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The 12 Strongest Strains of Weed for 2023

strongest strain of weed - woman smelling cannabis flower

Looking for the strongest strain of weed? Considering the multitude of options available on the market today that may be easier said than done. We’ve got you covered with our experts’ review of the 12 strongest strains of weed.

These variants stand out in terms of potency and effects while providing you with an aromatic and delectable experience.

Let’s get into our guide to the 12 most potent cannabis strains.

1. Durban Poison

strongest weed strain durban poison

Durban Poison feminized is an African landrace strain discovered in the 1970s in Durban, South Africa. The cultivar is a 100% pure sativa with an average of 13–16% THC. The herb’s dominant terpenes, including myrcene, beta-caryophyllene, and humulene, contribute to its potency.

Durban Poison is an excellent wake-and-bake strain that doesn’t cause couch-lock. Smoking the buds in the morning energizes you and fills you with euphoria and bliss. The enhanced mental clarity, focus, and creativity help increase productivity.

One of the strongest strains of weed on the market, this sativa’s analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anxiolytic properties offer potential therapeutic benefits.

Medical marijuana patients claim chronic pain relief from migraines, fibromyalgia, and rheumatoid arthritis. Others say the herb boosts their confidence and helps ease stress and depression.

Durban Poison has a piney, spicy, and earthy aroma that stirs your senses. Users enjoy the strain’s sweet and creamy flavor.

Growing this cultivar is straightforward and beginner-friendly. Using feminized seeds means you get female bud-producing crops and avoid the hassle of segregating the male pollinators. The plants don’t grow too tall, making them easy to manage.

Expect to harvest 16 oz./m2 of smokable buds indoors and 17–21 oz./plant outdoors after flowering for 8–9 weeks.

2. Granddaddy Purple

strongest weed strain granddaddy purple

Another exceptional candidate for the strongest strain of weed is Granddaddy Purple feminized. Also known as GDP, many people in the 420 community consider it legendary.

This indica-dominant hybrid is the offspring of Big Bud and Purple Urkle, inheriting the nug size of the former and the hues from the latter. Users say the cultivar’s berry fragrance and grape soda flavor reminds them of their favorite candy store when they were growing up.

Granddaddy Purple offers long-lasting sensations, removing troubled thoughts and relieving stress and anxiety. The strain may provide pain relief and help people with eating issues. Patients undergoing chemotherapy may benefit from appetite gain.

With 16–24% THC content, GDP is best consumed in the evening or during the weekend. Forget about being productive as the indica effects relax you and your muscles loosen. Expect to remain on your couch.

Growing one of the strongest weed strains in 2023 requires some experience, despite the plants being robust and resistant to mold and pests. Control humidity levels and support GDP’s strong branches that hold its massive colas.

After a flowering phase that lasts 10–12 weeks, reap an indoor harvest of 17.6 oz./m2 and 17.6 oz./plant outdoors.

3. San Fernando Valley

strongest weed strain SFV

San Fernando Valley feminized is a heavy hitter with genetics from a landrace Afghani and SFV OG. Its 22% THC content makes it exceptionally potent, so if you’re a beginner, consume low doses until you adjust to its kick.

SFV’s nugs have a musty skunk odor with a blend of tropical fruits and lemony aromas. The fruity and citrus flavors make it difficult to resist a second toke.

A contender for the title of the strongest weed strain, SFV is perfect for unwinding after a tiring day. Feel uplifted and happy and enjoy a heightened sense of sounds and colors. Before long, the indica effects overwhelm you and lull you into a deep slumber.

San Fernando Valley’s nugs may help with stress, as the mood boost drives unwanted thoughts away, filling your mind with positivity. Users with pain might find relief, while those with difficulty sleeping could benefit from a restful night.

SFV is suitable for new growers, as the plants are robust and resilient to pest infestations and diseases, requiring minimal care. Using the Sea of Green (SOG) technique helps maximize yields.

Collect 12 oz./m2 of buds indoors and 14–18 oz./plant outdoors after 8–10 weeks of flowering.

4. Girl Scout Cookies

the strongest weed strain girl scout cookies

Considering that Girl Scout Cookies feminized (GSC) is a cross between OG Kush and Durban Poison, it’s no surprise it’s a hard hitter. Both its parents have a high THC level, and it doesn’t disappoint with up to 20% of the psychoactive compound.

The indica-dominant hybrid is a multiple award winner at various Cannabis Cup competitions, justifying being one of the strongest strains of weed.

Suitably named, Girl Scout Cookies produces sweet, delectable buds that make a second toke irresistible. Users claim the nugs’ aroma and flavor are similar to vanilla and caramel.

Although GSC is 80% indica, the initial sativa euphoria and mood boost keeps you uplifted for many hours, making it a perfect productivity strain. Expect a surge of creativity and inspiration before the body relaxation hits and your muscles ease.

Medical users report lower anxiety and stress and relief from chronic pain. The munchies effect is helpful for people struggling with appetite loss.

The hardy GSC plants make cultivation ideal for new growers, as they thrive in any setup. With adequate care and nutrients, your crops produce bountiful yields. Expect to reap delicious buds after 8–10 weeks of flowering. Collect 17 oz./m2 of buds indoors and 19 oz./plant outdoors.

