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7 Must-Try Cannabis Restaurants in Los Angeles to Satisfy Your Munchies

7 Best Cannabis Restaurants in Los Angeles, CA | The Seed Fair

Los Angeles is known for its vibrant and energetic nightlife that isn’t afraid to experiment. Cannabis-infused food has found its way onto a few different menus as legalization has opened up plenty of opportunities. Clever chefs are using the cannabis plant to bring new life to their food.

This quick guide’s goal is to highlight top restaurants in Los Angeles that serve dishes infused with THC so you can get ideas for your next night out. Or maybe you want to throw your own cannabis dinner party? Then pick up some high-quality marijuana seeds from The Seed Fair so you can craft your unique edible with your own plant.

Are weed restaurants legal in California?

In California, including Los Angeles, marijuana is legal for both medicinal and recreational purposes. Some businesses are able to function as marijuana restaurants and get by with the current system of challenging regulations and strict legislation. A license and special permit are required to be able to operate in this capacity.

You’ll sometimes come across a weed restaurant that doesn’t have the proper permits to serve weed-filled food or beverages but they can allow you to smoke weed inside while you’re eating.

Can edibles be sold in a restaurant?

Navigating the maze of tricky laws in California is only for the most passionate entrepreneurs. With proper permits and licenses usually obtained by a federally approved hemp grower, you are able to sell THC-infused food. The process of getting a license can take a long time with no guarantee of even being approved. This is why a lot of the establishments are members only or operate at special times.

However, that is all changing in recent times as more and more marijuana-themed restaurants are jumping on board. These forward-thinking establishments are gaining a reputation as incredible weed restaurants, delivering quality edibles and even better experiences.

Best Cannabis Restaurants in LA?

From supper clubs to private events, weed restaurants are on the rise as cannabis culture blooms. This list highlights the best weed restaurants Los Angeles has to offer. While not every place will offer THC-infused food, they will offer a safe haven for you to have a toke or two.


Experience the magic of a carefully curated menu designed by a passionate chef using fresh ingredients to create cannabis-infused cuisine. This is the result of chef Chris Yang’s vision as he uses his scientific talents to elevate marijuana through various culinary creations. The preferred dosage for PopCultivate is 5 mg which you can also find in their infused beverages.

PopCultivate also plans events using their food as inspiration. Because there aren’t many cannabis caterers around, this place can have a peaceful atmosphere. The theme of this weed restaurant is the exploration and the discovery of yourself through art.

Recommended product to try

For a cannabis taste experience unlike any other, try one of their infused drinks. Your taste buds will be buzzing before dinner as you feel the effects of your specially crafted booze cocktails within 30 minutes.

Cannabis Cafe Weed Restaurant

If you’re looking for a cannabis restaurant Los Angeles to eat infused dishes and one of the best dispensaries around then you need to check this place out. Feel free to dine and toke indoors or on their outdoor patio. Pay a $30 “tokeage fee” and you’ll be able to bring in your own bud to enjoy with your meal. Although you are not required to order anything, table reservations are available for those who want to make a night of it.

The Cannabis Cafe also offers a wide range of flowers, various edibles, concentrates, and vapes in addition to a variety of cannabis accessories. Afterward, feel free to stop by the shop and pick up some top-shelf cannabis products.

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Pick out Cannabiotix’s Wedding Cake from their shelf before you leave for the day. The marijuana ingredient will keep you focused and feeling good throughout the evening.

Cannabis Supper Club

The cannabis supper club is an entirely private, ticketed, dining experience. Located in downtown Los Angeles, they have an unmatched curated selection of perfectly crafted multi-course menu items paired with ingredients like coconut milk, truffles, and THC-infused goodies, of course. Spend the evening with delicious food, a selection of cannabis brands, and live entertainment.

Recommended cannabis-infused food to try

The menus at the Cannabis Supper Club are always changing since they use seasonal ingredients to cultivate their ideas, so it is all worth trying. Leune’s Sol Berry Vape Pen is a great item to bring along for your experience thanks to its discreet nature and powerful cannabinoids.

