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420Day and the idea behind it: how can you make the most of the cannabis holiday?
banner 420 day

Do you know what “420Day” is all about? Every April 20th, stoners around the globe come together in their city streets to celebrate the decriminalization of marijuana and its removal from the list of illegal drugs. 420 Day is a delight for cannabis enthusiasts, with dispensaries showcasing their top products, major cannabis companies hosting events, […]

Best Feminized Seeds: Top 20 Most Potent & High-Yielding Strains
best feminized seeds to grow

Deciding which strains to grow at home is a hard decision. Should you go for potency, yield size, or flavor? Is it better to opt for award-winning genetics or staples of the cannabis community? We’ve saved you the research and compiled our top 20 best photoperiod seeds and feminized seeds for your growing pleasure. Top […]

How Much Light Do Cannabis Seedlings Need?
How much light do cannabis seedlings need? A lush, vibrant cannabis seedling, bathed in gentle, warm sunlight filtering through a partially drawn sheer curtain, casting soft, delicate shadows on its leaves and illuminating its intricate features.

How much light do cannabis seedlings need? Light intensity, duration, and spectrum are crucial for plant development. We’ll explore the essential factors to consider, sharing insights on how to achieve the perfect lighting. Ready to improve your cultivation knowledge? Understanding the importance of the right grow light for cannabis seedlings Light serves as the primary […]

What’s the Difference Between Hemp and Cannabis?
What's the difference between hemp and cannabis? This image displays two distinct plants side by side: a tall, leafy cannabis plant with dense buds and a smaller, fibrous hemp plant with long stalks and sparse leaves.

What’s the difference between hemp and cannabis? Well, when it comes to legal classification, chemical composition, cultivation, growth, and uses and applications, there are some key distinctions. We’ll explore these differences and discuss the potential health benefits of hemp and cannabis. So, if you’re curious about these two plants and their unique properties, keep reading […]

How to Infuse Honey With Cannabis
How to infuse honey with cannabis?: A clear glass jar filled with golden, cannabis-infused honey, gently swirling with delicate wisps of smoke. The jar is adorned with a vibrant green cannabis leaf, symbolizing the myriad of health benefits awaiting exploration.

Are you looking to add a little buzz to your honey? Learn how to infuse honey with cannabis in just a few simple steps. This process allows you to enjoy the benefits of cannabis in a sweet and delicious way. Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis connoisseur or just curious about trying something new, this article […]

How to Infuse Coconut Oil with Cannabis
How to infuse coconut oil with cannabis: A glass jar filled with golden-hued, cannabis-infused coconut oil, neatly labeled with a date, sits next to a bowl of popcorn being drizzled with a spoonful of the aromatic oil.

Want to learn how to infuse coconut oil with cannabis? You’re in the right place! This article will walk you through every detail, from selecting the perfect cannabis strain to the best ways to store and use your finished product. Dive in with us and discover the magic of DIY cannabis-infused coconut oil. What is […]

How Long to Veg Cannabis?
How long should you veg a marijuana plant? A lush, vibrant cannabis plant thrives in a well-lit indoor grow room, with healthy, broad leaves and thick, sturdy stems, exemplifying the ideal duration of the vegetative stage

Thinking about how long to veg cannabis for the best growth and harvest? We’ll guide you through the factors that influence the length of the vegetative stage. You’ll learn how to determine when your plants are ready to transition and discover tips for maximizing growth during this crucial phase. We’ll also highlight common mistakes to […]

Can You Smoke Cannabis Oil?
Can you smoke cannabis oil? Transparent glass pipe filled with golden cannabis oil, gently vaporizing into a swirling cloud of fragrant smoke. Explore the process of smoking cannabis oil.

Can you smoke cannabis oil? Yes, you can smoke cannabis oil! Learn about the composition of cannabis oil, various ways of smoking it, and the potential risks and side effects that you should be aware of. We will also draw comparisons between smoking cannabis oil and other methods of consumption and provide suggestions on how […]

How Long for Marijuana Seeds to Break Soil?
How long does it take for marijuana seeds to break soil? The delicate emergence of a marijuana seed as it pushes through the dark, crumbly soil, with the first tender green shoot unfurling toward the sunlight, symbolizes the anticipation and patience required in the journey from seed to plant.

