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Our Guide On How To Properly Roll A Joint

How To Roll A Joint | Our Guide On How To Properly Roll A Joint | The Seed Fair

Joints stand as one of the legendary ways to consume and enjoy marijuana, a reason why cannabis smokers must learn ways of rolling their joints. For this, we have countless opinions on how joints should be rolled, however, regardless of how you roll yours, ensure it burns smoothly.  Hopefully this article will show you everything you need to know on how to roll a joint.


What is the quantity of marijuana in joints?

If you are just starting and learning how to roll a joint, we recommend you try a ½ gram of marijuana on a normal or preferably an 11/4 weed rolling paper. This is great for starters, and starting with some small wraps will ensure your weed is manageable.

The majority of pre-rolls sold at stores are full gram, while some come having 2-pack s of half-grams.

When you finally become a pro at rolling your joint, you can decide to take on the king-size papers and full-grams, as you look to widen your smoke circle.


Guide on how to roll a joint

To help you master your craft here, we came up with seven amazing steps on how to roll a classic joint. It works for beginners and pros alike, if you pay attention here, you will be rolling your joint with ease.

Start by putting your supplies together, the following are some of the supplies you will need:


  1. A marijuana strain
  2. Papers for rolling
  3. Crutch
  4. Marijuana grinder
  5. A pen, or a shaped item to pack your joint.


Step 1: Begin by grinding your marijuana

Start by breaking down your marijuana into small shakes, where the marijuana is well dried, it will break easily, a grinder will keep your hands from being sticky with weed which will affect the weed paper. If you don’t have a grinder handy, use scissors to grind the herb.


Step 2: Create your joint crutch

The crutch which is called a filter or tip can be made from anything. However, thin cardboard and business cards have proven to be the best go at this, most joint papers today have crutch material attached.

Begin with some small accordion folds, usually, at the end of your cardboard, roll the material to your desired thickness. While the crutch is so necessary, it keeps your shakes from falling out, or into your mouth as you enjoy your smoke. It as well adds stability to your joint, allowing you to enjoy every drop of marijuana, with your hands secured.


Step 3: Fill your joint with marijuana

Fill your paper with marijuana and the crutch, once the paper has an adequate amount of shake, you can mold the joint with your fingers.

Here is something to note with the papers: joint papers come in different ranges and flavors, and most people prefer hemp papers, as they are thin and strong, including burning smoothly, with no influence on the weed flavor.  Obviously this is essential when learning how to roll a joint.


Step 4: It’s time to pack your joint

Once your joint is loaded up and molded, you are set to roll it. Fix your paper between your fingers and roll it carefully so it can get to its final shape.


Step 5: Roll your joint

This step is almost the most important of all of them, it will define the quality of your joint. Begin by tucking the sides of your paper that are unglued, roll it carefully, and use the glued sides to tack down the ends, by applying a little moisture here.


Advanced Tip: go with the crutch side of your joint, this will help to guide your paper as it rolls around.

Once you perfectly tack down the paper, find your way around the seam by tucking the joint to the end.


Step 6: Finish the work

Pack the end of your joint, as this will ensure the joint burns adequately. A pen will do great here, if not, use anything else.


Step 7: Enjoy your joint


Alternative ways to roll your joint!

There are countless ways of rolling your joint, you can go big or small, or even add your ingenuity here. For some, this is an art that should be learned, as they turn it into origami.

You can also use a dollar bill to roll your joint, fold the bill into half and put your grind weed in it. Roll it thoroughly and then skim a rolling paper just behind it, take it up and lick it, you are good to go.

You can also try rolling your joint in a cross joint form, here you will have two joints crossed in their middle with three heads to light.

Tell us, what is your favorite way to roll your joints? Share your tips with us in the comments, so others can learn.

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