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How Many Seeds To Grow a Weed Plant

How Many Seeds To Grow a Weed Plant | Our Guide On Growing | The Seed Fair

New weed growers are fond of the question of how many seeds are needed to grow a weed plant? This is an essential part of weed planting, however, to provide an answer for that, you must determine the number of cannabis plants you wish to cultivate.

This is because the number of seeds needed to plant weed depends on the number of weed plants you want. When you have concluded, you can calculate the number of marijuana seeds needed based on your decision.


How many seeds is needed to grow a weed plant?

One marijuana seed is enough to grow a weed plant, however, there is a high possibility that it might not germinate.  Not all seeds germinate when planted and marijuana is no different. Therefore, it is advised to add more seeds when planting.


Factors that determine the appropriate number of seeds for a plant

The wise decision to make when planting is using multiple seeds. This assures you of a good yield and saves time because if you plant few seeds and they do not germinate, you will have to buy more and start over wasting money and time.

Some factors determine the number of seeds to use and will help you calculate the right amount. They are:


  • Rate of germination
  • Seed type


Rate of Germination

Though the kind of seed used can affect germination, nature has a bigger influence. The seed used is of nature and will react to its elements, therefore not all seeds can germinate efficiently.

Many weed growers have affirmed that over 92 percent of marijuana seeds germinate and form a plant. While this is a good rate, it is not a one hundred percent guarantee of weed germination. This is why we advise that you always add more seeds during planting to make sure it grows into a marijuana plant.

When you measure the number of seeds to use, ensure it tends at least 90 percent germination. This will build your confidence and give you a good level of certainty when planting.


Seed type

Let’s assume you purchase marijuana seeds to grow weed plants. There are two major types of marijuana seeds; regular weed seeds or feminized weed seeds. These seeds are different and influence the final yield in different ways. These differences are analyzed below.


Regular marijuana seeds

Regular marijuana seeds do not have a defined amount, this is because they have a 60 percent tendency of developing into a female plant, and therefore 40 percent tendency of developing into a male plant. The male marijuana plants do not produce weed buds, so you will need multiple seeds to increase the tendency of growing a female marijuana plant.


Feminized marijuana seeds

This is a popular choice by weed growers because it produces 99 percent of female marijuana plants. Using this seed lessens the risk of growing male plants during the flowering stage.

A popularly used feminized seed is auto-flowering strains. These seeds flower naturally but are quite costly. Feminized marijuana seeds in general are expensive.

You can choose between the above seeds, one that fits your budget and growing abilities.


How many seeds to grow a weed plant?

Calculating the number of seeds needed to grow marijuana is not complicated at all, and if you follow the advice stated above, you’ll know just the right amount to use.


How many cannabis plants can I grow?

Asides from how many seeds are needed to grow a weed plant? This is another frequently asked question. Growing marijuana plants depends on your decision, the quantity grown should be based on what you will use it for. Do you cultivate weed for personal use, medical use, or commercial purposes?

Your country of residence also influences the quantity of marijuana you can grow. For instance, some countries like the Netherlands have a weed tolerance policy. This is not the same in other countries. Ensure you find out the laws of the country concerning growing marijuana before you make plans.


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