Wondering how long for marijuana seeds to break soil? It’s a common question amongst budding growers. We’ll explore the factors that impact germination time, the process of marijuana seed germination, and the average timeframe for seeds to emerge. Discover the top tips for speeding up germination and solving the most common problems. Get ready to […]

How to Defoliate Cannabis Plants for Maximum Yield
How to Defoliate Cannabis Plants for Maximum Yield: Skilled hands delicately trim lower fan leaves from a thriving cannabis plant, unveiling vibrant, densely packed bud sites.

You need to know how to defoliate cannabis plants if you want to maximize growth for a bigger yield. We’ll show you how to do it effectively in this guide. You’ll learn about the benefits of defoliation, the best time to carry it out, and the essential tools you’ll need. With our step-by-step guide, you’ll […]

Best Place to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online
A woman's hand holds a steaming cup of coffee, prepared for a shopping adventure. Explore the best place to buy marijuana seeds online featured image

Are you curious about the best place to buy marijuana seeds online? It’s a common question now that the laws are becoming more relaxed. In most states, marijuana is legal for recreational use. In many others, it’s allowed for medical purposes. Getting hold of quality cannabis buds can be challenging. As a result, many 420 enthusiasts […]

Why Are Seeds Better Than Clones?
why are seeds better than clones -featured image

Have you ever grown a plant from a cutting and felt disappointed by its lackluster performance? Or maybe you’ve experienced the frustration of growing a clone that turned out to be diseased or weak. It’s time to consider the benefits of using seeds over clones for your next crop. Imagine this scenario: two growers each […]

Autoflowering vs Feminized Seeds: What is the Difference & Which is Better?
autoflowering vs feminized

As cannabis becomes more widely available across the US and Canada, many plant lovers are trying out home growing. Although it’s nicknamed “weed”, cannabis can be a finicky plant to grow. However, there are a few kinds of seeds that can help you succeed at growing, no matter your experience level: autoflowering seeds and feminized […]

What Is The Purpose Of Germinating Seeds With Hydrogen Peroxide?
What is the purpose of germinating seeds with hydrogen peroxide

Do you want to know how to give your seeds the best possible start in life? Germinating seeds with hydrogen peroxide might just be the solution you’ve been looking for. This simple technique has been gaining popularity among gardeners and farmers alike due to its many benefits. When you germinate seeds with hydrogen peroxide, you’re […]

Should I Remove All The Fan Leaves During Flowering?
should i remove all the fan leaves during flowerin

Are you ready to take your cannabis growing skills to the next level? If you’re wondering whether you should remove all the fan leaves during flowering, you’re not alone. This is a common question cultivating photoperiod seeds, and the answer is not as straightforward as you might think. It’s like walking a tightrope – you […]

How Deep Do You Start Marijuana Seeds?
how deep do you start marijuana seeds - featured image

Are you ready to start growing your own marijuana plants? Before you can start cultivating your own stash, you need to know the basics of successful seed germination. Whether you’re planting a crop or single seeds, an important factor that can greatly affect the growth of your cannabis plants is the depth at which you […]

Do Good Marijuana Seeds Float Or Sink In Water?
outdoor cannabis plants in grow tent for trying if marijuana seeds float or sink in water

Are you in the market for high-quality marijuana seeds but unsure of how to identify them? One method that is often suggested is to test their buoyancy in water. The idea is that good marijuana seeds will float while bad ones will sink. But is this really true? In this article, we will explore the […]

Can You Smoke Hermaphrodite Plants?
flower strain for smoke hermaphrodite plants

Have you ever wondered about smoking hermaphrodite plants? While this may seem like a strange question, it’s a valid concern for those who cultivate regular cannabis seeds or other variants. Hermaphrodite plants are those that have both male and female reproductive organs, which can lead to the development of both male and female flowers. And […]

Can You Make A Mother Plant From A Feminized Seed?
large leaves of marijuana on a black background for mother plant from a feminized seed

Imagine you’re a gardener, tending to a beautiful garden full of blooming flowers and luscious fruits. Each plant is unique in its own way, with its own personality and characteristics. But what if you could create a mother plant that would produce clones of your favorite Haze strains, ensuring its legacy and allowing you to […]