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Does Growing Weed Smell?

Does Growing Weed Smell | Our Guide On Reducing the Scent | The Seed Fair

Many people, despite growing up and smoking, do not like the peculiar aroma that marijuana has, however, there are ways to eliminate that unwanted smell. In many countries, although its consumption is legal, even so, growers often prefer to keep it a secret. You will know how to treat scents after learning about these methods. Our article will go over everything you need to know about growing weed smell.

Does growing weed smell?

During the entire growing process, the plant has certain strong aromas (especially in the flowering stage)  and odors that you may not want. So the best thing to do is figure out how to treat these odors. So, yes, the growing weed smells.

Why does growing weed smell?

The marijuana plant, like other plants, has its own cannabinoid smell. The level of the aroma depends on the age and the moment in which it is harvested. If you choose to have your harvest before the end of its life cycle, the aroma will be milder. The cannabis plant produces well-known terpenes whose main functions are: to pollinate the plant and not allow the entry of insects or other harmful organisms.

The different cannabis smell

For those who have a more expert nose, each variety of plants has a particular aroma. For example, hashish with pollen, indoor and outdoor crops have a different smell. The strongest aromas come from burned cannabis, even so with new strains when in storage they can have a pungent smell.

Reasons to avoid weed smells

When you have many plants, the smell is stronger and many cannot hold as much of this smell for more than an hour. Here are some of the most frequent complaints.

Smelling too strong

The most potent varieties can have a very overpowering aroma. The new hybrids have aromatic oils that escape from the growing areas, but already knowing how to lower the intensity of the smell we can treat the problems according to your needs.

Unwanted attention

Being legal, there are also people who do not want their crops to smell because there are also thieves who can steal their hard-working harvest. So, how do we get rid of the smell of marijuana?

When the smell lingers in the house

When you spend so much time at home, you may not realize what or how it smells like, so it’s best to invite a friend or a few to see if your space needs a new, non-weed scent.

When the smell lingers on clothes

When you enjoy a joint the smoke particles tend to stick to clothes for years if the clothes are not washed. There are perfumes for fabrics, which could work at first, but mixed with the smell of marijuana can create an even more unpleasant smell.

The smells may annoy other members of the household

If you have roommates or family living with you and you do not want to disturb them by the smell that your plants may have, you can learn how to remove odors from a grow space.

The best ways to eliminate weed smell when growing are:

Secure the grow room (containing the smell)

At the beginning of their flowering phase, the plants offer to release very tiny terpenic oils that, if your plants are not protected, can mix with the ambient air. These fumes are everywhere on doors and window frames, so it would be advisable to seal them. Using the famous Ziplock brand tents help to cover the smell very well (not entirely because they always manage to escape), only that the objective is to make the growing space with the most adequate ventilation and thus later eliminate the existing problems.

Provide adequate air circulation (moving the smell)

It is not necessary that you have a sophisticated system to solve air problems, you can even make small holes in your room, but you will need an exhaust system that works all day. If you have uncomfortable neighbors or do not want them to smell too strong, you can filter the air through carbon filters.

How to make weed smell go away when stored

Once its harvest is obtained, the herb must be kept in glass or ceramic containers so that it is fresh, even so, the smell can always be perceived.

Smell-proof storage containers

The well-known Tupperware containers are made of plastic, which means that steam can easily enter. The best way to contain the odor is to use microwaveable (kitchen) bags.

How to get rid of weed smoke smell

Fresh cannabis smell smoke and oils are totally different, smoke lingers in the air, fabrics, and spaces for a while, so before it becomes a problem, it can be fixed quite easily.

Use a sploof

You can filter out unpleasant odors using a “sploof” which is basically stretching napkins over the end of a cardboard toilet paper tube and tying them with rubber bands. Others are easier to obtain by buying activated carbon smoke erasers. But they both have the same goal.

Vape instead of smoke

One of the most efficient ways to consume marijuana is by vaping since the vapor is swallowed by the lungs and the air is not affected.

How do you get rid of the smell in the house?

Smoke can spread throughout your home and linger for a period of time. There are several techniques to disappear if it is an emergency and for that unexpected knock on the door keeps in mind having a can of Febreeze, will be of great help.

Use incense

The smell of incense will dull the smell of marijuana, even so, there are people who think they use it to cover that smell, there is even an incense with the smell of cannabis and it can be used as a double deception, it works.

Light some candles

Having several tea lights will help you get rid of the smoke, but remember that you always have to keep them under care because it is better to light a joint than not your home.

Install a smoke filter

There are multiple filters to get rid of annoying smoke, the most popular are activated carbon filters that clean the air in a few minutes. These systems can be expensive and are effective if the filters are cleaned and changed, they are almost your ultimate solution.

Final thoughts on how to get rid of weed smell

It is better to prevent a serious problem when growing or harvesting and if you can do it, the better. When your plant grows, seal your grow space, use a vape and make sure to filter the air so you do not disturb either your neighbors or your house, you can go outside and smoke.  Hopefully, our article covered everything you need to know on does growing weed smell.

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