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How To Make Hash? Our Guide and Steps on Making Hash

Image of a large block of hash being held in front of cannabis plants

Are you wondering how to make hash? You’re in the right place to learn all about it.

Hash making is a fun way to make the most of cannabis concentrate for a more potent experience. Its simple makeup depicts the deep-rooted connection with marijuana enthusiasts.

Stick around to uncover:

  • What hashish is
  • How to make hash using various methods
  • How to put your own hash to use for the best results.

Ready to have fun and make the most of your cannabis flower? Let’s go.

What is Hash?

Hash, or hashish, is one of the cannabis concentrates made from trichomes (resin glands) separated from the marijuana flowers. Depending on personal convenience and use, you typically compact them into balls, bricks, a small block or slab, or a patty shape.

Think of it as a superior concentrate using plant matter long before technology to create wax, butter, shatter, and sauce.

Turning kief, or parts of a cannabis plant, into hash is easy.

Hash comes from the marijuana plant’s sticky resin glands, the part that contains a full spectrum of valuable compounds. You get all the best cannabinoids, plant material, terpenes, and trichomes which work together to heighten the effects of your experience.

You can smoke hash, use it for cooking edibles, or when making concentrated extracts.

The THC concentration in these constituents varies between 5 and 40%, with a higher CBD level than traditional weed.

The amount of these cannabinoids depends on genetics, growing conditions, and the production techniques involved. Solventless hash doesn’t use chemicals or potentially harmful substances, giving you pure, potent weed.

Two lumps of hash on a white background

Which part of the plant is Hash made from?

You can source trichomes from various parts of the plant’s anatomy. Some growers isolate the male cannabis plants to avoid pollinating their females.

They then use it to make homemade hash easily using solventless methods. The quality of the cannabinoid content in male plants may be lower than in females, but their trichomes are equally useful.

Sugar leaves are the small spiky part of the plant embedded with flowers. They contain a fine dusting of trichomes on their surface, hence their name.

Fan leaves are the most recognizable part of a weed plant. They may not give as much kief as sugar leaves but are valuable for making hash.

Dried buds are the common substrate in dry sifting. They’re the best option and one of the easiest hash-making methods.

Now that you know what it is and where it comes from, it’s time to learn to make hash.

How to make Hash: Ultimate guide to the most common methods

There are several efficient methods to extract and press hash.

Start by choosing specific plant material like stems, stalks, trim, or buds.

The extract’s color, from dark to light brown, dictates the quality of the hash. The lighter the color, the more refined it is.

Collecting kief is easy. Below we dive into seven ways to make hash at home.

How to make ice water Hash (bubble hash)

Freshly prepared bubble hash being squeezed out of a container.

A more modern yet popular practice is to make a product called bubble hash.

This method involves freezing and breaking off trichomes from the marijuana plant. It may require more effort and equipment but can result in substantial yields.

You then place the weed in a mixture of ice and stir it. This process is called “washing.” After this, you filter and refine the plant material.

You need bubble bags for this method; ensure they contain different meshes ranging from coarse to fine. You use these to separate the valuable plant matter easily.

Stalks and branches usually contain small chunks of trichomes. If you include them in your mixture, watch out to ensure they don’t puncture your bags. Consider getting rid of them.

Don’t expect quality bubble hash from low-grade flowers. Aim for prime buds to enjoy the best flavor.

Ready? Let’s make bubble hash.

Equipment required

  • Bubble bags
  • Two-5 gallon buckets
  • Fine marijuana mesh bags
  • A bag of ice
  • A long stick


  1. Place your buds and trim into a zip lock bag, then place them in a freezer. Allow them to sit overnight to maximize trichome breakage.
  2. The following day, prepare the mixture by filling one of the 5-gallon buckets with a layer of ice. Add the frozen weed on top, followed by another ice layer. Fill the bucket with enough water until the weed and ice are covered.
  3. Let the weed stay in the ice water mixture for 20 minutes for further trichome breakage.
  4. Stir the weed and ice with a stick for 20 minutes to loosen and break the trichomes off the buds and trim.
  5. Pour the ice water into the second bucket on top of the bubble bag.
  6. Remove each pack while allowing the ice-water mixture to flow through the mesh into the next bag. Start with the coarsest mesh and gradually continue to the finest mesh. Gently squeeze each one if necessary.
  7. Once you get to the last bag, spoon the wet hash onto the drying sheet and leave it for about three hours.
  8. Shape the hash into balls and let them stay there for two days to dry before consumption.

After you make bubble hash, don’t discard the coarse bags. They may also have valuable by-products left over for making hashish patties.

The hash from the coarse bags won’t be as refined as the final bag, appearing slightly darker than the ones from the last sack.

Users grade bubble hash on a star system, with six stars representing the most refined and one for the least. Some refer to high-grade icy hashish as “ice wax” or “full melt.”

