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Feminized Cannabis Seed Review

The Seed Fair Reviews | Feminized Cannabis Seed Review | The Seed Fair

Feminized cannabis seeds is the perfect way to grow!  Thinking of growing buds that smell and taste amazing?  Then this online feminized cannabis review is for you!

Feminized seeds are 100% guaranteed to produce great buds making it perfect to grow indoors and outdoors.  These amazing strains are bred to make only female plants which is best for the grower.  Not all feminized cannabis seeds are produced the same quality and or the same way.  So it is always best to know what are the best seeds to buy when you are looking for feminized Cannabis seeds.

Our cannabis Review below will help you decide on what Feminized seeds are best for you and what are the best to grow in your area.

Here is a list of some of the great strains to take advantage of today!

What are the highest THC feminized cannabis seeds to grow?

We carry many high THC Feminized Cannabis Seeds on the market.  Most strains we show below are at least 29% of THC.  See below all the best high THC strains to start growing with.

Bruce Banner feminized cannabis seeds

Bruce Banner is one of our top picks when it comes to a high THC strain.  Bruce Banner packs in a 29% THC rate and will keep you coming back for more.  Bruce Banner is named after the incredible hulk as it’s strength will hit you harder than ever.  Besides the powerful punch, Bruce Banner has an amazing taste that combines sweet notes of fruit, berry, and of course its signature diesel.  Bruce Banner has won multiple Cannabis Prize competition and it is no wonder why we put this one on the top of our list.

Customers say:

“The Bruce Banner seeds is hella nice, makes for a good buy when you are short on cash and long on time. White widow has a nice smell to it too, very earthy and a little sour. It can be a mean strain if you smoke too much, kinda smacks you in the face and makes you wanna sleep for hours, so go easy on this and it’ll treat you right. Maybe I am just a lightweight, but either way, had a lot of fun!”


“The times they are a changing, and that means we need more weed to calm our nerves, and this Bruce Banner hits like a champ and makes me ultra relaxed when I am super stressed out about the world. Grew it out back, got myself some nice colorful nugs in about 4 months and get pretty stoned when I smoke this at home on the couch and it’s amazing!!!”


“If you have a fear to try new weed, you’re not alone. Buy some of this delicious Bruce Banner herb and stay ashore instead. It’s a great grow indoors, makes for an excellent little project even if you can only afford to grow in a closet or something small. The yield is spectacular, and the flower is bright green and yellow and quite nice. I have overall been very impressed with this site, they always get me my order on time!”

Golden Tiger 3rd version feminized seeds review

Golden Tiger Feminized Cannabis Seeds is one for the books!  This amazing tasting strain is holding a 30% THC level that will knock your socks off.  The taste is like nothing you have had before.  It first offers you a candy taste and then is backed up by a citrus and earthy undertone.  This is a powerful 100% Sativa strain that will help you take all cerebral power and help with a lot of energy.  This strain will help relax your anxiety and its lasting effects will give a huge medical advantage.

Customers say:

“A cross-breed made in heaven! This Golden Tiger 3rd Version stuff really blows my mind! It’s definitely powerful, so I usually only smoke this after work, otherwise I can’t concentrate haha, but on the weekends I usually take a hit and go to the park or something outdoors. It’s good for napping in the sun, and helps a lot with pain and stress. I highly recommend this stuff!”


“Wow is all I can say one puff of this and you will never go back to many other strains.  Golden Tiger holds something I have never felt before.  Glad I tried it.  Grows well too!”


“I think my work life affects my appetite, and I use Golden Tiger 3rd Version weed to help me relax and give me the munchies lol. Black domina is a beautiful plant as well, with bright red and green trichomes and a whole lotta nug to work through. You won’t be disappointed!”


What are the best selling feminized cannabis seeds?

There are so many feminized cannabis seeds one can buy online.  Many best sellers and many favorites among the online crowd.  Here at The Seed Fair we put together some of the best seeds that you can find online and on our website.

Blue Dream feminized cannabis seeds review

We cannot begin a popularity contest without first starting with Blue Dream.  This Cannabis strain has been flying off the shelves in most seed banks.  Especially at The Seed Fair we buy this strain the most when filling inventory.  The flavors of this strain is what keeps customers coming back for more.  It is sweet with a great earthy taste and a bit of berry that leaves your taste buds craving.  This is a 80% Sativa dominant and usually lasts longer than two hours.  Take advantage of this strain today!

Customers say:

“I smoke this and then I take a bath, like the DUDE in big lebowski. I love smoking this Blue Dream dope, it’s super chill and also very strong and uplifting. Ordered myself 3 seeds online, it’s a good place to start, and gets me hella stoned. Not hard to grow, does require some attention. I recommend giving yourself at least a few minutes a day to water and check on the plants, you won’t be disappointed. Great vibes all around!.”


“This Blue Dream is a nice and earthy strain, yummm, so grounded. Great for rolling into joints, and then smoking it all night long. I get very baked and then ride my bike into downtown. Extremely nice to have your own homegrown weed on hand, and it was super fun watering and pruning it!!.”


“The Blue Dream is basically how you feel when you smoke a whole lotta this stuff. You’re basically just a mass of flesh and bone sitting on the couch. Very exciting LOL. Honestly I love it, the sativa energy is necessary for me at the end of a long day. I feel very fortunate when I smoke this dope, like I am partaking in some great secret between myself and this site. They gon’ hook me up.”

Sunset Sherbet feminized cannabis seeds review

Sunset Sherbet is definitely a close second when it comes to a popular buying cannabis strain online.  This strain delivers a smooth, tasty smoke that stays with you after each hit.  60% Indica and 40% Sativa Sunset Sherbet will have a tropical aroma that will leave you feeling euphoric and happy.   If you are suffering from migraines and or chronic pain then you came to the right strain that will alleviate your issues.

Customers say:

“Sunset sherbet looks both colorful on the vine and in your mind. It’s a sweet and relaxing strain, gives me a nice high that puts a sunny-side-up spin on everything, makes me smile and gives me something to look forward to. Greenhouse growing is what you are seeking. Best possible yield!”


“Sunset sherbet it’s a very enjoyable hybrid, perfect for an afternoon smoke, very sweet and sour, makes my mouth feel lively haha. Buying 5 seeds online is easy as pie, and they have the fastest shipping times anywhere, especially for mj seeds. Cultivated indoors, and got myself some beautiful looking BUD in about 6 months. Be patient young grasshoppers!!.”

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