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Tropicana Cherry Strain Review

Tropicana Cherry Feminized Cannabis Seeds | Tropicana Cherry Strain | The Seed Fair

Are you seeking a delectable tropic delight? Tropicana Cherry is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain for fans of a laid-back beach life. It’s popular among those who enjoy the combination of fruit, the outdoors, and euphoric sensations. The buds have unique shapes, colors, and smells. Their purple and crystalline hues are enough to lure you in as you prepare to roll up.

One puff is enough to make Tropicana Cherry your new favorite. Its impressive THC content provides a potent, unforgettable experience. New and old users love the recreational and medicinal benefits and flavor blend. It won first place in the 2022 Michigan Cannabis Cup, making it a must-add for your collection.  The original product is bred by Relentless Genetics.

Join us as we uncover all the essential info you need to know about this revered marijuana strain. Let’s dive into its genetics first.

Origin and Genetics

Tropicana Cherry Strain

Tropicana Cherry, aka Cherry Trop or the Trop Cherry strain, has an impressive lineage. It’s a cross of the infamous Tropicana Cookies and Cherry Cookies. These parents are well-known among the recreational marijuana community and medical users.

Tropicana Cookies is a cross of Tangie and Girl Scout Cookies. These parents are two of the most famous marijuana strains, passing on their legacy for new users. The result is a trichome-rich plant with delicious pine, earthy, and citrus-flavored buds. They boast an enticing THC level of 16–23%. Enjoy uplifting, energetic, and focused feelings.

Cherry Cookies is a 70% indica, 30% sativa hybrid strain. It’s a Girl Scout Cookies #2 x Cherry Pie cross, possessing 17–20%. The buds deliver a tasty blend of cherries, tangy berries, and sweet tart. Smoking them makes you feel deeply relaxed, focused, and sedated.

Some of the best traits of both parents show off in Tropicana Cherry. Enjoy the citrus taste and energy boost, thanks to Tropicana Cookies. Savor the cherry notes and focused sensations from Cherry Cookies. You get the best of both worlds with this offspring.

Grow your own Tropicana Cherry Strain

  • HARVEST TIME September
  • YIELD (INDOOR) 400G/M²

A True Tropic Beauty

Tropicana Cherry lures you in with its attractive traits. The plants stretch to average heights but may get taller in the right conditions. Their flowers can grow large, especially if you know how to grow bigger cannabis buds.

You spot gorgeous frosty trichomes set against the nugs’ forest green backgrounds. They have dark purple streaks and bright amber hairs that boast their potency. Stunning violet nodal sites shine during week two or three of the flowering stage.

Don’t worry if you can’t take an exotic vacation right now. These buds make you feel like you’re there, thanks to their aromas and flavors. They exude intriguing blends of tropical and sugary scents. You catch whiffs of cherries, berries, and sweet and sour citrus.

Fruity flavors dance on your tongue when you light up the nugs. You taste dominant cherry and citrus notes with diesel and earthy undertones. A delectable tangerine and orange zest lingers in your mouth for hours after the last puff.

Strain Effects and Experience of Tropicana Cherry

Tropicana Cherry weed

Tropicana Cherry is among the best hybrid weed strains for a great experience. It’s suitable for daytime use, as it boosts energy, creativity, and sociability.  Here are some major points on strain information.

Positive Upliftment and Energy

You feel mental upliftment soon after the first inhale. A delightful cerebral buzz tickles your brain before energy courses through your body. The uplifting sensations aren’t intense; instead, a sense of calm balances them. Enjoy euphoric feelings as you experience a burst of creativity.

The cerebral stimulation encourages you to be productive. It’s ideal for dreary days when you want a pick-me-up. Many enthusiasts also praise it as one of the best strains for laughter.

You feel focused, motivated, and energized as your creative mind awakens.

Some take the opportunity to be more sociable among friends. Others say it’s a fantastic accompaniment for hiking and exploring nature. You may also find inspiration to complete artistic projects.

Possible Adverse Reactions

Some individuals may encounter common marijuana side effects. You might experience paranoia and anxiety in higher doses. Some individuals get cotton mouth and dry eyes. These reactions are mild, manageable, and rarely occur, so don’t let them deter you. Drink water before and after consumption to combat them.

A Medical Superstar

Tropicana Cherry is popular among medical marijuana patients who praise its therapeutic value. Many report it helps ease anxiety, fatigue, and chronic stress. Some claim it combats depression, regulates mood swings, and chases negative thoughts away. It could also alleviate pain and soothe tense muscles.

Tropicana Cherry Feminized Cannabis Seeds | Tropicana Cherry Strain | The Seed Fair

Tropicana Cherry Feminized Seeds

THC: 21%
Yield: 400 Grams per plant
Flowering Time: 7 – 9 Weeks


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What’s inside Tropicana Cherry?

Tropicana Cherry contains 60% sativa and 40% Indica genetics. It has an impressive THC content and popular terpenes, which make it more attractive. A unique chemical composition lures in new and veteran marijuana enthusiasts.

THC and CBD Content

Enjoy 16–24% THC and up to 1% CBD. This content is above average, so take it easy if you’re new to weed. The cannabidiol levels are negligible, but several medical benefits are still on offer.

A Terpene Treasure Trove

Trop Cherry’s dominant terpene is caryophyllene. It’s responsible for spicy and pepper notes and may combat depression and anxiety. Limonene and pinene also contribute to the citrus and pine tastes. They might increase energy levels and serve as antioxidants.

Growing Tropicana Cherry

Tropicana Cherry is mostly sativa, so the plants reach above-average heights. They’re suitable for indoor or outdoor growing and also thrive in greenhouses. Beginners with at least a few harvests enjoy cultivating them with ease.

True to their name, these plants love tropical, sunny conditions. Replicate the warm environment inside or situate your crop in a bright spot outdoors. Water them regularly and supply them with sufficient marijuana nutrients.

The heavy buds may require structural support. Monitor them and tie back the branches with string if they droop too much. Alternatively, set up trellises or a Screen of Green. The latter helps maximize space and boost airflow across your plants.

Set up your preferred cannabis grow lights and maintain temperatures of 65–80°F. Start your crop with 65–70% humidity levels and lower them by 5% weekly. Aim to have them at 30–40% in the last two weeks before harvest. Avoid going any lower, or other issues may arise. Use organic soil and pesticides to prevent possible infestation.

Reviews and Experiences

Fans of Tropicana Cherry describe it as “beautiful, relaxing, and superb.” Medicinal patients praise it for combating insomnia, anxiety, and depression. One review says it “takes you to heaven’s gates in relaxation.”

Another recommends it for individuals struggling with bipolar disorder or PTSD. Some point to its standout aromas and flavors. They say the flowers draw them in and provide a delectable smoke.


Tropicana Cherry is a highly revered choice among marijuana enthusiasts worldwide. The sparkling nugs treat you to delicious cherry, citrus, and fruity flavors. Smoking them is like taking a virtual paradise trip while still having the energy to explore. Close your eyes and imagine yourself there as uplifting feelings send you into bliss.

The sativa genetics shine through, providing euphoria and a creative boost. It’s straightforward to grow, and the 16–24% THC levels make cultivation worthwhile. This 2022 Michigan Cannabis Cup winner is a no-brainer to try on your bud-seeking journey.

Ready for a wonderfully uplifting, tasty, and rejuvenating adventure? Share your experience of Tropicana Cherry with us below.

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