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Why Are Seeds Better Than Clones?

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Have you ever grown a plant from a cutting and felt disappointed by its lackluster performance?

Or maybe you’ve experienced the frustration of growing a clone that turned out to be diseased or weak. It’s time to consider the benefits of using seeds over clones for your next crop.

Imagine this scenario: two growers each start with the same strain, one using a photoperiod seed and the other using a clone.

The seed grower ends up with a healthier, more vigorous plant that produces a higher yield of superior quality buds.

Meanwhile, the clone grower struggles with a plant that has a difficult time adapting to its new environment and is susceptible to pests and diseases.

This is just one example of why seeds are often a better choice than clones for cannabis cultivation.

Genetic Diversity for Optimal Strain Selection

You’ll want to choose seeds over clones to ensure the genetic diversity necessary for finding the perfect strain for your needs.

When you grow from seeds, you have the opportunity to select the strongest and most desirable plants from a larger pool of genetics.

This means you have a greater chance of finding a strain that will thrive in your specific growing conditions and produce the effects you desire.

Using clones, on the other hand, limits your options. You are essentially replicating the genetics of a single plant, which can lead to issues with genetic stability and susceptibility to pests and diseases.

Additionally, clones may not perform as well in different environments or produce the same effects as the original plant.

By starting from autoflower or feminized seeds, you also have the ability to experiment with different breeding techniques and create your own unique strains.

This can be an exciting and rewarding process for growers looking to push the boundaries of cannabis cultivation.

Ultimately, the genetic diversity provided by seeds gives you the best chance of finding the perfect strain for your needs and achieving optimal results in your grow.

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Stronger Plants with Increased Resistance

By starting from scratch, plants grown from seeds have the potential to develop stronger roots and stems, like a tree that grows from a tiny seedling into a towering oak tree.

This is because seeds have a unique ability to adapt to their environment and develop stronger structural support.

When a plant is grown from a seed, its roots are able to grow deep into the soil, allowing it to absorb nutrients and water more effectively.

This results in a healthier and more robust plant that is better equipped to resist pests and diseases.

In contrast, clones are essentially copies of their parent plant, meaning they inherit all of the genetic weaknesses and vulnerabilities of the original plant.

This makes them more susceptible to pests and diseases, as well as environmental stressors like drought and extreme temperatures.

Additionally, because clones are exact replicas of their parent plant, they lack the genetic diversity needed to adapt to changing conditions. This can lead to a weaker overall crop, and ultimately lower yields.

So, if you’re looking to grow stronger plants with increased resistance, starting from seeds is the way to go.

Not only do seeds offer the potential for stronger roots and stems, but they also provide the genetic diversity needed to adapt to changing conditions and resist pests and diseases.

While clones may seem like a convenient option, they simply can’t match the benefits of starting from scratch with high-quality seeds.

Improved Quality and Yield through Seed Cultivation

Growing plants from high-quality seeds can result in improved crop quality and higher yields. This is because the plants are able to adapt and thrive in their environment.

When you cultivate plants from seeds, you have more control over the development of the plant and can ensure that it is given a healthy start.

Using clones can result in lost control over the plant’s development, as they may carry diseases or pests that can harm the plant.

Seed cultivation is also essential for maintaining genetic diversity in plants. By growing plants from seeds, you can introduce new traits and characteristics into your crops.

This allows for a wider range of flavors, colors, and textures in your produce, which can be appealing to consumers and increase demand for your product.

Growing plants from seeds is a more sustainable and cost-effective method of cultivation. Seeds are often less expensive than clones and can be stored for longer periods of time.

Additionally, seeds require less energy to produce and transport, reducing your carbon footprint and overall costs.

Overall, growing plants from seeds can result in a more successful and profitable crop, while also promoting sustainability and diversity in agriculture.


Congratulations! Now you know why seeds are better than clones.

First of all, seeds offer a wide range of genetic diversity, which allows you to choose the optimal strain for your specific needs.

This means that you can select strains that are better suited to your growing conditions, offer stronger medicinal properties, and provide a more satisfying taste and aroma.

Secondly, plants grown from seeds are typically stronger and more resistant to pests and diseases.

This is due to the presence of taproots, which provide plants with a stronger foundation and better access to nutrients. With stronger plants, you can expect to enjoy higher quality yields and a better overall growing experience.

So, if you want to grow the best cannabis plants possible, be sure to choose seeds over clones.

Your plants will thank you for it! And let’s be real, who wants to deal with weak and sickly plants? That’s like trying to ride a bike with square wheels – it just doesn’t work!

So, grab those seeds and get ready to grow some dank buds!

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