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What Is Gravity Bong And How Is It Produced

What Is Gravity Bong And How Is It Produced | Our Guide On Bongs | The Seed Fair

Gravity bong, which is sometimes called geeb, is a method used for the consumption of cannabis, using bare plastic bottles to channel the smoke through water, pushing it into the lungs of the consumer. It works when a slight bottle containing a vessel of cannabis on its top is submerged in a large bottle/bucket of water. When the cannabis is lighted the smoker draws the bottle or bucket out of the water and compresses it with smoke accruing from the cannabis. The next step will be to remove the lid and put one’s mouth on the bottle opening, nudge the bottle down again, to enable gravity to allow the marijuana smoke to find its way to your lungs.


Can gravity bongs get one high?

The answer is yes. The bongs allow concentrated smoke to find its way to your lungs, filling it to its capacity, this is way more than the standard hit you get from pipe and joint. Similarly, when the contents of the bottle get to your lungs, you breathe the smoke of a bowl of marijuana in one breath. Due to their high effectiveness, the bongs are not for everyone. It is a trusted method, used by mostly old-school cannabis lovers, and it delivers a ton of THC that is too powerful for an amateur beginner to handle.

Furthermore, if you are in for a dose of nostalgia and feel like experiencing a real hardship with your cannabis intake, in this guide we will teach you how to create your own bong using a handful of household materials. Please proceed at your own discretion, as sniffing combustible materials largely from plastic is dangerous to your health.


Are the bongs worth producing or buying?

If you are just getting started with cannabis, this is preferably not a good start, for intermediate and advanced cannabis users, using a gravity bong is pure bliss as the easy DIY will allow you to enjoy a satisfying dose of your favorite brands. If you don’t have time to spare or are not an adventure-minded person, you can easily buy the bogs and save the time you should have invested constructing one.


Are water containers protected for use?

Most of the homemade gravity bongs and smoking tools are produced with plastic bottles, which sometimes comprise polyethylene terephthalate, which can discharge chemicals if heated, this is also seen with how water in a bottle often tastes sour when kept in a car.  These chemicals can find roots in your lungs when heat is applied from the use of your gravity bong.

Research is still being explored to measure the level of impact that comes with this type of exposure and how it can affect your health, for most cannabis users, glass and silicone devices are preferred for smoking over plastic as a way of precaution. Where you choose to make your bongs from plastic substances, be aware of the dangers that this entails.


How to make your homemade bong

  • Before you begin, ensure you have the following items in place:
  • A Plastic container measuring between 16-20 Oz
  • A Bucket or a plastic container measuring 2 liters
  • An Aluminum foil
  • Sharp knife
  • Shoving device
  • Your Cannabis strain measuring at least 1gram


It can be frightening when you don’t know your way around when it comes to building your Bongs. The process is ready straightforward than anticipated, have a dose of ingenuity on your side and the commitment to work this through. It wouldn’t take more than 10 mins of work to get your bongs on if you set your heart to work.


Step 1: Chop the small bottle into size

A box cutter or knife can be used to chop the bottom of your plastic bottle, the chopping shouldn’t take everything, as what is left of the bottle will determine the hit you will receive.


Step 2: Chop the large container into size

Chop the bottom of the large container, fill it up with water. Do the same if you are using a bucket.


Step 3: Nudge a hole in the cover of the container

Remove the cover of the small container or bottle and use the box cutter or knife to create a hole. The hole should be wide enough so it can draw air through, also, ensure it is not big enough to take your foil and cannabis.


Step 4: Cave the aluminum foil into shape

With the cap of the Aluminum foil still in place, wrap it in a way that it creates a bowl, this should be small for your cannabis. You can make it as deep as you like, this will prevent the cannabis from falling into the water. You should also shape excess foil to avoid a situation where the cannabis spills.


Step 5: Create holes in the aluminum foil

Use the nudging tool or the knife to create holes in the aluminum foil, create around 2-5 holes for ventilation. Ensure the foil is not ripped off.


Step 6: Put the cannabis in your bottle cap

Fasten the cannabis strains into your foil-wrapped cap, ensure you don’t close it up just yet.


Step 7: Merge the smaller water container

This part is a bit tricky, put the small container in the filled down part of the large container, ensure only the cap of it is kept above water, then tighten the aluminum foil cap.


Step 8: Light the cannabis

Get your cannabis lighted and slowly push the small container up out of the water, while you get the bottle filled with smoke. Ensure your cap is tightened, and holes don’t exist in the bottle. Leaks here will tell on your bong, you will meet some failures here before you scale through.


Step 9: Remove the cap

Once your bottle has adequate smoke, remove the cap and have your mouth over the opening of your bottle.


Step 10: Push the bottle into the water

Gently push the bottle back into the water. As the water enters the bottle, the smoke will be pushed into your lungs.

Nudge the bottle or container into the water, and as the water finds its way into the bottle, the smoke will make its way into your lungs. The marijuana smoke at this point will be cooler, as it has been filtered by water, however, the dosage of THC it will release will hit differently. For an examined effect, don’t take too much at once, as it can make you cough. Ensure you move forward with caution!


How often should the aluminum foil in the bongs be changed?

The foil can be reused unless it is ripped off, or the holes in the foil get clogged which will make ventilation difficult, removing it is not necessary.  Hopefully this article was able to show you everything on how to make a gravity bong.

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