaiian Snow Strain

A greenhouse seed capable of producing tropical fruit smelling buds, Hawaiian Snow will transport you to a tropical paradise. It’s a 90% Sativa-dominant hybrid with a high THC potency of 23%. Recommended for those with a high tolerance to THC, it has a long-lasting effect so prepare to have your day enhanced with creative energy. Medicinally, it is great for treating nausea and chronic pain. Growing these seeds in your green house will net you 1,000 grams per plant.

Jack Herer Strain

A green house seed named after a famous activist, Jack Herer is known around the world as a medical-grade pharmaceutical weed. It is a balanced hybrid with slightly more Sativa in it. The smoke is sweet and thick, much like a cigar puff. This greenhouse seed is a result of intensive breeding between landrace strains Northern Light and Shiva Skunk giving this strain a THC content of 18%. Growing these seeds inside is ideal, which makes them a great candidate as a greenhouse seed.

Kabrales Feminized Strain

Want strong and sweet-smelling terps from your greenhouse seed? Kabrales is an Indica-heavy variety from the green house seed company that will suit you, more so towards the end of the day. The high end of the potency chart is 20%, which makes it a great choice for those who have a high tolerance. As a green house seed, it would be perfect since it requires a precise environment but can benefit from the power of the sun.


Greenhouse cannabis is typically stronger than weed grown strictly indoors or outdoors.  The combination of strong sunlight with a controlled environment enhances the robust properties already in the strain.  Expect more vibrant flavonoids and more intense highs when consuming yields from greenhouse plants.

Autoflower seeds are perfect for greenhouse growth.  The nice thing with Autoflower plants is that they are not controlled photoperiod and will change to flowering on their own.  This means that the grower is essentially responsible for maintaining the environment so that cannabis plants can flourish.

Since you can control the climate fairly easily inside a properly built greenhouse you will be able to maximize the potential of your Autoflower seeds and produce high quality buds.

Since legislature varies from state to state, it is best to check local applicable laws to ensure that you are a 100% legal in purchasing and cultivating greenhouse weed.

Beginners can take advantage of the natural growing season while also protecting their plants. Growing indoors is a great way for novice greenhouse growers to observe their plants with minimal risk of pests or disease.

All cannabis will smell as it reaches mid-flower, with the smell exponentially increasing as your buds ripen and get ready to be harvested.  Greenhouse growers will often combat this with air filtration systems and carbon filters.