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Growing Weed In Apartment | The Best Advice For All Growers

Growing Weed In Apartment | The Best Advice For All Growers | The Seed Fair

Despite living in urban settlements, you can still get your hands a little dirty with some weed cultivation. The population there makes your housing options likely to be either an apartment or a flat and yeah, it doesn’t come with much space to cultivate a weed garden, but notwithstanding, you too can grow your weed in your apartment.  Don’t know how to go about it? Our article will show you everything you need to know about growing weed in the apartment.

Helpful tips for growing weed in an apartment

Due to limited space available, growing weed in an apartment can be done either by using a grow tent, a grow box, or a wardrobe.  The process involved in developing weed plants makes it a bit difficult but it can be made possible at the satisfaction of some conditions.

What do the terms of your lease agreement say?

You might live in an area where the growing of cannabis is allowed solely for medical reasons, hence, it will put you in a better position if you check the leasing term of your rented apartment. This is because some lease agreements have clauses that prohibit tenants from cultivating plants that have a high risk of fire outbreak, and increased humidity level.

Contain the smell

The smell of weed might not be a cause of worry to you but since you’re among neighbors or flat mates, there are chances that they might find the smell offensive. It will be in the interest of everyone to contain the smell while it is planted in your grow tent. One of the ways to prevent such a smell when growing weed in your apartment is to make your tent airtight so that people can hang around without getting choked by the smell. You can also take extra measures by using sprays and/or connecting an exhaust fan to a pre-installed carbon filter in the grow room- which is also helpful in eliminating mold.

Contain the noise

For some reason, you might want to be discreet about growing weed in an apartment and despite taking measures to play it down, sounds can give you away.

Using a medium such as a grow room to grow weed in your apartment comes with some amount of noise that can be disturbing to your neighbors. These noises can be caused by the ventilation fans, water pumps, and other equipment used to take care of your plants. You should try to maintain a peaceful living condition by using a soundproof grow box or soundproofing the walls in your apartment.

Use easy to grow seeds

Due to the limited space available for growing weed in an apartment, you should put some thoughts into the type of cannabis strain that you want to grow. Your choice strain should be influenced by how easy it is to grow, and its stature as an adult plant. The strain options are limited to either Auto flowering seeds or  Indica or hybrids that have dominant Indica strains because of their compact stature. Most growers prefer to use Auto flowering seeds because they have an easy light cycle and short growth stage before harvest. You can also look out for strains such as gorilla glue auto, northern light auto, and push.

Pick a good space

Space is the major factor to consider when growing weed in an apartment. The options available range from wardrobes, grow boxes and grow tents.

  • Although some growers prefer to use a wardrobe or a closet because it is hidden from prying eyes and can be easily combined with coverings such as mylar to optimize lighting energy, its hidden design makes It difficult to control ventilation, temperature, and humidity levels. However, this can be solved by using a very good ventilation system in the wardrobe.
  • Grow boxes are an ideal cost-effective option for first-time growers because there is easy access to hydroponics and all the necessary things needed for growing healthy weed in an apartment.
  • Grow tents are however a very popular choice among growers who grow weed in their apartment. They are affordable, easy to assemble, and can be gotten in different styles. Their designs make them more adaptable to growing weed in an apartment. They are also great at preventing incidents such as water spillage and light leaks which are common in wardrobes and closets.

What kind of lighting should you use?

LEDs have undergone tangible improvement in their lighting system, especially with their second-generation lights. They have been conditioned to provide suitable and silent lighting for indoor weed that is barely noticeable by neighbors. Also, LED‘s are economical, with customizable heat levels- even though their bulbs do not produce heat.

Keep humidity levels in check

Extremely high levels of humidity can cause the growth of mold or mildew which has a reputation for destroying plants.  It is important to maintain suitable humidity levels that are within 50% to 60% during the flowering season by using a good ventilation system. You can use a humidifier to reduce the level of heat in the air.


Growing weed in an apartment can be quite tasking and demanding but with the assistance offered by online stores, choosing suitable strains, growing space, and other items necessary for growing healthy weed plants in an apartment should not be a problem. You can visit us at The Seed Fair to check out our cross-section of weed seeds that can be grown in an apartment.

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