How to make brick hash (dry sift hash)

Several lumps of brick hash lying on a wooden table

Dry sift hash results from rubbing the cannabis plant over mesh screens. This movement helps break the trichomes off the plant and separate them for use.

This method is similar to bubble bags with the introduction of meshes that range from coarse to fine. It’s a repetitive process until the screens refine the hash.

Equipment needed

  • Hash screens (four screens, 75–250 microns)
  • Credit card
  • Hash press (optional)


  1. Place your cannabis flowers in a freezer overnight to facilitate trichome breakage.
  2. Stack your screens on top of each other, ensuring the finest mesh is at the bottom while the coarse one is at the top. Set them inside a clean, smooth bin or use a flat surface like a table.
  3. Slowly rub the weed material over the coarsest screen. Trichomes will fall to the next one below. Continue with the process until no more trichomes are coming out.
  4. Remove the top screen to uncover the layer on the next one. Use the credit card or sufficient tool to scrape the trichomes together before the next grind, pushing them below.
  5. Repeat until you utilize all subsequent screens for complete refinement.
  6. Collect the final product and set it up on a hash or pollen press to create the bricks. This tool comprises two plates with a pneumatic arm for pressing kief. Each one works differently, so read the instructions carefully before using them.

If you prefer, skip step five and leave the hash in powder form for joints or bowls. You can also invest in the mechanical drum method, which involves sifting your weed in an automated machine.

Hand-rolling method

Four hand rolled hash balls of different sizes on a white surface

The hand-rolling method is one of the most basic means of producing hash, rubbing your hands together until the resulting kief is a fine powder.

Start by gathering freshly harvested buds, then follow the step-by-step guide below to make hash at home.

Equipment Required

  • A clean surface like a coffee table
  • A cookie tray
  • Vodka (or any high-proofing drinking alcohol)
  • A large sheet of parchment paper


  1. Wash your hands with hot water and unscented soap.
  2. Arrange your cannabis flowers on a cookie tray and cover a clean surface using a large sheet of parchment paper.
  3. Splash some alcohol on your hands and wait for it to evaporate. Any high-proof drinking alcohol like vodka works. It prepares you for the main process and adds flavor to your final product.
  4. Remove all cannabis leaves and stems from your buds.
  5. Take a bud between your palms and slowly roll it in a circular motion.
  6. Once you notice a thick black resin forming between your fingers, you’re done making hash.
  7. Peel the resin off your hands and press it together to form a block for more hash. You can even lick the leftovers; that’s how ancient workers in places like the middle east discovered weed’s psychoactive properties.

Blender method

How to make hash in a blender shown through a blender packed with cannabis flowers

This is a simple method of producing hash at home using a blender and silk screens.


  • Fresh marijuana buds
  • Ice
  • Cold water
  • Blender
  • Small mesh
  • Coffee filter or cheesecloth
  • Glass canning jar


  1. Place your buds and trim into the blender, then add water to fill the greens. Add a handful of ice to the mixture, then blend it for about a minute.
  2. Pour the contents into a glass jar, using the silkscreen as the sieve. Allow the mixture to sit for an hour until you observe cannabis trichomes settle at the bottom.
  3. Pour out two-thirds of the water carefully without disturbing the layer of kief that settled at the bottom. Refill the jar with ice water and let it sit for another five minutes.
  4. Repeat this process at least two to three times to separate as much plant material as possible.
  5. Pour the remaining liquid through a coffee filter to collect the high-quality kief.
  6. Squeeze the filter gently to remove excess water from the final product. Allow the hash to dry before enjoying it in a joint or bong.

Hot iron method

This method uses a low-humidity iron as the drying equipment for indirect heating.


  • Iron
  • Kief
  • Parchment paper
  • Hand towel


  1. Switch the iron to the lowest settings with no steam and very low heat.
  2. Pour the buds on the top half of the parchment paper. Spread out the pile until you obtain a quarter-inch thick layer. Don’t use wax paper; it could cause issues and melt your hash.
  3. Cover the nugs by folding the bottom half of the sheet over. Continue tucking it to make a small packet.
  4. Now place the parchment sheet on top of an iron-ready surface.
  5. Drape the hand towel over the parchment paper.
  6. Using the hot plate of the iron, apply pressure on the hand towel for three to four seconds, then release.
  7. Repeat the procedure at least twenty times while flipping the parchment every other two intervals. Wait around three to four seconds before pressing again.
  8. Peel back the parchment paper and confirm your progress. If it looks good, turn the iron off and let the hash cool before touching it.
  9. Repeat step seven if you’re unsatisfied with your hash production. It might need more heat and pressure for finer results.

Shoe method

The shoe method is a low-hassle way of making hash for cannabis users with few resources available.


  • A small number of cannabis buds (around one ounce or less)
  • Cellophane or parchment paper
  • Tape
  • A safety or sewing pin


  1. Use the cellophane to wrap your buds tightly. Tape it down to prevent constant unfolding. Avoid using plastic bags since the hash is likely to stick to them.
  2. Use the pin to poke a small hole in the wrapping, releasing trapped air and sealing it securely.
  3. Place the package inside your shoe’s heel. Use hard-soled closed footwear or boots as they’re more sturdy in pressing the plant material.
  4. As you walk, your weight and body heat pressure the hash until it forms a slab. You need around 15–60 minutes for satisfactory results.

