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Jessica Reilly

Jessica is a passionate cannabis grower who finds joy in nurturing various cannabis strains. Her green thumb is matched only by her love for writing, where she shares her experiences in the world of cannabis cultivation. As a staunch advocate for cannabis legalization, Jessica champions organic methods of growing and believes in supporting 100% organic cultivation practices. She prefers growing from seeds over clones and adamantly opposes the use of non-organic and chemical fertilizers in cannabis cultivation.

Best Feminized Seeds: Top 20 Most Potent & High-Yielding Strains
best feminized seeds to grow

Deciding which strains to grow at home is a hard decision. Should you go for potency, yield size, or flavor? Is it better to opt for award-winning genetics or staples of the cannabis community? We’ve saved you the research and compiled our top 20 best photoperiod seeds and feminized seeds for your growing pleasure. Top […]

Autoflowering vs Feminized Seeds: What is the Difference & Which is Better?
autoflowering vs feminized

As cannabis becomes more widely available across the US and Canada, many plant lovers are trying out home growing. Although it’s nicknamed “weed”, cannabis can be a finicky plant to grow. However, there are a few kinds of seeds that can help you succeed at growing, no matter your experience level: autoflowering seeds and feminized […]

What are feminized seeds and why do you need them?
the meaning of feminized seeds

Feminized seeds are a game-changing innovation in cannabis, giving home cultivators the best chance at growing bountiful weed plants. In this article, we’ll define what “feminized seed” means and how to grow feminized seeds. The game-changing benefits of feminized seeds Cannabis is a dioecious plant, which means that there are separate male and female plants. Female […]

How to make feminized seeds: five easy yet effective methods

Feminized seeds were a breakthrough in cannabis cultivation technology, making it easier than ever for cannabis cultivators to grow dank, resinous buds on hearty female plants. While you can buy feminized seeds online, experienced cultivators can also make them at home. There are a few different methods to feminize seeds, each with its own challenges […]

How to feminize seeds with colloidal silver
How to Make Feminized Seeds With Colloidal Silver

It’s a widely known fact that female plants can produce seeds without males, a process known as parthenogenesis. This biological phenomenon serves as the foundation for the production of feminized seeds, a popular choice among growers seeking consistent and reliable yields of female plants. When it comes to feminizing cannabis seeds, using colloidal silver solution […]

Feminized vs Regular Seeds: Understanding the Differences for Successful Growth
feminized seeds vs regular seeds

There are several different types of cannabis seeds on the market, and understanding the differences between them is vital for a successful home grow. If you want to know the difference between feminized seeds vs regular, you’re in the right place. What Are Feminized Seeds? Many new growers are stumped when asked “what are feminized […]

The Best Light Schedule For Autoflowers

Autoflowering seeds offer a wide range of cannabis genetics and no-fuss, worry-free transition from veg to flowering. The biggest variable with autoflowering is the size of the yield – and the right light schedule can help you increase your harvest. What’s the best light schedule for autoflowers? The 20/4 light cycle. When to put autoflowers […]