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420 Day and the idea behind it: how can you make the most of the cannabis holiday?

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Do you know what “420 Day” is all about? Every April 20th, stoners around the globe come together in their city streets to celebrate the decriminalization of marijuana and its removal from the list of illegal drugs.

But why is 420Day so significant? Where did it originate? And, most importantly, how can you celebrate “420 Day” to make the most of it? We’ve got you covered.

How did 4/20 Day originate?

The real story behind the unofficial marijuana day is still up for debate. Some believe “420” is a secret code used by police for “marijuana smoking in progress,” while others think the date is somehow linked to Adolf Hitler’s birthday. With these mixed theories, there are four main versions of how the holiday began.

Version 1

This version is considered the most reliable. It all started with a school tradition at San Rafael High School. Back in the 1970s, a group of California teens would gather daily near the statue of French chemist Louis Pasteur at 4:20 PM for a smoke session. As word of this ritual spread, “4:20” became the universal code for cannabis use. So, if your buddy says, “it’s 4:20 time,” you know it’s time for a little MJ break!

Version 2

Another version suggests that the number 420 represents the active chemicals found in cannabis, making it a symbol for marijuana. However, this theory isn’t very reliable, as we know that marijuana contains over 480 constituents, with THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) believed to be the primary ingredient responsible for its psychoactive effects. While the idea is close, it’s not one to fully believe in.

Version 3

This version suggests that “420” was used as a code for marijuana-related offenses in California’s police or state penal code. However, there’s no concrete evidence to support this claim. Despite its common belief, the lack of evidence casts doubt on the accuracy of this theory.

Version 4

Now, for the least likely but still intriguing theory about the origin of the “420 Day”! This one’s got a literary twist. According to this version, the first mention of “420” harks back to the story “Within the Walls of Eryx,” penned by Howard Phillips Lovecraft and Kenneth J. Sterling. In the tale, the protagonist encounters “marvelous mirage-inducing plants,” akin to marijuana, which lull him into a trance around 4:20 in the afternoon. Fascinating, right?

Best ways to celebrate “420 Day”

Just last year, four states—Ohio, Minnesota, Delaware, and Kentucky—joined the ranks of legalized cannabis. It’s an exciting trend that I’m eager to see continue. With more states embracing legalization, celebrating “420 Day” is becoming even more intriguing. Curious how true cannabis aficionados mark the occasion?

Celebrate “420 Day” in full bloom

Show off your impressive cannabis harvest to your friends! Buy cannabis seeds today and start rolling joints in just 6-8 weeks. Some strains like Black African Magic, Grizzly, or Sugar Black Rose even begin flowering in just 5 weeks.

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Attend 420 events

On April 20, an unofficial marijuana holiday, supporters of legalization unite for flash mobs, sessions, cannabis marches, and vibrant festivals. Indulge in some delectable edibles at the trendiest cannabis restaurants before heading off to the party! Here’s a glimpse of some of the coolest 420 events taking place across the US in 2024:


  • Kushstock 420: A stunning, free celebration featuring renowned headliners and the opportunity to purchase cannabis products.
  • 420 Culture Festival/Expo: Witness the first official Nug Drop of 2024, with live music, vendors, and educational opportunities.
420 Hippy Hill - 420 Day event
420 Hippy Hill 420 Day event


  • SweetWater 420 Festival: Atlanta’s music festival with indie music heavyweights, performing all weekend in a festival setting for attendees of all ages.
  • Puffapalooza: Live art, music, educational lectures, vendor markets, and a colorful Kid Zone for cannabis advocate families.
Puffapalooza - 420 weed festival
Puffapalooza 420 weed festival


  • 420 Illinois Festival: Food, music, and a colorful vendor village, promoting community connection in a pure celebration environment.


  • Smoked Out 420 Fest at Zahara: Featuring live music, pop-up shops, local food and drinks, and super-stoney activities for those 21+.


  • The Loop 420 Street Fest: A family-friendly fair featuring live music, art, entertainment, educational opportunities, and local cannabis-adjacent vendors.


  • Chronic Palooza VI: Resurrection: An expansive cannabis festival featuring live music, unique attractions, food trucks, and entertainment for all ages.


  • Pennsylvania Cannabis Festival: Held on expansive acreage, featuring hundreds of vendors, installations, food and drink options, and educational opportunities for all ages.


  • Amarillo’s 420 Fest: Live music, food trucks, vendors, art installations, educational panels, and proceeds supporting local organizations. All ages are welcome.
  • 420 in the Clouds: A weekend-long festival providing food, music, vendors, educational panels, comedy shows, yoga classes, immersive art exhibits, and more for those 21+ only.


  • 420 Stoner Run: A 5k stoner run raising money and awareness for ending national marijuana prohibition. All ages are welcome.

Advocate for cannabis legalization

4/20 day goes beyond just fun and cannabis smoking—it carries a social agenda. In a broader context, the significance of 420 should be viewed as a movement advocating for legalization.

Since the mid-90s, enthusiasts have been organizing public events to challenge anti-cannabis prejudice and advocate for MJ legalization both nationally and globally. In some communities, “420 Day” involves acts of civil disobedience. One common form of protest is gathering in a crowd and lighting up precisely at 4:20 p.m., regardless of police presence. However, police often overlook stoner gatherings because participants maintain peaceful behavior and avoid causing disturbances. In California, there’s an implicit agreement between stoners and law enforcement: from 4:40 p.m. to 5 p.m., city parks are fully accessible to canna-activists, and after 5 p.m., officers politely ask lingering pot-smokers to vacate public areas.

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