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What Are The Best Indica Strains For Growing

What Are The Best Indica Strains For Growing | Our Guide On Indica | The Seed Fair

Are you an Indica lover? And if so, do you want to know the best Indica strains to grow or consume? Worry not because here are some of the best Indica strains you should try.

Fun fact: Indica strains are among the best-searched and most popular strains due to their high potency. Indica strains offer pain relief, induce sleep, and provide a more relaxing and physical mood to the user. For growers, Indica strains are known for growing short, dense, and bushy. They tend to grow faster and with higher yields compared to other types of strains.

So, here are detailed descriptions of some of the best Indica strains you can choose from and find the strain which works the best.

11 best Indica strains to choose from

1. Bubba Kush Strain

Bubba Kush came from the west coast of the United States. It came by from the crossbreeding between OG Kush and Bubble Gum to form the strain we have. Bubba Kush is the preferred strain to grow from OG Kush since the plant grows to medium size with dense buds and bushy leaves.

Bubba Kush can be grown either indoors or outdoors with yields averaging 700grams per plant. The flowering stage takes about 8-10 weeks. Bubba Kush contains 19% levels of THC hence not too weak or strong. It’s loved for its sweet, pungent, and coffee-tasting aroma.


Bubba Kush offers long-lasting effects of euphoria, uplifting, smooth, and sleepy relaxation mood. It’s also a pain reliever for tense muscles and chronic pain.

2. Blueberry Strain

Blueberry strain is a hybrid of almost pure Indica weed. It has an amazing scent and aroma of fresh fruity berries. Blueberry has been at the heart of many growers since its flowers just after few weeks of being planted. Additionally, it takes a shorter time to grow hence favorable for the indoors method.

Blueberry strain is a pest and disease resistant; hence can grow to the maximum with a high yielding rate. The flowering phase takes about 8-10 weeks averaging yields of 400-500grams per plant.


Blueberry products are best known for their relaxation due to their high level of Indica content and medium levels of cannabidiol. It also gives a sense of calmness, stress, anxiety, and depression reliever. Muscle pains, joints, and stiffness are other remedies done by blueberry.

3. Northern Lights Strain

Northern light strain is one of the popular Indica dominant strains with 80% Indica,10% Sativa, and 10% ruderalis. It has THC levels of 23% and is great for both indoors and outdoors growers. Indoors and outdoors growing averages yields of 500grams per plant. Northern lights have dark leaves with purple flowers and a taste of sweet and spicy aroma.


Northern lights offer full-body highness, muscle relaxation, pain and headache reliever, migraines, and anxiety. This strain also cures insomnia and increases appetite.

4. Blue Cheese Strain

Blue cheese came as a crossbreed of Oregon blueberry and original cheese. Blue cheese has a good blend of earth, lemon flavors that make it ideal and high potency cannabis due to its THC levels of 19%.

Blue cheese is the best to grow under limited space due to its low maintenance. It can be grown indoors/outdoors as it does well in warmer climates. However, it can grow in a cold environment as long as it’s provided with lights. Starts flowering from day 55-65 and has a short and fast-growing period. Blue cheese can average 500-600grams of yield per plant.


Makes you feel super high for a long time, has moods of happiness, relaxation, and has sedative-like effects that induce you to sleep, especially for those who are depressed.

5. Afghani Strain

Afghani strain is an Indica dominant hybrid with strains of 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. This strain is one of the best strains to grow since it can adapt to changing conditions. Flowering starts from the 8th-9th week. They are ideal for both indoors and outdoors and grows to a height of 23 to 25 inches.

Afghani has a THC level of 20% and low CBD contents.


It gives a long-lasting highness, a remedy to insomnia, sore muscles, anxiety, chronic pain, and medicinal purposes such as PMS, cramps, and headaches.

6. Banana OG Strain

Banana OG is a hybrid of Indica dominance70% and Sativa’s ideal for indoors and outdoors for both beginners and experienced as it is a forgiving plant. The plant is resistant to mold and fungus, making it easy to maintain, and grows to a height of 90-150cm. It’s a fast flowering plant of 60-70 days with an average yield of 900grams per plant.

Has low CBD content and 23% levels of THC, which makes it a powerful strain.


Gives a feeling of euphoria, happiness, increased appetite, focus, and relaxation.

7. Alpine Star CBD Feminized

Alpine star originated from Detroit, which is a crossbreed of Sensi star and Tahoe OG Kush. Alpine star CBD feminized does well in arid and temperate areas. The seeds grow into cannabis with 20% CBD and 0.3% THC levels. Can grow to 60-80 cm and 250 grams per plant if grown indoors. If outdoors can grow to 100-120 cm and yields 300grams.

The strain has a citrus, sweet and earthy flavor.


Offers upbeat sensation with deep relaxation

8. 9-Pound Hammer Feminized Strain

9-pound hammer strain is a crossbreed of Gooberry, Hells OG and Jack Ripper. The inherited mix of these strains makes it a hybrid that produces high yields both indoors and outdoors. It’s resistant to molds and fungus, or any other diseases. It has a high THC level of 23%, which makes one enjoy a strong psychoactive experience. It has the smell of berries or chocolate aroma.


9-pound hammer strain offers feelings of relaxation, euphoria, and high levels of focus. Furthermore, this strain treats anxiety, depression, nausea, pain reliever, and an inducer to sleep.

9. Strawberry Strain

Strawberry strain is a crossbreed between OG Kush and Strawberry Cough. Great for indoors/outdoors method. It is a short plant with dense buds and is resistant to molds and diseases. The flowering stage of strawberry averages between 8-10 weeks and yields of 400grams per plant

Strawberry has CBD levels of 15% and low THC levels of 1%.


Due to its low THC and high CBD, it gives complete body relaxation, euphoria, and uplifting mental feelings. Strawberry strain can also be used as a remedy to insomnia, pain, stress, and anxiety.

10.  Granddaddy Purple Strain

Granddaddy purple strain is a crossbreed of Purple Urkle and Big Bud. It does best indoors but can also be grown outdoors with great controls. Granddaddy is a fast-growing, high-yielding strain with THC levels of 23% and the flavor of fresh grapes and berries.

The flowering period is about 8-9 weeks, with average yields of 500-800grams per plant. Granddaddy has dense buds with purple color.


Granddaddy offers remedies to insomnia, PTSD, pain, insomnia and helps to feel relaxed and euphoric feelings.

11. Dutch Treat Strain

Dutch treat strain originated from the city of Amsterdam. Dutch treat has a short period of growth which allows fast flowering and yielding process. The plant has a flowering period of 7-8weeks and is well known for its dense flowers with sticky buds and the aroma of fruit mixed with pine and eucalyptus. Dutch treat strain has high THC levels of 24%.


Due to high levels of THC, it delivers highness very fast, reduces stress, tension, chronic pain, and is suitable for mental calmness due to the mental balance it provides.

Final thoughts

Now you know some of the best Indica strains to go for, which one do you think will suit you best? It is also important to note there are more than 11 Indica strains of weed out there, and some of them can suit your needs well.

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