5. Cheese

the strongest weed strain cheese

Cheese feminized may not be the strongest weed strain on the list, but it’s highly potent with 17% THC. The offspring of Skunk #1 and the landrace Afghani, the cultivar is 60% indica and 40% sativa, offering a balance of both effects.

As the name suggests, the buds have a strong, cheesy aroma and flavor similar to cheddar. The herb’s fragrance is also a blend of acidic and sweet, fruity fragrances.

When consuming these nugs, experience a happy and soothing feeling that melts away your stress and anxiety. Avoid smoking if you have unfinished tasks, as when the indica effects kick in, you feel lazy before drifting off into a deep slumber.

Cheese offers potential medicinal benefits for physical and emotional issues like inflammation, chronic pain, depression, and insomnia.

These weed seeds are best suited to experienced growers, as the plants aren’t very forgiving. Avoid moisture build-up by regularly pruning and providing adequate airflow. After flowering for 8–10 weeks, prepare to reap 16–19 oz./m2 indoors and 18–21 oz./plant outdoors.

6. Purple Punch

the strongest weed strain purple punch

Purple Punch feminized naturally comes to mind when discussing the strongest strains of weed. The result of crossing two heavy indicas, Granddaddy Purple and Larry OG, the herb is renowned for its potent calming properties.

Purple Punch buds smell like grapes and blueberries. Anecdotal stories suggest it has a scent that reminds users of Kool-Aid. The aroma translates into a sweet, delicious smoking experience.

This hybrid has 80% indica and 20% sativa genetics, courtesy of its illustrious parents, making it ideal for unwinding after a tiring day. If you’re a newbie, take low doses, as the 21% THC buds pack a strong punch.

Smoking the nugs brings blissful and euphoric feelings that clear your mind of stressful thoughts and anxiety. Enjoy a brief period of creativity as ideas and inspiration flow before the indica effects hit and glue you to the couch. Soon, a deep sleep beckons.

Users claim Purple Punch helps them with depression and physical symptoms, such as chronic pain and fatigue.

Growing one of the strongest strains of weed requires experience. Trimming the bushy plants is essential for maintaining optimal humidity levels and maximizing yields.

Your indoor crops reward you with 16–19 oz./m2, while your outdoor garden produces 18–21 oz./plant after 6–8 weeks.

7. Blueberry

the strongest weed strain blueberry

Blueberry regular comes from an impressive lineage of three landraces: Afghani, Thai, and Purple Thai. This version is the choice of breeders wanting to develop new strains, as it has a 50:50 chance of developing into male or female plants.

The cultivar offers a pleasant blend of herbal and sweet fragrances. Smokers savor tastes of vanilla and berries when inhaling, with a woody flavor on the exhale. Blueberry is a favorite of dessert lovers. Avoid overindulging, as the average 20% THC content packs a punch that lasts for hours.

When puffing, this indica-dominant hybrid offers a blissful, euphoric sensation that uplifts and clears the mind of negative thoughts. Enjoy the moment before a full-body calming effect takes over. Feel your muscles release tension, and stress dissipates.

The Blueberry strain has therapeutic properties that potentially help with physical and psychological issues like anxiety and chronic pain.

Blueberry is one of the strongest weed strains that’s also beginner-friendly. Being naturally resilient to diseases and pests, the plants forgive newbie mistakes. Provide crops with optimal growing conditions to reap beautiful, aromatic nugs.

Indoor cultivation produces 12–18 oz./m2, while outdoor crops deliver 14–18 oz./plant after flowering for 8–10 weeks.

8. White Widow

the strongest weed strain white widow

White Widow autoflower attributes its exceptional genetics to a Brazilian sativa and South Indian indica landrace and a ruderalis. Growing the strain is relatively straightforward and potentially produces up to 26% THC.

The buds fill the growing space with a sweet, fruity, and spicy aroma that transfers into the flavors you inhale when smoking.

Notice your sense of sound and color sharpen as you puff, followed by an energy boost and upliftment. As your mind clears, your focus increases, helping you finish tasks.

Due to the balanced indica and sativa genetics, the relaxation doesn’t knock you out and allows you to go about your day. Medical marijuana patients report finding relief from conditions such as fatigue, stress, chronic pain, and depression.

Besides being one of the strongest strains of weed, White Widow auto is relatively easy to grow. The plants are resistant to mold and mildew and are suitable for indoor or outdoor cultivation. Autoflowers don’t rely on light cycles to begin flowering and mature rapidly.

Expect to harvest 11–16 oz./m2 of buds indoors and 2–3 oz./plant outdoors after 6–8 weeks.

9. Northern Lights

the strongest weed strains northern lights

Northern Lights autoflower is an exceptional cultivar with genetics from Afghan and Thai landraces and a ruderalis.

The buds emit a spicy, piney, woody, and earthy aroma that reminds some users of being in a pine forest. Tokers savor similar flavors.

