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Cannabis Dabbing And How It Works

Cannabis Dabbing And How It Works | Our Guide On Dabs | The Seed Fair

The concentrated doses of marijuana are often called dabs, and they are produced by tugging THC and Cannabinoids, using solvents such as butane and carbon dioxide, resulting in sticky oils. Where consistency exists, the cannabis concentrates are referred to as Wax, budder, or shatter. Furthermore, they are also called butane hash oil(BHO), cannabis dabs, and wax is heated using a hot surface, preferably with the use of a nail, they are subsequently inhaled using the dab rig. The smoking of dabs had been in practice for over a decade now, however, the introduction of advanced extraction techniques has opened a floodgate of cannabis concentrates which had made dabbing popular today.

The possibility of extracting non-intoxicating properties such as CBD exists, however, THC is the brain why cannabis wax and other dabs are making waves today. Terpenes just like CBD can be extracted, the difficulty that exists in preserving the compounds might make this too difficult to try.


Are there dangers associated with dabbing?

Let’s take it from the bad side first, the truth is, dabbing stands to be dangerous, but not dabbing itself, it is the extraction that is rather dangerous. The entire process can be complicated, with most online forums and videos everywhere, it is easy to learn the skills of dabbing. However, there is a spoiler here that stands as a risk, the mixture of flammable and inadequate ventilation can lead to an explosion. Similarly, where the extraction at home is all but good, the medium to measure the quality or saintliness of the finished dab is always sketchy. Furthermore, dirty oil can contain contaminants or residual solvents which can cause health risks to the consumers.


Erasing the associated production problems requires:


  • Lab-testing of the concentrates
  • The use of quality solvents
  • A closed circle extraction device that will curb accidents
  • Experienced extraction experts


Is dabbing marijuana extracts hazardous looking at it from a consumer viewpoint? Yes, It can be dangerous, however, you can dab safely with adequate safeguards.

The reality is that most of the new dabbers today,  invest in their first arrangement by taking an inexpensive path and paying for the bare minimum: nail attachment and a hit torch to go with it. To the uninsured, the process of heating a metal and glass nail with a thin torch may stare danger. However, the continual pressure for torch-less procedures of dabbing cannabis brings into the world the rise of products such as electronic nails. These devices discontinue the use of the torch and give rise to the use of detailed temperature management for consumers who are dabbing marijuana concentrates like cannabis wax, and shatter.


Is it possible to overdose on dabs?

One of the most important factors to consider here is the efficiency of the THC extracts. Marijuana extracts often possess a 50-90% THC content, which means you are only a step away from being high. When you exceed your limits it is possible to have effects that hit you hard, while one cannot die from an overdose of the dab, the best advice will be to start with a small dose of marijuana concentrates to guarantee a favorable experience for all.

Lastly, the long-term impact of dabbing marijuana wax and concentrates are not known yet, until there is research to nail the claim. At the moment, it is possible to name an effect that comes from the long usage of dabs.


What are the possible benefits associated with dabbing?

When clean and recommended products are used, in a safe way, adults and patients get strong relief from dabbing, primarily, from its direct impact. For persons having drastic or chronic nausea and pain, there are reports of dabbing proven to be an effective relief for these cases. If a doctor recommends it, then you are also safe.

Properly extracted marijuana products give consumers a clean, and easy product for the lungs. For instance, extracts take away the production of hot smoke, resins, and other byproducts that comes with smoking marijuana. Extracts offer safe haven for essential cannabinoids like terpenes to find their way to the lungs.


Other benefits

One commonly neglected advantage of dabbing cannabis wax and concentrates is the technological and specialized scientific interest it has spur in recently. Dabbing has given rise to technologies such as Hi-Tech dabbing tools, oil cartridges, cannabis distillates, and others.  This has pushed the boundaries of invention, with the recent products in the market.

Similarly, while this is surprising to note. Dabbing has led to an interest in activism in community affairs by the younger generation, while extracts are under a crackdown by legislation in most countries,  activities especially young ones are getting involved.

Dabs are just an option in a bag filled with alternatives, concentrates on the other hand, has much more to offer consumers soon.

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