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How To Tell If a Weed Seed Is Good?

How To Tell If a Weed Seed Is Good? | How to Identify Good Seeds | The Seed Fair

Can any Cannabis seed be called bad? Well, everyone agrees that the question can be answered by just setting aside the appearance of the seeds and putting it to use because the appearance alone does not do justice to the quality of seeds. How to tell if a weed seed is good, holding dear the age-long saying do not judge a book by its cover.  It will take more than a simple look to determine if the seeds are viable to develop to a full-grown plant.

For this article, we’ll be discussing what determines a quality product and how to tell if a weed seed is good.


Why should you plant cannabis seeds?

The most effective way to sustain and maintain Cannabis seeds both in quality and quantity in your garden is by growing them from seed. However, if you do not have access to seeds, you could settle for a clone or clipping from a healthy full-grown cannabis plant.

Regardless of if you’re planting a seed or you’re settling for a healthy clipping/clone from any of your preferred strains, there are tons of benefits to cultivating Marijuana for substantive purposes. While it might seem like starting with a clip is much easier,  the chances of growing a healthy, and resilient plant are higher if you start with the seed.  Check our selection on all the best seeds online.



Why should you plant cannabis clones?

Just like in the movies, Clones are a genetic copy of the parent plant. Apart from increasing their chances of growing healthy plants, a lot of Cannabis farmers prefer to use clones to increase the chances of cultivating a preferred strain of cannabis plant/seeds on a second harvest season.


Identifying good cannabis seeds

If you’re a newbie or a well-experienced Cannabis farmer, taking a few minutes to examine your cannabis seeds before planting will save you from investing time and resources on seeds that are not viable.

The two biggest determinants in the growth and development of good and viable cannabis seeds are the genetic composition and the cultivation techniques.  E-retailers such as The Seed Fair,  pride themselves with trading with growers who prioritize the effects of genetic and growing practices in the cultivation of their seeds.

Unlike previous times when buying seeds online was a messy business, increased activities on social media platforms as well as the legalization of Marijuana in diverse districts has ensured that brands maintain transparency and healthy competitive styles in a bid to grow and maintain a high customer base. Presently, there are trusted brands that you could trust to provide healthy seeds with a high possibility of germination.

Extra attention should be given to seeds that were given to you as a gift or discovered in hidden places that wouldn’t have crossed your mind to determine if they’re healthy and still usable.

To make it easier for you to identify healthy viable seeds, you should look out for the following

  • A tough shell
  • Dark-colored appearance
  • Zero cracks and holes
  • A waxy coating

If your seeds do not have any of the features listed above, it could be a result of improper storage, premature harvesting, or exposure to unfavorable conditions that can spur the growth of mold and mildew. All these factors could spoil the seeds and hinder germination and that is why it is of utmost importance to take proper care of your Cannabis seeds to ensure their durability and profitable returns for you.

Apart from the above-listed factors, other factors can affect the quality of Cannabis seeds and they include:


Seeds are generally known to be hard and cannabis seeds are no exceptions. If your cannabis seeds are easily crushed by your fingers, chances are that they are not strong and well grown to adulthood.


We have earlier established the truth that healthy and viable cannabis seeds are likely dark and coated. Seeds that appear pale or white have low odds of germinating because they are likely to be very old or dead.

If the seeds appear green or white, it could be because they were harvested before they became properly matured, and as such, they should be allowed to mature a bit more and develop a darker appearance before planting. However, if the seeds appear pale or white, it could be because they are very old or even dead, and hence, the chances of germination are slim but you could make an attempt at planting but near in mind that the chances of harvesting them are very slim


Even with secondary assistance given to cannabis seeds to make them last longer, they do not possess immortal capabilities to help them last forever. The rate at which cannabis seeds germinate decreases with time and as such, an old seed does not germinate as fast as a young seed. But this factor should not be a source of discouragement if you intend to plant them because it is almost impossible to determine how old seed is just by its appearance. The best way to find out is by planting them.



Simple hacks how to tell if a weed seed is good

If you’ve ever heard a cannabis grower brag about how easy it is to determine the quality of a cannabis seed by its appearance, it is most likely to be either as a result of years of hard work or that they are their own biggest patron. For those of us who can not brag based on either factor, there are simple ways that we could use to determine if the seeds are viable. These hacks should only be done if you’re ready to start planting the seeds as they cannot be preserved till a later date.

The water trick

Soak the seeds in a bowl of water that is either warm or at room temperature. If after a few hours, you realize that they are lying at the bottom of the bowl with the water above, then they are healthy and can be cultivated. If on the contrary, you realize that the seeds do not sink,  it could be because they are dead but you can only find out how true your assertion is by planting them.

Plant Them

As they say, you can never know until you try. The only way to determine if a seed will germinate is by planting them. It can be easily done by using simple tools such as a paper towel,  a suitable container, suitable soil, and some water.


Germinate with guarantee

As earlier stated, the only way to truly determine if a seed is good or bad is to germinate it.

If you have some seeds that you want to preserve for use at a later date, you could make the process easier by looking out for the features earlier highlighted before going ahead to preserve them in an airtight or vacuum-sealed container kept in a dark, and dry place with low humidity levels to sustain the viability of the seeds for a long time until germination.

If you find a bad seed among your grains or strains, The Seed Fair unlike other companies offer guarantees of 90% of Cannabis seeds that germinate. It will be worth more to purchase seeds from a trustworthy retail brand that prioritizes genetics and good cultivation practices.

Our collection or selection of cannabis seeds are the best plug that you can trust to grow in your garden because we emphasize quality, and customer satisfaction.