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Is Bong Water Good For Plants?

Whether you are buying marijuana in commercial quality or you are growing it at home, you will surely make the best out of every scrap that can be found at your disposal. Since you have spent tangible money on your marijuana, it is great that you put it to tremendous use.  A question we come across often among customers is “is bong water good for plants?”

If you ever wonder why seasoned cannabis users spend a moment scraping their residue from their pipes and also the bongs for converting purposes, this is one of such reasons. And this is why some marijuana users will not mind drinking that bong water that looks dirty.

At the face of it, there is an abundance of logic to back the fact that bong water has adequate usefulness. As your smoke passes through water, amounts of THC and CBD are usually left behind. Similarly, where bong water contains deteriorating matters of plants, then it makes it great to be used as a medium for watering your plant.

First-time marijuana users and veterans, the question that lingers in the heart of many over bong water is as old as the creation story. So we thought it wise to put rest to this issue by answering a few pressing questions on how you can use bang water and utilize its usefulness.


Is dirty bong water drinkable?

Regardless of what you must have heard or probably seen online, drinking dirty bong water is a terrible idea and this is one thing that should be avoided. Whether it is in times of desperation or need, whatever the case is, drinking bong water is a terrible idea. It shouldn’t be tried for any reason.

Furthermore, regardless of the quantity of bong water one consumes, it cannot get you high. From a scientific point of view, it is not possible for the water in your bong to take up adequate THC which will affect you. While you might get a buzz from consuming a large quantity of bong water at the same time, the truth is, it will get you sick, more than you have ever been.

Also, dirty bong water which is mostly stagnant gives bacteria a good ground to grow and survive Viruses and other forms of nastiest will also find succor here. Dirty bong water is unclean and should be avoided.


Is bong water good for plants?

Interestingly, the thing with bong water is that the effects it has on humans is similar to what operates with plants. Therefore, the effects are usually the same for the plant’s health as it is with humans. While bong water may contain deteriorating matter of plants, it is mostly loaded with germs and sometimes bacteria alike, which could kill your plant. Similarly, bong water and its acidic composition are often high, going by its pH scale. And this is not ideal for your plants.

While some farmers show traces of bong water helping their plants grow and give good yields, there exists no scientific backing to show this is true. Research has portrayed the dangers of watering your plants with bong water.


What is the best thing to do with bong water?

Since drinking bong water and using the same to water your plants are things to avoid, what then can one do with bong water?

The useful application of bong water is minimal, while you could mix it with a compost pile, the bacteria and plant materials in the mixture can contribute to your plant deteriorating process. However, there is also no indication anywhere to show that bong water has an adverse or favorable impact on compositing.

Until there exists research to prove today’s assertions otherwise, it is best advised that bong water is flushed down the toilet, no second thoughts should be given to this action whatsoever. We hope this article helped answer the common question, is bong water good for plants.

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