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How To Extract THC From Trimmings | Turning Trims To Profit 

How To Extract THC From Trimmings | Turning Trims To Profit | The Seed Fair

The marijuana industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and there are many ways of making money in it. To be an insider in this money market, therefore, one has to understand the market and have knowledge on how to turn a tidy profit from things that are deemed useless or of no value. This guide will show you how to extract THC from trimmings and how to make profits from trims. Therefore, is a marijuana industry hack that is bound to fetch millions when applied carefully.

The marijuana strain grown is irrelevant, compared to the process used in cultivating it, harvesting, and preparing it for sale. It is similar to the way fruits are not just pulled out of the soil and taken to the market but are painstakingly primed to look presentable.

It is well known that dispensaries prefer the buds of indoor-grown plants for distribution and sales. Nonetheless, experienced growers who know that careful trimming and shaving off of water leaves and sugar leaves make all the difference would know how to gussy up their buds for them to pass as indoor-grow yields.  When you are careful you will be able to know how to extract THC from trimmings.

It can be said therefore that proper trimming is all that differentiates quality buds of any strain from substandard or common buds. This process of gussying up however comes at a cost as properly (therefore) valuable buds leave behind a load of trims made up of unformed buds, sugar leaves, water leaves, and definitely, lots of stalks. This is a treasure trove that then has to be sorted through to separate the valuable trims from the invaluable ones which would then be discarded.

Crystal-less leaves known as water leaves are usually left amongst those to be extracted because although they don’t exactly have high THC value, the leaves contain high concentrations of terpenes and other hosts of nutrients that add a certain flavor to the extract. The sorting should be comprehensive enough to make sure that what is left after that resembles trimmings from a mowed lawn. The extract from this combination of stalks and unformed buds will be as good as any extract from a fully formed bud.


How to get extract THC from trimmings

There are several ways by which extraction can be achieved. These include but are not limited to; closed-loop system, an open-loop system, alcohol, and a dry ice method. Generally speaking, extraction is done with whatever equipment is available with the aim of maximizing profit and lowering cost as much as is humanly possible. Where solvents are to be used, it is safer to use non-explosives. However, safe and reliable closed-loop costs between 50000 to 200000 dollars. An open-loop while easy and cheap could explode because of dirt in the solvent.

When solvents are in use, the tubes mustn’t be overloaded at any given time. Standard rates? 9.072kg of trim should run through a closed-loop system in about 24 hours. Where alcohol or water distillery method is used, it should be allowed to sit for at least 10 days. The trick is this; the longer it sits in the solvent = the higher the quality of extract gotten. As a rule of thumb, only buds with low retail value should be added with trims for extraction.

After extraction, the liquid obtained is usually sticky. This liquid should be spread on grease-proof paper on pans. To make it into wax, the liquid should be rapidly stirred which allows air to get in and gives it (to the eyes at least) a bigger feel. It remains the same in weight though.

The extracts should then be allowed to set. At this point, the extract will be seen to bubble as trapped gases escape from the extract. In this early stage, users are advised to allow extracts to sit for at least two days before any attempt is made to smoke it as its adverse effects could supersede the highly sought. The throat and lungs could get burnt as well as the risk of an explosion depending on the solvent used for the extraction.

Industry experts think that extracts gotten through the solvent method are purer than extracts gotten through other methods. The THC content percentage is pegged at between 70 to 90%. Wax obtained from this extract is very crumbly and usually comes in eggshell colors. The best use for these is for dabbing in vapes.


Extracts that are obtained from methods other than solvent methods hit the market in the form of bubble hash. These are kief mud. Their colors are usually darker. Nonetheless, they still pack a punch and still provide great highs. Hash is popular around the world. This could be a motivation to specialize in its making.

Wax is considered the most inconsistent form of extract to deal with as it becomes less malleable with time because it gets dry and becomes difficult to deal with. Also, light waxes are difficult to manage which may lead to a loss of valuable extract.

Shatter which is marketed as the most consistent extract is also known to lose some of its consistency with time. Its advantage however is that it shares similarities with a jolly rancher in that it can be easy to chew or quite hard – depending on the duration in which it has sat in the sun.

The holy grail of extracts that most extractors try to achieve with their products is a honey-colored amber which contains maximum flavor and has a THC and CBD content of about 60 – 70 percent which ensures its effectiveness. It is also known to maintain its baking dough consistency throughout its shelf life span. It is perfect for both dab rig and vaping.

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