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Is this possible to clone an autoflower?

Is It Possible To Have Autoflower Clones | Cloning The Autoflower Strain | The Seed Fair

Will or will it not be possible to have Autoflower Clones? Could that be another of its possible advantages? In the following article we will give you an explanation of whether it is possible to achieve cloning and guarantee the long life of your beloved strain.

What exactly is cloning?

In the area of ​​gardening and plant care, a clone is a small part of the plant that is taken out, that is, a cutting is extracted, it is placed in water or in a growing medium, then, we wait a little time and we see that it takes root forming a new plant that is genetically speaking identical to the original cannabis plant.

If your goal is to minimize your expenses while cultivating, this is an effective way to do it since seed germination is faster and you can be sure that it will have the same characteristics as the original. For example, if the plant is of good quality, its clone will be.


The benefits of cloning

  • If you want only female plants, take cuttings from female plants, this will remove the male plants
  • You can choose to clone your favorite cannabis plants along with your favorite qualities
  • Spend less money on seeds
  • Obtain a fairly large production by growing large numbers of plants


The controversy over whether or not it is possible to have autoflower clones

Before talking about cloning, the first thing is always to know the nature and function of autoflowering cannabis plants, in order to understand why their clones differ from other plant varieties.

Autoflowering plants, as its very word says “auto”, that is, it does the work of going from the vegetative phase to the flowering phase by itself without anyone having to intervene. As the plant progresses, regardless of the lighting, it will begin to produce flowers.

Let’s compare:

A traditional cannabis plant must receive at least 12 hours of darkness to switch to the cloning phase in one day. If you are planting, for example, a traditional variety in spring, you will need to team up with the sun to get your harvest before winter sets in.

For autoflowers, time or season is not so important, if you live in a moderate climate, you are safe. At the beginning of the flowering stage, these plants should be in direct sunlight for 12 hours, after about two months and two weeks their harvest will be ready.


What is the challenge of cloning autoflowers?

Let’s say that a clone is a child of the mother plant, only that it is the same age or is as old as its mother, it has the same genes, this means that its time to grow is less, which results in a plant and small flowers.

Cloning becomes complicated by not knowing exactly when the cannabis plant is going to start flowering. As in all situations, there are stories of successful growers who have managed to clone autoflowering plants and others say that it is a myth, that it is not possible.

Even if it is true or false, the probability that you have autoflowering clones is very low. Since it is practically impossible for the plant to grow vegetative again. It would be high risk to try it on a plant that has already matured.

So technically if they can be cloned, that’s not a good idea. Given the opportunity to clone her before knowing her gender it might work, but it is highly unlikely. As a result, there is a small plant with small flowers, even so if you feel comfortable with them, go ahead! Experiment for yourself and you will get great learning!

As autoflowering plants are practically independent, their process cannot be accelerated or delayed. Because they have to follow their “genetic timeline” and move on to the other stages when they are ready, not when the grower wishes. So don’t expect a lot of performance if you try.


If you are still determined to clone your autoflowers…

There are many witness growers who believe it is worth hoping that they have cloned their autoflowers. As well, allowed them to grow in their vegetative phase to almost like their mother. When they reach their maximum size, they begin their flowering.


Here are a few recommendations for your experiment:


  1.  If the plant receives the signal that it is time to flower, it is thanks to the apical meristem. Everything is filtered down, and obviously takes longer to reach the lower parts of the plant. So there is a short period between the first signs of flowering and in the plant tissues along with their hormones. Many growers point out that it is of utmost importance to observe and understand their plants before cloning them. As said before, the clones of this plant variety cannot be forced or handled in the same way. Because it does not depend on the level of light they receive. A cut will always be the same age as its parent, therefore it will remain on the same genetic timeline.
  2. The ready cuttings will need to be kept in a soft light and with humid conditions until their roots are visible. Once its roots are out, its vegetative process will reach 80% of the size of its mother. And if it is successful, it will flourish and compatible crops will be produced.
  3. The lower parts of the branches are more likely to have stable hormones than the upper parts of your autoflowering plant


So, can you have autoflower clones?


It is possible to clone autoflowering plants, yes, the possibility of doing so is very low.

As we saw previously, the upper parts of the plant have to be the first to receive the hormonal signals. This takes several hours to do so indicating the start of flowering and thus they can be filtered in the lower parts.

In our opinion, it is not worth spending hours waiting for the right moment for the cloning of these plants. Cloning a feminized cannabis plant is very likely to happen and is more economically profitable as harvests if produced repeatedly. With very little evidence, there is a tendency to believe that autoflower clones leads to nothing more than disappointment.


This being the case, there is no need to rush! With our large section of autoflowering seeds and excellent quality from The Seed Fair, it is very possible to achieve various harvests in a short period of time, without the need for cloning!

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