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Best Strains for Watching TV: 6 Picks for Staying In

Best strains for watching TV, featured image

Ready to elevate your content enjoyment with the best strains for watching TV?

As streaming services continue to offer more options for TV lovers, many turn to cannabis to enhance their viewing experiences. Whether you want to unwind or see your favorite show in a new light, there’s a strain for every occasion. Picking the right one can make all the difference.

With so many options out there, which weed to choose?

Learn why stoned TV watching works and discover the top strains to boost your next binge-watching session.

Best Strains for watching TV, Cannabis Cola

Why smoke weed while watching TV?

Weed can calm your body while opening and sharpening your mind. For many tokers, it enables total immersion in a TV show.

Besides adding a wellness spin to your night in, here’s what the best strains for watching TV can do for you:

  • Enhance the sensory experience: Certain strains intensify images and sounds. Your focus centers on the screen, and your engagement doesn’t falter until the credits roll.
  • Reduce anxiety and restlessness: Many strains lessen stress and promote relaxation, aiding those who struggle with jitteriness while sitting still.
  • Improve the mood and creativity: The creativity-boosting, mind-expanding influence of cannabis may help you appreciate stories on a deeper level.

Top TV cannabis depends on your choice of shows to watch stoned. Heady sativa may support trippy and gripping content, and giggly indica matches comedies. Skip super-potent cultivars to avoid feeling overwhelmed instead of engaged.

Best shows to watch high

What are the best shows to watch high? While everybody has their favorite, these five titles generally take the cake in the cannabis community:

  • Rick and Morty offer mind-bending plotlines and zany humor perfect for stoners.
  • Stranger Things delivers supernatural plots and nostalgic nods to the 80s for a thrilling and heartwarming experience.
  • Black Mirror is a dystopian anthology and a top choice for folks who love thought-provoking viewing experiences.
  • BoJack Horseman is one of those funny shows to watch when high that keeps the mind and emotions churning.
  • Planet Earth is a nature documentary with stunning aesthetics and tranquil narration.

6 best strains for watching TV

Take our shows to watch while high and pair them with these six strains from our library.

1. Ice Bomb

Best strains for watching TV, Ice Bomb

Ice Bomb is an indica-dominant Vanilla Kush x White Rhino x and Bomb #1 breed. It offers a happy head high and a pleasurable body buzz ideal for TV watching.

This strain is sought-after for its frosty appearance, boasting buds that glisten like diamonds. It has a spicy, herbal scent and a pine-earth flavor sprinkled with sugar.

With 17–22% THC, this weed creeps up on you after several puffs. The effect profile is characterized by mental clarity and physical comfort. Keep popcorn on hand while watching your high shows, as it also causes munchies.

2. Serious Happiness

Best strains for watching TV, Serious Happiness

Crossing AK-47 with Warlock, Serious Happiness is known for its happy high. It’s a balanced hybrid with uplifting mental and calming physical effects for leisure activities.

The trichomes dominate the buds, making them appear rolled in confectioners’ sugar. The smell is sweet and fruity, reminiscent of berries and cherries with faint hints of diesel.

Serious Happiness has 19% THC and a balanced gene pool, promising a manageable ride for all-level tokers. The high brings a rush of euphoria followed by soothing physical sensations, but rarely a couch lock.

3. ComPassion

Best strains for watching TV, ComPassion

ComPassion is a high-CBD strain for watching TV without getting too high. It’s a Nepalese x Harlequin sativa-dominant hybrid with a 1:1 THC-to-CBD ratio. Both cannabinoids reach 15%.

The buds are dense, resinous, and orange, with a woody aroma and hints of earth and citrus. The taste fuses pine, spice, and subtle sweetness.

This strain delivers calming effects. It might relieve tension while promoting relaxation and subtly amplifying your senses. The best shows to watch while high feel funnier and sharper post-blunt.

4. Citrus Skunk

Best strains for watching TV, Citrus Skunk

Citrus Skunk is a potent, flavorful breed between Citral and Skunk #1. It has sativa-dominant genes and a cerebral high with tension-busting properties. It uplifts your spirits and prepares you for immersion.

The cultivar’s mint green flowers have thick resin layers. They emit sweet and sour scents with skunk undertones, leaving a lemon-orange aftertaste.

Reaching 23% THC, Citrus Skunk causes a fast-acting high. Tranquility underpins the mental uplift, letting you remain still and comfortable. It pairs well with the best shows to watch high on Netflix, as its effects make it easy to get lost in a plotline.

5. Yoda OG

Best strains for watching TV, Yoda OG

Yoda OG is an indica-dominant THC powerhouse with heavy physical properties. It’s a cross between OG Kush and the Master Yoda strain, inducing a body stone perfect for relaxing in front of the TV.

The buds are dense and trichome-coated, with a sharp earth and wood aroma and citrus notes. The flavor is decadent, leaving a creamy vanilla coating on the palate.

With THC content reaching 28%, Yoda OG best suits evening use. It generates a strong body buzz that leaves you serene and sleepy. The cerebral effects revolve around carefree joy.

6. Dutch Treat

Best strains for watching TV, Dutch Treat

Dutch Treat is a Northern Lights x Haze breed from Amsterdam. It’s among the best strains for watching TV due to its cozy yet uplifting high.

The nugs of this cultivar are compact, sticky, and frosty. They have an intense overripe fruit aroma and a minty, herbaceous taste.

This weed has 24% THC and a double-duty effect profile. The cerebral buzz boosts creativity and focus, while the physical sensations soothe tension. You’re comfortable and lazy but not sedated or unfocused.

Unwind with weed

The right strain can take a simple night before the TV to the next level. Whether you want to get more comfortable, focused, or giggly, there’s something for you above. Choose a sweet or spicy CBD or THC dominant strain to your preference: all guarantee a good time.

Browse The Seed Fair to buy cannabis seeds and grow these top strains at home. Pair a blunt with the best shows to watch stoned and have a blast.

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