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What Are The Best Weed Strains To Grow In a Greenhouse

What Are The Best Strains To Grow In a Greenhouse | Growing Tips | The Seed Fair

Growing weed outdoors comes with its problems, having consideration for this before embarking on your greenhouse project will be the best thing to do. Issues such as unpredictable weather conditions, openness to pests and diseases, as well as marijuana theft, and dealing with noisy neighbors, including the issue of cross-pollination by insects, could combine to ruin your strain. The end could be a bad harvest, and your efforts amount to naught.    Our article will go over everything you need to know and the 5 best strains to grow in a greenhouse.

Growing your marijuana in a safe greenhouse is a proven step you can use to reduce these adverse effects. A greenhouse will provide the best environment for your plants. Also, aside from the initial costs you will incur doing the setup, the greenhouse is an economic and eco-friendly means of getting the best from light and also heat.

Regardless of the advantages, some plants are best suited for a greenhouse than others. Your greenhouse temperature for instance, will determine just how great your strain will photosynthesis. Selecting the best strain here is a gold chest you will love to own.


The need to safeguard your cannabis genetic makeup

A viral advantage that is offered with the greenhouse culture, is the stability of the genes and supreme quality you get on your strains. To get a rich season that brings in the yield in its numbers, going with high-quality marijuana strains is the best decision you can make as a cultivator. Your seeds are assets, having this view will allow you maximize the advantages of growing in a greenhouse. When your seeds grow right in your garden, chances are that the genetic composition of your strains can be altered, when they are cross-fertilized by interference with wind, humans and animals.


5 unique strains you can grow in a greenhouse

Expanding your money on your top-level seeds and having them grow them in your greenhouse should give you fantastic yield, at least for the entire year while the condition of your strain is maintained. This is the reason for the investment, by the way. So here are our  5 unique greenhouse strains to go with:

  • Blue Dream
  • Northern Lights
  • Gorilla Glue
  • White Widow
  • Super Silver Haze


Blue Dream

The unique purple and beautiful violet hues make this marijuana plant an excellent strain to go with. Not just its aesthetics, Blue Dream is one of the best strains to grow in your greenhouse, it has full prospects.


A perfect hybrid with a wood-smoke and a perfect lemon aroma, it comes with a taste that has a touch of citronella, some drops of haze, a nice deal of cedar, and a fine collection of woodland berries. It gives you a long-lasting high, that is powerful and with clarity. It is perfect for haze lovers.


With good lighting and a fantastic diet, Blue Dream will grow indoors at amazing speed. When grown outdoors, it works great best in dry and warm temperatures as well as the Mediterranean environments. It works also in greenhouses when warmth and sunlight are not things to be relied upon. For the best seeds to grow in a greenhouse, blue dream tops our list.


Northern Lights

The northern lights, a popular Indica strain from the Dutch stores, gets the second spot for us here. It is a popular brand not only in the Netherlands but also in North America, where the demand is on the high. The high Indica qualities of this strain present a unique taste that is loved by many. It has a rich dripping of incense, a good collection of pine, and earth that highlights its Afghan origin. Its fruity tastes give it a sensual profile.


You get a pleasant high that gives you a balanced yet long-lasting feeling you will love.


It is easy to grow and comes with no complications of any kind. When grown in the greenhouse it gives you massive growth and a fabulous yield that will awe you. It takes only 8 weeks for the plants to reach 800 gr/m2!


Gorilla Glue

The medium-density crossbred stars light green calyxes and a prominent trichrome, the aroma comes good, as it is sweet and having a strong sourness that varies with each batch. The burnt flowers provide a skunk perfume that stays in the air for a long time.


The strain is grown with a maximum THC content and comes with a flavor that is bland when compared against other strains. It gives a euphoric rush, on first use and culminates into various hours of relaxation.


It is best suited for a greenhouse, giving you amazing yield. Ensure the pots are large, this way you can avoid having the roots bind. Ensure also not to overwater the strain, provide adequate nutrients care and you will be amazed by your output.


White Widow

White window is a popular strain, and one of the Best strains to grow in a greenhouse. It is cherished among travelers to Amsterdam, and other Dutch cities where it is sold in coffee shops.


The pine aroma that the strain comes with adds to its overriding popularity, and it is cerebral high. With an excellent balance of Sativa and Indica, making this strain a best seller in the Netherlands. It has a fabulous 19% THC level.


Growing white widow is a bit tricky, and comes good for the greenhouse, as it works perfectly well with the weather and humidity level. Ensure you keep your temperature and the humidity level above 21°C during the day and this shouldn’t drop below 15° during the night. The humidity level however, should be at its high during germination, this should decrease until flowering, as 30-40% is ideal for flowering. Greenhouse windows that open and a nice hygrometer are your best bet here.


Super Silver Haze

When it comes to body high, Silver Haze is your best guide. It works to relax the smoker and makes sleep easy, other than filling the smoker with energy.

The scents and tastes of this strain are pine and sometimes fruity and leaves the smoker with a perfect feeling of well-being and balance after smoking, a reason the strain is loved and backed by many. Its best effects are the flare of creativity, a body high, euphoria, and energy, including an increase in appetite.


The nutrition and climate it thrives on makes it ideal for a greenhouse, the strain works great with warmth and perfect humidity. Keep your greenhouse temperature around 70-80°F, and you will have the finest output. If you are in the northern hemisphere, your harvest should be around the middle of October.

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