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Join the Dark Side: 3 Reasons Why Dark Live Resin Extracts Reign Supreme

3 Reasons Why Dark Live Resin Extracts Are The Best | Our Guide | The Seed Fair

Are you tired of being told that lighter is better when it comes to cannabis concentrates? It’s time to join the dark side and discover the world of dark live resin.

Despite their lower price point, darker concentrates offer a range of benefits that are often overlooked by buyers. So why do we have a bias towards lighter extracts? Our obsession with color and the myth that it equals quality has clouded our judgment.

But scientific research has shown that the color of a concentrate has no correlation to its potency or purity. In fact, there are several reasons why you should consider choosing a darker concentrate over its lighter counterpart. Let’s explore the benefits of dark live resin.

Tinier solvents as a result of the lesser processing time:

A syringe containing dark live resin extract from cannabis

It takes a handful of processes to get an extract, these processes will, in turn, affect the color of the extract, the process used in getting clear shatter involves the use of BHO, when these solvents are taken off, the temperature is kept low. Purging the remaining solvents left in the extract is always difficult. What this means is that with colored concentrates, there are chances of contamination.  That is why dark live resin is actually better for you.

Solvent-less alternatives such as rosin and water are solvent-free and are darker in color, an advantage for dark live resin concentrates.

They taste just like your flower

Bowl with cannabis bud and a leaf next to a dark live resin extract

Darker concentrates house more of your plant in their composition, some see this feature as not being so good and strive to take down certain cannabinoids like THC or CBD. However, when your plants are purified to this stage, the high is always different from what obtains with the original. The entourage effect which deals with combining compounds in marijuana shows enhancement of our strains when they are combined other than when they are not.

When a marijuana plant is smoked, a list of chemicals in the plant combine adequately to synergize ways to provide a detailed profile of the strain. Extract with the plant leftovers gives medicinal impacts that are closer to the original flower. So then, why should we take off everything that needs to be enjoyed in the joint?

Dark live resin extracts produce a leveled body high

a press producing dark live resin extract

Darker concentrates are known to provide an amazing body high, like the high from a concentrated THC. While effects vary from strain, dark color stains come about either from the processing or that the mother plant is dark. Similarly, India’s and other sedative hybrids seem to have a dark color as opposed to Sativa variants. Keeping more of your dark concentrates in addition to their less processing time gives you heavy effects.

If you’re looking more for an all-around medicine counterpart, darker concentrates are the answer.

Marijuana is a thing of choice, and this means they are persons who love and cherish the effects of lighter extracts. However, the light color does not signify superior quality and this means the exact opposite for many. Users seeking a concentrate with the taste of flowers or a leveled high, should look more towards the dark. Darker here is not always the best, but it can be.

Do you crave light or dark extracts and why? Tell us in the comment section.

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