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How to Store Marijuana Seeds

How to Store Marijuana Seeds | Our Guide On Preserving Your Seeds | The Seed Fair

Effective Storage of your Cannabis can make them usable for a good number of years and our article below will show you exactly how to store marijuana seeds.

If your little garden is home to just a few plants, you may have some cannabis seeds laying somewhere till you’re ready to use or plant them, but you know, they might not last very long if they’re not properly cared for. To ensure that these precious seeds remain in good condition till you get a spot for them in your garden, they should be properly preserved with the right resources and these include the right container and the right storing conditions to help them last for as long as three years. See below on our guide for everything you need to know on How to Store Marijuana Seeds.

Unlike any seed that could survive just anywhere, cannabis seeds should be kept in a cool, dark, and dry place. This is because it requires low temperature, low humidity levels, and zero contact with direct light to maintain and sustain its nutrients till you’re ready to plant them. Keeping temperature, humidity level and light at the barest minimum is essential to the durability of the seeds.

  • The ideal percentage of humidity in the area that would show you how to store marijuana seeds should be between 6% and 9%. This is because a higher level of humidity ( say above 12% ) can affect its lifespan. However, if the seeds are still in their exact packaging made of medical-grade glass and have been unopened, humidity shouldn’t be a priority in its preservation, but if the seeds are unpacked before they are preserved, for example, you take out some seeds to plant and preserve the rest for later use, you should still get to maintain a humidity level below 12%.
  • A suitable temperature for preserving cannabis seeds can be determined by several factors. These include a cool dark cabinet that is rarely opened to slow the rate of degradation and life process for a long period and a dark cupboard with very few fluctuating degrees of temperature for a short period.

Preparation for preserving cannabis seeds

Although the conditions previously discussed are more suitable for long-term preservation, it is best to adhere to them even for short-term preservation to ensure that that the seeds are preserved for years and are usable whenever you need them.

Wherecan marijuana seeds be stored?

The most suitable container for storing Marijuana seeds are In Custom glass vials that are well sealed.  Although the preferred container choice will depend on the duration of preservation, it is important to use an airtight container or vacuum-sealed because if any air can pass in or out of the container, it will truncate the necessary humidity level for the seeds

For long-term preservation, a metal or glass container with glass or metal lids will be most suitable because it is easier to control humidity and prevent moisture from entering, which is likely to be the case with plastics due to their porous nature.  For short-term preservation, containers such as Black film canisters would be most suitable because they are lightproof and have a good seal.

Another viable environment for storing cannabis seeds is in modern refrigerators. Their dry environments give off little air which is a very fundamental factor in preserving cannabis seeds.

Storing seeds in a storage container

In a situation where the cannabis seeds ( otherwise referred to as weed seeds ) that you intend to plant have been unsealed and taken out of their original packaging, a paper envelope should be used as a carrier before putting them into the container. This is because the texture of papers allows any moisture trapped in the seeds to escape. Papers that are well suited for such purposes can be called seed envelopes or dedicated seed savers and they can be purchased at any garden center or store.

Furthermore, to prevent excess moisture in the container while the seeds are being preserved, add little rice or silica-based desiccant sachels mostly found in new shoe boxes to absorb the moisture. If you have the means, you can also vacuum seal the containers before refrigerating them.


What are the best cannabis seeds to preserve

White Widow

Northern Lights

Sour Diesel 

These are all great seeds to start with when starting to grow.

Generally, a heartier cannabis strain has more viable seeds when preserved irrespective of their ancestry. Despite this well-known truth, it is advisable to always check each seed for cracks before storing them. This is because seeds that have cracks are less durable and should be planted within the first few weeks.  This is one of the most important facts so you know how to store marijuana seeds.

The seeds must be well dried before preservation to prevent decaying, rotting, or molding which could be caused by retained moisture. At The Seed Fair, we place priority on excellence and this can be seen in our well-dried seeds but if you wish to put them to test, you can do so with this simple method.

Using one of our most resilient strains: White Widow:

Place your container on the counter and put the Cannabis seeds in it for a few hours. If the seeds become too moist as a result of condensation that has been developed inside the container, the seeds should be dried before further preservation. Just like a lot of distributors, you can do this by mixing them with silica

After the seeds have been properly dried, put them in their envelope and container that has been labeled with the number of cannabis seeds in it, the strain, and the date of preservation. In a situation where you’ll be storing them for a very long time, it’ll be safer to place the label inside the container to prevent them from falling off or fading.

How can my cannabis seeds be preserved?

While a dark cupboard could serve as a very nice location for preserving cannabis seeds for as long as three years, one of the biggest inevitable challenges that you’ll encounter is the fluctuating temperatures in between different seasons and even different times of the day.  This leaves the fridge or freezer as the only provider of a potentially stable temperature.

When the preserved seeds have attained the required temperature, regardless of if they have been kept in the fridge, freezer, or cupboard, try to maintain the temperature until you are ready to plant them because fluctuations in temperatures can ruin the seeds by kick-starting the germination stage at a point when you are both not ready for.

A Friendly reminder;  Regardless of how well packaged your seeds are, the rate at which your seeds will germinate decreases as time goes by. Reference can be made to cannabis seeds that have been preserved for several years. They take a longer time to germinate and in some cases, some do not develop a single root. That is why it is advisable to buy smaller quantities of cannabis seeds if you want to plant few seeds at a time, although this might cost you in terms of a single seed, the higher number of viable seeds makes it worthwhile.

Can pot seeds be stored in the freezer?

If you’ve been contemplating storing your marijuana seeds in the freezer, I’m sorry to disappoint you but it is not as ideal as the refrigerator.  This is because the temperature in the freezer can alter the cells in the seeds, especially if there is any excess moisture.  But if you’re hell-bent on going ahead with such plans, be sure to know that some of them ( you’ll be lucky if not all) will not be usable  when they are removed.

What works best for how to store marijuana seeds?

Before using your previously refrigerated cannabis seeds, ensure that are at room temperature while still in the container. This is to ensure that condensation is not developed on the seeds but the container.

If you’ve successfully done all of these, get your gardening tools ready for germination!