How to collect finger Hash (charas)

Finger hash, or charas, is a handmade form of cannabis extract.

It’s similar to the hand-rolling method, except that charas comes from uncured buds. Most farmers take a few cuttings from cannabis plants that are about three weeks old.

The finger hash method involves rubbing the cannabis plant buds gently between your palms until you see a thick coating appear.

You then scrape the hash off and collect it in ball-shaped structures.

How to use Hash

Hash is cannabis concentrate, so it’s possible to use it in various ways for spectacular results.

Below are suggestions on how to consume it.

Joints and blunts

If you roll your own blunts, sprinkling a dash of hash on top enhances the psychoactive effects and adds a kick of flavor.

Another popular option is to moisten your joints with THC oil and roll them in hashish for a potent coating.

Bong and pipe

Smoking hash is an excellent way to upgrade low-quality weed to a high-grade experience.

After you pack your bong with standard bud, sprinkle some hash on top to transform your adventure.


This is one of the most discreet ways to consume cannabis. Mix your hash into honey, tea, candy, or butter, or use it for cooking delicious treats.

Sprinkle it over your food or mix it into your smoothies for a long-lasting boost to your day.

While making edibles, remember that hash has very high THC and CBD levels. A few sprinkles can go a long way.

How to dry Hash

A lump of dry hash being broken into too with a knife on the table underneath

It’s vital to dry and cure your weed to preserve its quality. Storing it moist attracts mold and fungi that adds impurities and damages the condition of your bud.

This step is especially essential for making bubble hash. Follow the steps below to obtain the best results:

Step one: Drying

Line a piece of cardboard with parchment paper, then spread your buds out on top.

The cardboard draws moisture out of the kief while spreading it increases the surface area. These actions speed up the drying process and give you results much quicker.

Ensure you work in a cool, dark environment when making bubble hash or other types. Doing so reduces the rate of degradation that higher temperatures can cause in terpenes and cannabinoids.

Step two: Curing

Allow the cannabis to cure in the form of your choice, like hash coins or bricks.

Step three: Storing

Store your hash using parchment paper or a humidity-controlled glass jar to ensure no moisture enters the container.

How to smoke Hash

A bearded man holding a hash joint with a lit lighter.

Smoking is the most common way to consume hash.

Many users report that smoking hash delivers a potent cannabis high, but the feeling is more manageable than eating it raw. If you want a slightly heightened sensation, add hashish to a bowl of flowers to enhance the effects.

Pipes turned out to be a safer means to replace the metallic knives with the help of the screen attachment. It prevents the heated hash, dangerous to inhale directly, from dripping into the medium.

When smoking hash from a pipe, insert a titanium, glass, or mesh screen for safety and place the fine cannabis on top.

Heat your hash with a lighter until a consistent stream of smoke emerges. Remove the flame, place your lips on the pipe’s mouthpiece, inhale, and enjoy.

What makes Hash special?

The DEA classifies hash as a concentrated cannabis type that exhibits the highest levels of THC and which is easy to create. It doesn’t involve solvents as you find in Rick Simpson oil, so it’s generally safer and simpler to make.

Hash carries a complete spectrum of terpenes, cannabinoids, and psychoactive molecules. They transpire to augment each other’s potential impacts, known as the entourage effect.

The potency of hash results from compounding multiple trichomes together, making it a powerful, unique form of cannabis.

The by-product of resin glands compresses into a highly concentrated substance you can use for many purposes.

Make your own Hash and unlock a new adventure

If you’re big on cannabis culture, learning how to make hash in the convenience of your home is highly rewarding.

It’s easy to make, and by following a few simple steps, you get a high-grade marijuana extract. Enjoy the new adventure and have fun using your hash for different purposes.

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How to make Hash FAQs

Still have questions? Below, we answer the most common ones to round up your knowledge on all things hash.

Can I make Hash at home?

Traditionally, people always made hashish from the comfort of their homes. Today, it’s even easier to do it by following various methods. Make ice water hash, extract resin glands, or produce a solid block of highly concentrated weed.

What is the main ingredient in Hash?

Hash comes from the resin of the marijuana plant after you dry it or press it into small blocks. It also contains trichomes from cannabis trim that you may not usually consume. Expect to encounter higher THC levels and delicious terpenes.

Is Hash stronger than Kief?

Yes, hash typically has a higher concentration of THC, cannabinoids, and flavonoids than kief, which refers to a specific part of a cannabis plant. Many claim it’s more potent, but it takes more effort to produce compared to simple methods.

The extraction mode you use also influences the strength, and different strains produce different results. Try starting with a cultivar like OG Kush or Sour Diesel.

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