Northern Lights is one of the strongest strains of weed due to its 22% THC. The indica-dominant strain is ideal for evening use, so sit back and enjoy the uplifting experience and euphoria. Notice your stress and anxiety dissipate as calming and peaceful feelings take over.

As the indica effects hit, feel your muscles loosen up, and tensions ease. Some users say they find relief from aches and pains.

Prepare some snacks, as Northern Lights will keep you glued to the couch before lulling you into a sound sleep. People with sleeping and eating disorders may benefit from these effects.

Due to its inherited traits, this autoflower strain requires minimal care to produce buds in a shorter time than its regular version. Growers don’t have to manage the plants’ light cycles to trigger flowering.

Crops bloom for 8–10 weeks, yielding 18 oz./m2 indoors and 7 oz./plant outdoors. The strain’s shorter life span makes it possible to reap multiple harvests annually.

10. CBD Super Silver Haze 1 to 1

the strongest weed strains CBD super silver haze

As more people consume medical marijuana, there’s an increasing incentive to grow your own stash. CBD Super Silver Haze 1 to 1 feminized is one of the strongest strains of weed with therapeutic properties to cultivate at home.

Breeders crossed Super Silver Haze with an unknown high CBD strain to develop a herb that may offer holistic benefits without the psychoactive buzz. The strain has a higher cannabidiol level than usual, leading to a 1:1 THC to CBD ratio.

The medicinal herb produces buds that ooze an earthy, spicy, and mucky scent. The flavors are equally captivating, with a sweet and woody tang on the inhale and a citrus aftertaste.

Experience a cerebral buzz that clears your mind, lifts your mood, and makes you happy when smoking the nugs. The strain is the perfect daytime toke, as it also energizes and boosts creativity, allowing you to be productive.

Many users claim CBD Super Silver Haze helps them with anxiety, stress, depression, and PTSD. The cultivar’s anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties may be responsible for reports of relief from inflammation, chronic pain, and seizures.

This strain requires plenty of TLC to achieve optimal yields. The weed seeds develop into tall plants, so ensure there’s sufficient vertical space. Employ the Screen of Green (ScrOG) technique to enhance bud size and quality.

One of the strongest weed strains in the medical category, CBD Super Silver Haze flowers in 10–12 weeks. Indoor gardeners reap 15–17 oz./m² of buds, while outdoor plants produce about 28 oz. each.

11. OG Kush

the strongest weed strain OG Kush

No list of potent marijuana would be complete without the legendary OG Kush feminized. This award-winning cultivar offers a powerful kick with up to 27% THC, easily landing it a spot among the strongest strains of weed.

OG Kush results from crossbreeding Chemdawg and a Kush strain. Some breeders claim the herb gets its sativa genetics from Lemon Thai. Little is known about what “OG” stands for, but many suggest it comes from the famous California cultivator, “Original Gangster.”

The buds have a lemony and woody aroma with earthy and piney undertones, which transfer to their taste.

Feel uplifted and blissful when smoking the nugs. The mood boost helps unwanted thoughts dissipate as your body relaxes. The best time to consume OG Kush is after your workday, as the calming effects cause you to remain immobile on the couch.

Many users claim the strain soothes and alleviates stress and anxiety, while others report relief from pain and migraines.

OG Kush is more suited for experienced cultivators, but many beginners have grown it successfully. Protect your plants from pests and mold and support their branches holding the heavy colas.

After blooming for 8–10 weeks, reap the rewards of 18 oz./m² indoors and 28 oz./plant outdoors.

12. Gelato

the strongest weed strain gelato feminized

Also known as Larry Bird, Gelato feminized is an exceptionally potent strain. Genetics from Sunset Sherbert and Mint Girl Scout Cookies produce aromatic and delicious nugs.

The dessert-sounding name is deceiving, as the cultivar packs a knockout punch. As Gelato’s THC content exceeds 20%, consume it in moderation until you adapt to its psychoactive buzz.

The strain’s pleasant fragrance includes berry, citrus, mint, cookie, and sherbet scents. Enjoy the fruity flavors when inhaling and a sweet, woody aftertaste that leaves you wanting more.

Experience euphoria that uplifts and clears your mind while creativity flows and inspires. You also perceive brighter colors and sharper sounds in your surroundings as bliss takes over. Prepare for a calming sensation from head to toe as your body relaxes and causes couch-lock.

Gelato potentially helps with medical conditions due to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory traits. Users report Gelato relieves pain, muscle cramps, anxiety, depression, and stress.

This easy-to-grow strain flourishes in a warm and humid environment, making it ideal for outdoor spaces. You may also set up a controlled area indoors to produce 14–18 oz./m2 of buds after 8–9 weeks. Your outside garden offers 18 oz./plant.

Why grow potent weed strains?

Not all weed is created equal. It’s vital to choose the strongest strains of weed to achieve your desired results from marijuana, whether recreational or medical. Don’t forget to consider the effects and benefits to determine the most suitable option.

It’s critical to select high-quality cannabis seeds to avoid growing problems. Buying from a reputable vendor like us assures you don’t end up with duds. Browse our seed bank to choose from over 1,200 strains worldwide, including regular, feminized, and autoflower versions.

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