8 Proven Ways On How To Sober Up From Weed

8 Proven Ways On How To Sober Up From Weed | Our Guide | The Seed Fair

If there is a feeling that doesn’t settle well with marijuana smokers, it is the feeling of being high. Sometimes your edibles can hit after a while, sometimes the need to make up to a faction of friends by taking in just too much of the drip, or perhaps you are trying to focus for the initial time and then lose your balance as a result of the potency. It can happen even when you are minding your business and maintaining your gauge. This guide will go over everything you need to know on how to sober up from weed.

Being high can happen in a thousand ways, when it finally kicks in, the effect and experience can sometimes be uneasy, this can turn off even the hardest cannabis takers.


How long does recovering from cannabis take?

After you must have taken the weed, the period you will stay high will depend on a list of factors or a combination of most. First among them, is the method of consumption, the dosage, and individual attributes which vary. Interestingly, the potency level of the marijuana product will determine how long you stay high. And for this, concentrates top the list as the most potent of all cannabis varieties, as flowers, as well as edibles, following closely on this list.

It means therefore that it will take longer to moderate oneself from dabs, than from smoking. Still, your dosage and peculiar variables will decide how much of the hit you get. Similarly, the everyday weed taker has better chances to moderate himself from a hit, than an occasional smoker whose body hasn’t built a tolerance.

Anecdotally, on average, marijuana highs last 30mins to 2hours. Some impacts can still be felt for a period longer than this, sometimes you can feel the impact for a time longer than this. Interestingly, they have proven ways to return you to form, after you must have it so bad with your cannabis.


Indications of being extremely high

When you are not certain on how to comprehend whether or not you are high, there are some signposts on the road you can easily hold on to. Once you see these things, it is an indication that it is time to take things slow. The signs are:


  • Uncertainty
  • Panic
  • Paranoia
  • Unrest
  • Regular Perspiration


Guidance on how to sober up from weed


  1. Don’t frighten up

This is regarded as the endless knowledge of Hitchhiker which is called the Guide to the Galaxy:

Don’t  Frighten Up. You are Good!

The symptoms of being high will easily fade away within minutes and sometimes an hour, with no enduring impact beyond grogginess. All you have to do is to lend it some time and the impression will fade away with the wind.

Similarly, against what you have listened to or known, there are zero noted cases of marijuana overdose casualties in history. This means despite how freaked you may feel, or how moist you will get, you cannot pass away from an overdose.

This shouldn’t encourage you to overdose, where this happens accidentally, don’t freak as everything will be fine.


  1. Take water and some light snacks

When you are high, you will need to hydrate. Whether your options tilt towards water or maybe juice, ensure you have a good chill beverage that has zero caffeine. It will help you to fight against dry mouth, making sipping easy to do.

We don’t encourage you to take in more alcohol now, stay off from alcohol entirely if you feel the impact of your strain aggressively, this can heighten your THC blood concentration levels.

For some people, eating light snacks works magic. Take some fruits, cheese, and nuts and see how it helps you to regain your balance.  This one is  a great way on how to sober up from weed.


  1. Understand your peaks before consuming

Equip for your marijuana sessions, with an understanding of your forbearance status. This tip only comes in handy when you are yet high, and not when you are over the verge already. If you know this handy, you can always avoid an uneasy situation.

Take marijuana with friends you are satisfied with, and while doing this, resist the temptation to feel pressured to take more than you can bear. It is fantastic to make new friends, but being with strangers when you are not fine and high is never a good situation.

Be easy on it, especially when you are dealing with the edibles. Start with a standard dose of at least 5mg or 10mg, when you are easing into the feeling. You should wait for an hour or two before you increase your edible dosage, as it hits differently and at a later stage. The same advice works for inhalation, if it is one hit that works for you on your vaporizer, don’t stay within a circle where you will be required to hit more.


  1. Retain black pepper close by

Where you are fighting paranoia and tension, black pepper will save you the day. Sniff or preferably chew a bit of it and you will get that instant relief that you so desire.  Down the hatch!  This remedy is great on how to sober up from weed.


  1. Stay quiet and calm

Find a calm and peaceful place where you can catch some deep breath, and remind yourself that the discomfort you feel now will pass away. Take some deep breaths from the nose and out from your mouth, focus on the depth and sound of your breath and just relax.

Sometimes sleeping off can work for you, when you are high, it is not ever easy to deactivate the brain. If you can find a calm area, lay down and relax. If drowsiness is easy to come by for you, take time and rest. Where this is not possible, stay strong and you will be good.


  1. Try heading for a stroll

Where you cannot turn off your brain, a change of environment and a breath of fresh air can rejuvenate things. It will pump your blood again while doing this holiday near to your primary environment. If you are sensing lightheadedness, then this is not for you, try option 5 instead.


  1. Take a bath

While this won’t work if you are away or perhaps at a pal’s place, if you find yourself at home, get a shower. A nice shower will help you loosen up and relieve the impacts of marijuana to drive off.


  1. Divert the attention somewhere else

Fun activities are a pleasant way to get the mind off what is happening around you, this will help you come back to reality. Some of the fun activities include:


  • Watching a humorous cartoon
  • Give attention to your valued album
  • Dabble your favorite video game
  • Speak to your pals
  • Cuddle with your special person
  • Do some coloring to calm yourself
  • Consume something enjoyable


Whatever falls into your list of distractions, ensure it is an activity that gives you a calm and murky emotion. This way your brain will get a reminder that you are fine and doing good.


Some extra idea’s on how to sober up from weed


Bonus point 1: Use CBD to deflate the impacts of weed

CBD is a tension fighting compound and can be used to counter the effects of THC, this works by regulating the receptor responsible for signaling THC.


Bonus point 2: Use a squeezed lemon

The tang of lemon has proven to be effective in helping you to get back to your feet after a heavy hit. Chop a lemon, pucker it up with citrusy fruit and you will be good.

Similarly, Limonene has an amazing tension-relieving impact, try to suck a lemon slice or use the juice for tart treat.


Bonus point 3: Use Ibuprofen

Research has found that there exist some counteract impacts that Ibuprofen offers against THC, so if you keep Ibuprofen handy, take a healthy dose to help you reduce your high.

Where all of the options on the list fail, and you find out that you still feel the same symptoms, then seeking medical support shouldn’t be out of place. Talk to a doctor where you can, and this is available even in states where marijuana is still facing administrative bottlenecks. Physicians always have your interest at heart.

We hope the above tips help you to regain your best self, how best do you overcome the effects of being high? Share your options in the comment section and save a soul.  Hopefully these tips helped for how to sober up from weed.

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