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How To Handle A Weed-Induced Panic Attack

How To Handle A Weed Panic Attack Induced By Marijuana | Our Guide | The Seed Fair

General knowledge has it that marijuana brings about relaxed and calm effects with euphoric ecstasy. However, as with all things, marijuana has side effects when used in an excessive dosage or where the user is intolerant to a particular strain or where the user is a first-timer or generally of low tolerance to THC. Where any of the above is in play, the user may have heightened and wild imaginations which could lead to a weed panic attack.

Such scenarios of panic attacks are most common in social gatherings where marijuana users due to curiosity, excitement, or both use all kinds of strains insight without recourse to dosage or/and without knowledge of their side effects and their tolerance levels. It is common to see such users combining edibles with marijuana cocktails and using strains high on THC all in one go.

When the panic sets in, such users are known to babble about unreal, horrific, and traumatizing things which they only get to see because of the high effect of marijuana.


What exactly is a weed panic attack?

A weed panic attack is a non-life-threatening, frightening side effect caused by excessive and intolerable marijuana consumption. While they are real though, it is only experienced mostly by first-time users and novices.

When suffering from such panic attacks, novices are known to negotiate for their sanity with a higher power or authority whom they believe is letting go mad for getting high due to fear and anxiety. Such users are usually very scared and full of regrets.

A marijuana-induced panic attack has the following symptoms; increased heart rate, extreme paranoia, and anxiety. Victims are also known to feel claustrophobic and to have a feeling of being unable to breathe. They may also develop tunnel vision due to the inability of the brain to interpret or process things out of the victim’s line of sight.

While these attacks are frightening, it is necessary to note that the victims are usually out of sync with their bodies and cannot accurately explain what they are going through. So such cries of being unable to breathe and the feeling of falling even on a flat surface are usually false.


What do you do when suffering from a marijuana-induced panic attack?

When suffering from a panic attack, it is usually quite impossible to get calm enough to seek help or to think out a possible course of action. What should be done then is to seek the company of a friend who can offer comfort and calm. When claustrophobic, the victim should leave the room where the marijuana was being consumed and seek fresh air which will be unavailable indoors due to the atmosphere created by all the smoke.


What you shouldn’t do

Do not call the police. Under no circumstance is it advisable for a victim of a marijuana-induced panic attack to call the police. Not only does it complicate things, in states where marijuana is still illegal, but it could also get someone or some people arrested. Also, hospitals are not even well placed to handle such issues as victims would only be placed on sedatives. And normally, the panic dies down as the high does.


How to prevent a weed panic attack

Moderation in all things, especially marijuana is a good thing. This ensures that at an event or even in your neighborhood, you do not embarrass yourself and soil a solid reputation. For someone unsure of what his tolerance levels are, it is advisable to start small and listen to your body as you go to ensure that you do not overdose and cause panic.

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