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Best Weed for Working Out: 6 Strains to Get You Pumped!

Weed for working out featured

The best weed for working out might sound counterintuitive, but don’t let your first instinct fool you. Amateur exercisers, elite athletes, and open-minded scientists consider weed a valuable aid to physical activity.

How can a puff help you hike, run, bike, do yoga, or lift weights?

From improving your relationship to fitness to powering your lifts and speeding up recovery, marijuana is a goldmine for exercisers. Anecdotes are piling up from all directions, and science is coming out to confirm its perks.

Join us to learn how weed boosts workouts and discover the top six strains for your next sweat sesh.

The science of weed and workouts

Weed for working out, flower and tincture

What’s the deal with working out high? A survey found cannabis helps exercisers focus, enjoy training, maintain body awareness, and stay in the zone.

These experiences match the scientifically proven effects of sativa strains:

  • Higher energy levels: Sativa triggers the release of dopamine, offering a euphoric-like kick you may associate with feeling energized.
  • More motivation: Sativa increases serotonin levels, exciting you about activity and getting things done.
  • Greater focus: Dopamine and serotonin improve your ability to stay on task and not get distracted by discomfort.

The unique combination of sativa chemicals appears helpful to all kinds of activity, including exercise. On the other hand, indica could boost post-workout recovery.

Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) might hinder your return to the gym. It’s a product of muscle tears and inflammation after strenuous exercise. You may manage it with rest, nutrition, stretching, and anti-inflammatory substances.

Weed’s anti-inflammatory properties are well-researched. Besides removing inflammation, indica helps you eat and sleep. Getting high could lead to a night of well-rounded recovery.

Opt for sativa pre-workout and indica post-workout for the best results.

Note: Explore indica vs. sativa’s heart rate impact if you have a heart or blood pressure-related diagnosis. Consult a physician before trying cannabis or exercise.

Best weed for working out: 6 top picks

Ready to pair working out and weed? We’ve curated a list of perfect cultivars for this purpose.

Our list contains five strains chosen with the physical and mental demands of exercise in mind. The final is a potent recovery cultivar. Choose your favorite or mix and match for a well-rounded, weed-boosted lifestyle.

1. Chocolope

Weed for working out Chocolope

Chocolope is a dessert-tier sativa, thanks to its Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze parentage. This strain is a multi-award-winner with dynamic effects perfect for physical activities.

This cultivar produces fluffy buds that shimmer in crystals at harvest time. They emit dank, earthy smells, and the smoke tastes like cantaloupe and cocoa.

The effects come quickly thanks to the strain’s 19% THC content. The buzzy head high inspires creativity and curiosity. Tokers report remaining clear-headed and able to focus on exercise.

2. Banana Loaf

weed for working out banana loaf


Banana Loaf crosses Banana OG with El Chapo. This strain is sticky, tasty, moderately sativa dominant, and incredibly motivating.

The orange flowers are so trichome-rich they appear sugar-coated. Their aroma fuses banana and kush scents, leaving a sweet, musky, and spicy aftertaste.

This cultivar makes working out high a happy experience. It brings an unyielding sense of motivation and confidence. The mind uplift fuses with pleasurable body sensations to sweeten your every activity.

3. Green Crack

weed for working out green crack

Green Crack is an all-natural energizer and a top strain of weed for pre-workout. It’s a sativa-dominant Afghani x Skunk #1 breed for wake ‘n’ bake, daytime, and therapeutic toking.

The flowers are light green and covered with orange pistils and milky trichomes. They smell like musk and earth with hints of pine and citrus.

Green Crack has 18% THC for a high-energy rush to the mind and body. The soaring cerebral uplift and an infusion of physical power keep you light on your toes. This weed eases pain and fatigue for bonus points.

4. Royal Medic

weed for working out royal medic

Royal Medic is a CBD-rich sativa-dominant herb for a feel-good buzz. It’s a cross between Critical and Juanita la Lagrimosa, offering the ideal daytime toke to boost wellness in and out of the gym.

The buds are dense, orange-brownish, and streaked with rusty trichomes. They ooze crystalline trichomes with the scents of hash and overripe fruit. The flavor is fruity, sugary, and spicy.

This strain contains 10% THC and 3–10% CBD, balancing psychoactive and therapeutic properties. It calms the mind and leaves the body light and limber. It reduces inflammation while easing your movement.

5. Jacked-Up

weed for working out jacked up

Jacked-Up is the perfect strain for getting jacked. This sativa-dominant Timewreck x Jack Herer cross delivers a mid-length, high-energy high to get you through your workout.

The deep-green, trichome-coated buds emanate pungent diesel scents. Earthy, sweet, and skunky flavors hit your palate on the inhale.

With 18% THC, Jacked-Up is the best weed for working out that keeps the boost manageable. Cerebral properties dominate the effect profile, leaving you creative, motivated, and eager to move. The physical properties are strong but not overpowering.

6. Sirius Black

weed for working out sirius black

We name Sirius Black the best strain for recovery. This potent indica-dominant hybrid relaxes your every muscle. Its origin remains a mystery, but the bag appeal attests to quality genetics.

This strain has beautiful spade-shaped, deep-purple nugs with fiery pistils and lavender-tinted trichomes. The aroma is sweet berries underpinned with musk.

Sirius Black delivers 22% THC and a pleasurable, predominantly physical high. Tension melts off every muscle as the mind enjoys easy-going euphoria. The strain’s anti-inflammatory effects ease DOMS in one night.

Get fitter with weed

Who needs pricey pre-workouts? Whether you want to heal DOMS faster, sleep better, stay focused, or hit your PRs, weed may get you closer to your fitness goals.

Pairing weed and exercise requires caution and careful strain selection. Don’t hesitate to experiment with herbs of different potency levels and genetics until you find your fit. Our list contains something for all preferences, giving you a perfect starting point.

Visit our shop to buy weed seeds and grow a bud stash to take your training to the next level. Hop to our blog for more guides for growers and tokers.

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