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What is Cannabis Tincture? Unleashing the Benefits of Cannabis Extracts and Concentrates

Cannabis tincture in a vial.

What is cannabis tincture? Cannabis tincture is a potent and versatile plant extract that has been used for centuries thanks to its medicinal properties. Made by steeping cannabis flower or trim in alcohol or glycerin, tinctures offer a discreet and fast-acting way to consume cannabis without the harmful effects of smoking.

In this article, we will explore what cannabis tincture is, how it’s made, and its various uses and benefits.

What is cannabis tincture?

cannabis tinctures, bud and leaves

Cannabis tinctures are alcohol-based marijuana extracts, which are mainly marijuana-infused alcohol. Before the enactment of marijuana prohibition, tinctures remained the best form of cannabis remedy. For medical and recreational marijuana users, this is a great entry point for smoke-free marijuana consumption.

How to bring about cannabis tinctures

If you are using a simple, and mess-free technique to prepare your cannabis tinctures present a fantastic DIY project for you. It can be made using a Jar, Alcohol, a Strainer, and Marijuana. This is enough for it.

Adopting alcohol or glycerin for your tinctures

Cannabis tinctures, extracts and leaves

For making Tinctures, a food-grade and highly concentrated alcohol will be the best bet here. If you are not comfortable with alcohol, Glycerin which is a plant-extracted oil offers you a fine alternative. Glycerin has its shortcoming, as it is not yielding when it comes to bonding your marijuana compounds, this will affect the quality of the tincture you will produce.

For some, evaporating the flammable alcohol from your tincture, and adding glycerin will give things the perfect balance that is required of them. This to them makes good potent glycerin, we at the Seed Fair, will not recommend this option.

Selecting the best alcohol for your cannabis tincture

You will require high-proof alcohol which is safe for consumption to get things off the radar, the higher the content of alcohol is, the better and faster it will dissolve your cannabis resin. Ever clear is one of the more popular alcohol brands that are safe for human consumption.

Similarly, products such as isopropyl are not marked safe for consumption and should not be used when you are making tinctures. It can be used for cleaning instead.

Preparing your cannabis tincture

cannabis tinctures in glass vials with buds

One simple and easy-to-use formula when it comes to the preparation of tincture is this: for every ounce of marijuana flower, get a 750ML jar of alcohol.

You will get a mild impact from this, and it is great for micro-dosing. Where you want a better productive tincture, ensure you reduce the alcohol quantity by over a third, until you get your desired potency level.

  • Step 1: Decarboxylase your marijuana flower or concentrate. Where it is a flower, ensure it is fully ground.
  • Step 2: Mix the concentrate or in the case of flower in alcohol with good quality.
  • Step 3: Cover your jar and allow it to stay for some weeks, ensure you shake it at least once a day.
  • Step 4: When the mixture has stayed for a few weeks, ensure you strain the contents carefully with a coffee filter.

Where you cannot wait for weeks, you can shake your mixture for 3 minutes, strain it, and store it.

Ways to dose and consume your cannabis tincture

Woman adding cannabis tincture to her drink with a dropper

You will have to be consistent when it comes to making your tinctures, if it is two batches you make at different phases, the dose from each batch will never be the same. Write down the quantity of alcohol and marijuana you used for each batch, this way you can easily replicate it.

Once your tincture is up, the dosages often titrate on their own, and measure. Test with an ml of your finished tincture, and get it under your tongue. If the composition suits you, then you are on a good run.

If this is not possible, get your dosage going slowly to avoid getting high. Increase it to 2 ml and continue until you find the right dosage that suits you.

Tinctures, when stored in a cool and dark environment, can last for many years. This means you can easily make a large chunk of them at one stretch.

When compared with marijuana-infused brownies, tinctures stand tall as a low-calorie alternative. When you make a tincture with over 190 doses of alcohol, you are sure to get about 7 calories in every ml.

Cannabis Tinctures can be integrated into different forms of meals and drinks such as:

  • Juice
  • Ice cream
  • Sherbets
  • Soup
  • Gelatin
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Gravy
  • And Salad

For some also, adding cannabis oil to their homemade chicken tikka, can bring up a flavorful dinner that is priceless to explain.

Advantages of trying cannabis tinctures

cannabis tinctures, buds ready for use

Marijuana tinctures are fantastic for entry-level marijuana users, and here are a few reasons why:

  1. Tinctures will allow you to enjoy the full offerings of marijuana, without smelling like someone who had a taste of it. In addition, it is easy to conceal.
  2. Rapid onslaught of effects: impacts from a marijuana tincture set in quicker than others, while edibles can take up to an hour or even more to kick in, the impacts of tinctures are unleashed even within 15 minutes.
  3. Simple to dose: With tinctures, it is easy to find your perfect product and dosage. You can even use an eyedropper to measure and find your gauge.

FAQs about marijuana tincture

How should tincture be taken?

Marijuana Tinctures are consumed by sliding some drops under the tongue, this is done sublingually. When consumed, the arterial blood store which seats under your tongue will absorb the THC. You can also swallow it in your foods or drinks, the difference here is that it will be absorbed slowly by your liver.

Can tinctures burn under your tongue?

There have been reports by persons claiming to have experienced a burning sensation when the tincture is placed under their tongues. Alcohol is often responsible for this, where tincture burns under your tongue, try a glycerin-based tincture or use your tincture mixed in a beverage.

How long before tincture kicks in?

When you take tincture sublingually, the impact is felt within 10 – 45mins, and it gets to its peak within 90 mins. Where it is drunk instead the impact is often like the traditional edibles.

How long do the effects of tinctures last?

It lasts longer than when marijuana is smoked or vaporized, however, it is shorter than when you eat marijuana-infused butter or edibles.

Marijuana tincture: So much more than simple snake oils and magic

Tinctures, as we have stated, are marijuana extracts, and serve as a fantastic passage for those who use cannabis for medical and recreational reasons, and it is a smoke-free mode of consumption. They are easy to measure when it comes to dosing, and they show effects with ease.

Where tincture is added to food or you drink it, the effects take hours to kick in, which is similar to edibles. Start with little dosage, understand your body resistance level first, before taking in just more, to avoid being unnecessarily high.

However, the effects of tincture last longer than when marijuana is smoked or vaporized. And they last for years when properly stored. With the long shelf life, you can make adequate batches and save for the future.  Take advantage of our all free articles on The Seed Fair blog.

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