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How To Make Weed Grow Faster

How To Make Weed Grow Faster | Our Guide On Effective Growing Tips | The Seed Fair

Can you make cannabis grow faster? Well, yes, you can.

It is an unavoidable fact that growing marijuana takes time. And more importantly, it is no secret that the product’s quality and strength depend heavily on the growth process you used. For example, growing indoors or outdoors can dictate quality as well as the time it takes for weed plants to grow. These factors can also have an impact on the amount yielded too.

And so, in this article, we will share with you some of the tested and proven tips and tricks on how to make cannabis grow faster.


How to make weed grow faster

On average, it takes about five months for weed plants to go from seeds to smokable weed. But this is an average time because some can even take up to well over half a year. Fortunately, there are tricks you can do to fasten its growth through each growth stage.


  1. Grow your weed plants indoors

The cheapest and easy way to grow weed plants is, of course, outdoors. However, your weed plants will grow rather slower than when grown indoors. This is simply because it will be dependent on sunlight and the weather that won’t be steady. Indoors growing allows you to give your plants the perfect lighting, temperature, and humidity, thus speeding their growth.

In addition, healthy plants grow faster, and with indoor growing, you can improve plants’ health by limiting or avoiding issues likes frost, heat, or insects.


  1. Grow from clones instead of sowing seeds

It is ideal to grow from clones to save a couple of weeks since they are already established plants. With clones, you will only need to pop them into the soil and then focus on the other stages.


  1. Select a fast-growing strain

Regardless of whether you are growing from clones or seeds, it is also important to choose the fast-growing strain. In this case, cannabis strains with shorter flowering times will be ideal. Therefore, strains such as Northern lights and Sour Diesel are the most recommended ones, with each having 2 and 2.5-months of flowering times, respectively. Other strains that flower quickly include;

Don’t worry about the quality since these strains produce cannabis of equally good quality as those with longer flowering times. In addition, the strains with longer flowing times are usually perfect for outdoor growing since they will need enough sunlight for a longer period.


  1. Trigger the flowering phase sooner

Switching weed plants from the vegetative to flowering phase is another effective way to speed their growth. However, this trick is only ideal for indoor growers simply because they can regulate light during any season of the year.

To do this, you will have to alter the lighting schedule to reduce the total hours of daylight. And by doing this, you are influencing the plants to quickly move into the flowering stage by stimulating them to produce buds.

You can also bypass the vegetative stage altogether by stimulating the newly sprouted seedling to produce buds. In fact, harvesting in as little as three months is theoretically possible using this method. This means the seedlings have to yield flowers as soon as they sprout to achieve the 3-months milestone. So, you can utilize lights like the Northern Lights to help you achieve good results.

Despite this process saving you about two months, it will yield less weed, though. This is simply because the plants will not have had adequate time to develop stems required to produce buds.


  1. Speeding up the flowering stage

If you are growing Indica varieties (which have a shorter flowering cycle), the ideal method to speed up the flowering phase is using lights. But luckily, this method can also manipulate all other strains of cannabis as well. Theoretically, 10 hours of light per day has proven to work very well with Indica strain and 13-10 hours a day for the other strains.

Remember, in most cases, harvest usually happens in autumn, when there are shorter daylight hours. Therefore, your plants can automatically start producing buds if you give them less than 13 or 14 hours of light per day. This method is usually ideal for indoor growers due to light regulation. Additionally, this method won’t necessarily affect the THC content but will reduce the yield since buds will stop growing.

Using products like Bushmaster is another effective method that can make cannabis grow faster. In fact, you can speed up the flowering stage by one to two weeks using this product. To effectively do this, you will have to identify the right time to do it simply because plants’ vertical growth stops by speeding up the flowering phase.

And so, the ideal thing will be to grow your plants till they reach the right height that you prefer while in the vegetative phase. After that, you can now start dosing your plants using Bushmaster.


  1. Ensure you prune your cannabis plants

Trimming or pruning will also allow your weed plants to grow quickly, thus triggering the flowering phase sooner. Pruning enables weed plants to focus on pudding instead of leaves. Therefore, you should always prune dying, yellow leaves, and extra stems.


  1. You can grow weed plants using a hydroponic setup

Another method that can be used to grow weed plants faster is by using a hydroponics setup. This setup allows you to feed your plants with the exact amount of nutrients hence faster growth. Furthermore, hydroponic growing is always done indoors, meaning you can regulate the humidity, temperature, and other factors. And as stated earlier, healthy cannabis plants grow faster.


  1. Maintain correct humidity and temperature

To ensure your weed plants grow as fast as they can, you should always observe the recommended humidity levels during every growth stage.



  • Seedlings – 65 – 70% is the perfect relative humidity
  • Vegetative stage – 40 – 70% is the perfect relative humidity
  • Flowering stage – 30 – 50% is the perfect relative humidity
  • Clones – 70 – 80% is the perfect relative humidity



  • 70 – 80 °F is the perfect temperature for growing weed plants faster. This is like 21 – 27 degrees Celsius (°C).


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