What Do Cannabis Seeds Look Like

What Do Cannabis Seeds Look Like | Everything You Need To Know | The Seed Fair

As a matter of importance, you should know the things to keep an eye out for and expect before buying marijuana seeds. Although important factors like nutrients, sufficient water, and light quality play significant roles in the plant’s life, the success of a crop begins with high-quality and healthy marijuana seeds. The question is, how do you determine the viability, high quality, and healthiness of the cannabis seed?

Technically, the appearance of the cannabis seed may be used to partially assess the quality. However, to be able to do this, you need to be well acquainted with the way a healthy marijuana seed should look, this isn’t quite easy even for an experienced grower. In this post, we will answer certain questions concerning this such as: what do cannabis seeds look like? How does one know a viable and healthy cannabis seed?

What do female cannabis seeds look like?

It is believed by some that you can tell the gender of a strain depending on how the seeds look.  This is a mere factoid and we are here to let you know that it isn’t possible. Female and male cannabis seeds look the same.

Are you curious to know how healthy marijuana seeds look? Keep reading!


What do viable and healthy weed seeds look like?

A potent distinction is in maturity. Healthy marijuana seeds have matured sufficiently, so they look different from unripe marijuana seeds. For example, seeds that are viable will have certain features in terms of the shape and color, the size and how hard the shell is.


Color of marijuana seeds

Fertile marijuana seeds come in a black, red-brown, or dark-brown hue. Also, they can be grey with shiny glowing peels that are similar to that of a wax. However, marijuana seeds with other colours like yellow, light green or white will likely germinate too, but the color is an indication of lesser quality. Seeds like that were harvested much too early without getting enough time to fully ripen.

Tiger stripes

High-quality marijuana seeds have tiger stripe patterns or dark spots on them. These marks are not always visible to the naked eye unless closely inspected.

The size and shape of a marijuana seed

There’s a unique shape associated with cannabis seeds. They come in an oval form, shaped like a drop and in small size. A marijuana seed is around 2 to 5 millimetres long and about 2 to 3 millimetres thick on average. To get a better idea of what to expect in advance, we advise that you take a closer look at tomato seeds.

The peel hardness

The peel of viable cannabis seed is usually hard. This is because a well-ripened marijuana seed has had enough time to harden its shell. Therefore, healthy weed seeds possess hard and smooth skins that have no cracks. To ascertain the hardness level of the seed shell, put the seed in between the fingers and apply small gentle pressure. Seeds that aren’t mature will crumble easily or crack while high-quality seeds will remain intact.

Side note: moist fingers can cause damage to the seed. Please make use of linen gloves in order to avoid this.

Float test

The float test is a viability test for cannabis seeds. To do this, put the seed inside a glass together with some distilled water. Seeds that go to the bottom of the water in about two hours carry sufficient mass and they are more likely to sprout than cannabis seeds that continue to float.

Side note: This test only shows an indication of seed viability and it doesn’t offer 100% accuracy. Also, the water activates the seed germination process. Therefore, do this test only when you are ready to germinate the cannabis seed immediately. After conducting a float test, you will not be able to store the cannabis seed again.

Is buying weed seeds illegal?


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