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Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Reviews

The Seed Fair Reviews | Autoflowering Cannabis Seed Review | The Seed Fair

There are many great reviews for each and every Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds strains.  This article will have an in depth look at what Autoflowering seeds do very well and what customers have to say about these strains.

Autoflowering seeds are great seeds for all growers.  Especially for beginner growers.  Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds grow very quickly and do not require a light schedule.  They do not need as much maintenance as a Photoperiod Cannabis Seed.  Autoflower will not produce as great of a yield as Photoperiod however they will take only about 2 months from seed to harvest depending on the strain you have chosen.

Many customers love reviewing our Cannabis Seeds all over online.  We will take a look at each category to see what strains are best for cultivation.

Here is a list of some of the great strains to take advantage of today!

What are the easiest autoflowering strains to grow?

Autoflowering Cannabis seeds in general are much easier to grow than any other type of cannabis seed.  One of our more popular Autoflower seeds are Northern Lights.

Northern Lights autoflower review

Northern Lights Autoflower is one of the top 5 Cannabis Seeds we have on The Seed Fair.  This is an Indica dominant strain that will leave you with a full body high and total relaxation.  In addition, Northern Lights can fend off Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Pain, and Headaches.  Although yields are not as high as the photoperiod version of Northern Lights, this specific gem will give you about 500 grams per plant which is very good considering an Autoflower.

Customers Say:

“So far, amazing! I just made it to week 9 from seed with mine and it’s starting to flower. This northern lights autoflower things are a beast, I have a 2x2x4 tent and it’s so tall I had to gently bend and tie down my bud sites so they’re still under the light. But it’s amazing and not too smelly in my apartment, you know in case of any trouble with my neighbors or something like that!”


“A solid strain of medical dope. I use it to help with joint pain and occasional headaches. Northern LightsIt’s an easy strain to cultivate, and the yield is usually fantastic. I was very excited when my latest batch of seeds arrived in the mail. Got them started in the backyard right away, had great success! Wonderful smelling weed too, helps me sleep more than anything else lol!”


“Was very pleased with this Northern Lights strain…grew it all summer long, took a while to really take root but once it did it was doing very well. Got a nice buzz of this plant, helps me get stoned and helps me relax…I definitely want to keep it up it’s pretty fun, and I like ordering online with this site, they’re a great company with a lot to offer!!!”

Bruce Banner autoflower review

Bruce Banner is a great strain to go with if you are looking to pack in a powerful punch.  This strain weighs in at 26% THC and is definitely a crowd favorite.  This strain is mainly a Sativa and will give a sense of creativity and provide a high that will last.  This is great to combat against Chronic Pain, Arthritis, and Anxiety.  The taste is what keeps customers coming back for more with its citrus, diesel, and hazelnut fillings.

Customers say:

“This bruce banner is some seriously good pot! I was amazed at just how easy it was to grow, never really had any problems, very reliable stuff. I even left town for a week during the summer and it came together beautifully either way. I am a LAZY gardener, and this is better than anything else I’ve been able to grow. It’s been a GOOD time, getting high on my own supply, hell yea!”


“I love bruce banner seeds, they are so chill, like they are always there for you like a good friend. I smoke this to feel happy in the morning, or smoke this to be chill in the evening. I love the relaxing vibes. So nice to smoke this weed, can’t deny that all I seek in life can’t be found in weed, but hey, I am having such a good time thanks to you and your seeds!!”


“Love these autoflowering seeds, make growing weed at home so much easier! Got my Bruce Banner seeds started in the backyard, and they took right off, maybe not the biggest plants in the yard, but pretty high yielding considering their size. Also, this stuff tastes like blueberries and is incredibly relaxing, I have really noticed a difference in my stress levels and feel a lot more better.”


What autoflower seeds have the highest yields?

Autoflower strains do not typically have the highest yields like a Photoperiod seed.  However, there are some strains that are very high and can be considered when growing an Autoflower.  Autoflower generally gives alot less bulk and can grow smaller in the tent or back yard.  However these strains we list below have held their own when it comes to showing some bigger yields.

Ortega autoflowering review

Ortega Autoflowering Strain holds a very high amount of yield when your cultivation is done.  Considering that you grew this strain at its full potential, yields can be seen at 600 grams when done.  This strain is very unique and gives off a danky and pungent smell but is a real treat as it is fruity with spicy flavors.  Ortega is well balanced and your head high can last up to 3 hours.

Customers say:

“Indoor hydro grow, eight weeks to flower, blessed with 600 ish grams of beautiful purps per plant. This Ortega is some of the best weed I’ve managed to grow, and I can’t seem to get the hang of growing without messing things up most of the time. Marked intermediate but it really wasn’t hard overall and this stuff makes me feel like there ain’t a damn thing wrong in the world.”


“I love this strain, I was able to get a good size of yield and the smoothness and taste was just amazing.  I wanted to try out something new and have a good challenge and this Ortega weed was definitely the best of both worlds.”


Lemon Daddy autoflowering review

Lemon Daddy Autoflowering Cannabis is a smooth ride from start to finish.  This specific strain gives you a flavorful explosion with a taste that is perfectly balanced of sweet and sour. The best time to enjoy Lemon Daddy is early morning or afternoon when you need a mental boost to help you throughout the day.  The effects are long lasting, and with a great yield of 600 grams you cannot go wrong with this very popular strain.  This amazing strain is crossed between Super Lemon Haze and Granddaddy Purple.

Customers say:

“I’m wary of mj with high THC amounts, these have made me anxious in the past. Lemon Daddy has a good amount of CBD too though and it turns out to be a wonderful mix, just right in my book. I get that cerebral high but also that nice relaxation feeling. Not too hard to grow and good germination. I’ll order from The Seed Fair again!”


“Lemon Daddy has an amazing taste when complete with cultivation.  Very cool and long the balance between Super Lemon and Granddaddy Purple.  I will be coming back for more on this one.”



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