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10 Ways On How To Conserve Weed And Save Money

10 Ways On How To Conserve Weed And Save Money | Our Guide | The Seed Fair

It is a normal behavioral trait among stoners to want to use their cache of weed as efficiently as is possible. Now more than ever – in a time of lockdowns and tight restrictions and ever-fluctuating economic trends – it is more useful to be conservative in your weed usage. The following are means through which you can make your weed stash last longer.  Our article will go over 10 ways on how to conserve weed and save money while doing it.


Vape where you will ordinarily smoke blunts

A study has shown that vapes like “Volcano Vaporizer” burn 45% of THC and convert the same into vapor unlike the 25% converted by traditional blunts. What’s more, whether vaping or smoking traditional blunts, you will get just as high.

Also, it is a known fact that the smoke in traditional blunts is not trapped in a container waiting to be used like that in a vape as blunts continually use up weed so long as it is lit. It is also being suggested by studies that vapors from vaping may be healthier for the lungs than normal smoke. Where your preference is to smoke blunts, however, weed can also be saved by rolling thinner blunts.


Burn the corners

Second only to vaping in conservative ways of weed usage, bongs are a well-known conservative usage technique. However, even more, weed would be saved if you burn only a small portion of the bong at a time. This way, the weed is only lit when it is about to be used and the THC won’t be wasted. In this way, weed is conserved.


Smoke slowly

Remember how the mother usually advised that you eat your food slowly, this age-long advice also applies to weed usage. When you smoke slowly savoring each drag, you find that you get higher on a lesser dose as opposed to quickly dragging on your blunt. In this way, a single blunt could be smoked multiple times to the same satisfying level of high as if numerous blunts were used on each occasion.


Eat intensifiers

Intensifiers are foods and fruits that make highs even on small doses to be as intense as highs on large doses. Mango is a fruit intensifier and dark chocolate is a snack intensifier. Fries and foods with high oil contents have been known to have the same effect. Spices such as turmeric and curcumin are also known as intensifiers. By using intensifiers, a little weed is as good as a big one.


Touch buds as seldom as possible

The more buds are handled, the more the resins known as trichomes fall off. Why this is bad is because these resins are where the CBD is resident. To enhance the high, therefore, the buds should only be touched when necessary so as to save the resins from falling off.  This will help you on how to conserve weed as mush as possible.


Store in glass jars not plastic bags

Storage is an important aspect of weed usage. When weed is stored in plastic bags, humidity and heat contribute to making the stash deteriorate. To maintain quality through long usage, the weed should be stored in glass jars that are dark so as to reduce light accessibility. The jar should then be kept in a dark, dry, and cool place. A refrigerator or cabinet is advisable.


Use grinders collect the kief

As a stoner, buying a grinder should be considered an investment. This is because it allows you the luxury of grinding your weed (including the stalks) into fine usable bits. As an additional benefit, all particles are useful as even kiefs can be used in making edibles such as cookies, spring rolls, and even cakes.


Impose a tolerance break

While this is a bit more difficult to do, it is the tip with the highest reward. A tolerance break is willfully refusing yourself weed for a given period. This helps in two ways; first, it helps in saving money, and secondly, at the end of the break, you become almost a newbie again in that, a smaller amount of marijuana than you are used to would give you the kind of high you are used to.


Making edibles with already vaped-out buds

Apart from the advantages of using a vape outlined in number 1 above, this is another advantage of using a vape; it gives dual usage to any given quantity of weed. Marijuana that has been vaped out could still be ground and used as additives to meals or in making edibles. That’s like using one stone to kill two birds.


Save the trims

Trims are supposedly useless parts of weed that are more often than not discarded at harvest. These include; leaves and barely formed or unformed buds. While these are not fully developed, they still contain valuable terpenes and CBD that can be extracted for further use. This tip is directed more to home growers.  Hopefully our article was helpful in giving tips on how to conserve weed.

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