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Here Is A List Of Weed Strains That Don’t Make You Hungry

Here Is A List Of Weed That Doesn't Make You Hungry | Our Guide | The Seed Fair

If you’re looking for cannabis strains that don’t make you hungry, there are certain varieties that you may want to consider. These strains are typically low in the cannabinoid THC and high in other cannabinoids like CBD, which can help regulate appetite and reduce cravings.

Some examples of strains that don’t make you hungry include Harlequin, Cannatonic, and ACDC. It’s important to note that everyone’s body chemistry is different, so even strains that are known to be less likely to cause hunger may still affect individuals differently.

What then are munchies?


Using the dictionary, munchies are defined as a powerful and irresistible desire for food. For persons who have experienced marijuana-induced munchies, you can attest that this craving is strong and powerful. It might interest you to know that they are cannabis strains out there that act as suppressants.

Research conducted in 1788, showed a correlation between marijuana and the metabolic rates and breathing of individuals. However, for those who had a thing with munchies, it is on record that the amount one eats often outweighs the metabolic changes. This case can lead to weight gain, which is often not desired, and have you looking for the strains that can take hunger away.

10 best cannabis strains that don’t make you hungry

This is how you can enjoy the abundance of your cannabis strains without plummeting in the hunger buds. Here are the 10 best solutions to try.


This marijuana cultivar has a perfect CBD level and combines this with the low THC hybrid, which is prominent in dispensaries. Most of the reasons for its preference owes to the reduced THC it houses, this is one great marijuana strain that won’t make you hungry.

It is best used to deal with pain, stress, seizures, and inflammation, it helps with stress management as well. It gives you a perfect high that does not come with any psychoactive impacts.

Durban Poison

weed strains that won't make you hungry Durban poison

Durban Poison has its roots and origin traceable to South Africa, and it is known mostly as the smoke that is best for the day. It enables you to maintain a perfect balance and clear head, while you enjoy a dose of creativity and motivation.

With its amazing sweet and flavorful smell, you are guaranteed a unique aroma as you smoke and you are left with little or no need for food.

Moby Dick

weed strains that won't make you hungry Moby Dick

Moby is a product of the crossing of white window and haze, and this strain has gone ahead to win awards notably for its efficacy and high impacts.

With a fine smell that houses both citrus and haze, the strain smells just as great as it kicks you. And it comes with nice psychoactive effects, a fabulous great rate and it ranks as one of the easiest strains to grow and pack. You certainly will be glad that you try this strain.

It has a high THCV percentage and it doesn’t get you hungry at all.


Harle-Tsu strains that won't make you hungry

Harle Tsu is a strain that was produced from the crossing of Harlequin and Tsunami. The strain is a high CBD hybrid, while you will likely not get high using this strain, you will be much more relaxed and pleased at the end.

Harle Tsu is utilized for medicinal purposes and it combats the feeling of depression, tension, and stress on the other hand. Interestingly, it is another weed on the list that wouldn’t get you hungry.


Strains that won't make you hungry Remedy

Remedy just like many others is a product of the crossing of cannatonic and Afghan skunk, and this hybrid has little or no psychoactive impact. It is medicinal cannabis, and it is often used to take down stress, the stride of anxiety, inflammation, and autism. It doesn’t interfere with your daily task as well.

It has a high CBD content and little or no THC, meaning you will enjoy a munchies-free experience on the go.


Strains that won't make you hungry Cannatonic

This is one of the most celebrated CBD strains on the planet, and it has a fantastic high yield that is unbeatable anywhere. The therapeutic effects are amazing, and it has won a string of awards.

It allows you to continue your daily task without interference of any sort, and you are guaranteed a hunger-free expedition.

Jack the Ripper

jack the ripper strains that won't make you hungry

Best described as the connoisseur’s dream, Jack has a fine Indica resin output and a fine Sativa potency. It comes with a fine lemon scent with a high body stone, which will make you long for more. Your head will certainly be high, as you stay energetic and comfortable all day long.

You won’t be needing your snacks every now and then, with this strain. And it works great to get you high!

Red Congolese

Red congolese strains that won't make you hungry

This strain is best known for its ability to guarantee you mental clarity and great energy.  It decreases pain and takes away your headaches. The high Sativa dosage will bring about a fine body high and interestingly it doesn’t get you high.

Sour Tsunami

This weed came to the limelight as the first marijuana strain that was specially bred for CBD, it was produced from the crossing of Sour Diesel and NYC Diesel.

It is recognized as a great pain reliever, while you might not get high with this marijuana strain, you are guaranteed those feel-good vibes and it doesn’t have you longing for food.


ACDC Strains that won't make you hungry

This strain has a negligible THC composition and it is one strain that has a fine therapeutic use, coupled with medical usefulness. While the name signals an electric high, this strain is rather a quiet one.

It is used for the treatment of disorders, epilepsy, seizures, and pain. It is also great for those that seek to watch their weight, as it leaves you feeling fantastic with no hunger issues to deal with.

FAQs about munchies

Can CBD make you hungry?

The straight answer is No, CBD cannot make you hungry. It instead reduces nausea, and inflammation while it increases the appetite of those who may suffer from medical conditions, this is where you have not been taking the meals due to a medical condition. CBD helps you to regain your appetite by not making you feel ravenous.

Why does marijuana get you feeling hungry and tired?

Marijuana is responsible for the stimulation of the hormone called ghrelin, and this hormone is responsible for triggering your hunger, and causes the feeling of tiredness that comes after smoking. Similarly, THC combines with CB1 receptors, and this results in the feeling of laziness you get.

Can Sativa and Indica get you hungry?

THCV levels are higher in Sativa strains than they are in Indica, which means that Sativa will get you hungry. However, there is no proof medically to show that Sativa or Indica can get you hungry.

How do I deal with weight gain and munchies?

One of the best ways to deal with weight gain as a result of munchies is to eat healthy foods in place of junk.

Instead of taking a packet of junk and chips when munchies come calling, take some sliced carrots which are scooped in hummus. Similarly, you can supplant your pizza as well as a burger with a sliced dose of salad.

Is it possible to get high from eating marijuana seeds?

The straight answer is No, you cannot get high from eating marijuana seeds, and they will not get hunger triggers. There are reasons why you should add them to your diet, marijuana seeds are high in fiber, omega 3, and protein. Marijuana seeds are a known health trend all over the world.

Here are some things to note:

The fact that you love cannabis does not mean you will have to handle munchies every single hour. There are ways to deal with hunger, which is affected by the marijuana plant.

The best way to deal with munchies is to choose your strain option carefully. Go with a strain that is high in CBD and low in THCV, if you are not in the mood to research, pick a cultivar from this article. Go with our guidelines, and you will take the burden off as you enjoy the positive impacts of your marijuana.  Hopefully, our article was able to show you 10 strains of weed that don’t make you hungry.

Best cannabis strain that doesn’t make you hungry on

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