Discover an exquisite venue for celebrating 420 Day at the esteemed Cannabis Supper Club. Their upcoming event, Flavors of 4/20, an unparalleled cannabis dining experience taking place on April 20, 2024, at a discreet cannabis speakeasy in downtown Los Angeles. Prepare to be enthralled by a lineup of culinary maestros, including Chopped420 champions and finalists: Chef Chris Binotto, Chef Wendy Zeng, Chef Victor Aguilera, and Chef Emily Oyer. They’ve crafted an extraordinary multi-course menu that skillfully harmonizes premium cannabis with delectable flavors and textures. And the most importantly, don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your 420 Day celebrations with our exclusive 420 Seeds sales, offering a 20% discount on all cannabis seeds in the catalog with the promo code “420 sale”.

Rainbow Bar & Grill

Legendary artist Elton John had a party thrown here for him when this establishment first opened in 1972. It’s a BYOB (Bring Your Own Bud) restaurant that only opens at lunch and dinner time.

Aside from Elton John, other famous celebrities have visited this weed-friendly business. Delicious food is offered there, including Italian burgers, sandwiches, soups, desserts, and even vegan options for those who want to indulge.

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Since this is a BYOB establishment, you should be prepared and bring some pre-rolls for an easy way to get high while enjoying your meal. They offer the option to smoke while you’re dining at the restaurant or, of course, outside on the patio.

Cheba Bakery

Our next stop is a bakery serving cannabis-infused food in the form of cupcakes, pastries, and other fine desserts. Their edibles are perfect for newcomers since you can actually tell how much cannabis is in each product.

Cheba Bakery packs its baked goods with careful attention to detail in order to provide you with the best marijuana edibles made with quality ingredients. They have been rated as having some of the best customer services of any bakery in the area. Although, if your homemade baked goods are filled with THC, then we don’t think of any customer that would be disappointed by them.

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Try out the Cheba Birthday Cakes, which are infused with up to 500mg of THC. Bring extra cash because these delectable cakes are not cheap, costing upwards of $300 for a single cake. But the THC infusion transforms it into a special birthday treat from one of the top bakeries in Los Angeles.

The Herbal Chef

The Herbal Chef is cleverly named as the first letter of each word spells out THC. This is the pinnacle of a fine dining experience as they transform their culinary creations into works of art. Each of their meals is backed up by a theme, and the attention to detail is staggering.

They cultivate everything from the menu and decorations, right down to the packaging and unique names for each dish. Additionally, they have some infused drinks that are made with water-soluble terpenes if you’re looking for something with a flavor twist.

If you’re looking for a unique experience for a party or a well-planned night, then THC is the place to check out in LA.

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Even if all of the delicious items are hand-crafted for your specific event you can still come prepared with your own cannabis. Try out their pink lemonade vapes for a little palette cleanser in between courses.

Bull & Dragon

If you’ve heard of the “herb project” then you know the Bull & Dragon. Mostly a catering venue, their private events are tailored to your vision and style. Their cannabis-infused food can take you to various places, which is a testament to the inventive minds behind this amazing experience.

Menus are locally sourced with everything being in season so you won’t get bored of what they have to offer. Even though the food is generally dosed with THC, the strong flavors of the dishes will make you forget that you’re eating this psychoactive cannabinoid.

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Bring a pack of pre-roll joints with you so that you’re well-prepared for an incredible evening. Pick up some Blue Dream pre-rolls to ensure you don’t run out of energy before your meal is complete.

Become a professional cannabis restaurant critic with The Seed Fair

That’s just a taste of what Los Angeles has to offer for cannabis-infused cuisine. Interested in learning how to add life to your food with THC? It all starts with high-quality cannabis seeds like the ones we sell at The Seed Fair. Join our community of like-minded growers and get free shipping on orders over $99 as well as free weed seeds with your order.

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