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How Tall Does a Weed Plant Grow?

How Tall Does a Weed Plant Grow | Guide For Beginners | The Seed Fair

When it comes to how tall cannabis plants grow, there are important factors to consider. There is considerable variance between different strains of cannabis, ranging from compact shrubs to lanky giants, and how they are produced can also affect the exact height.

Growing a weed plant can take anywhere from 4 to 8 months, depending on where you cultivate it. You have complete control over environmental conditions in an indoor grow space, and your plants may blossom in only a few weeks. Outdoors, your plant’s height can reach as high as the building if you allow it to grow.

It’s essential to know the expected height of your marijuana plants and your growing conditions before you start growing.

How tall do Indica plants grow?

The Indica strain produces plants that are compact and heavily branched. They may reach heights of up to two to four feet. They also reach the flowering stage quicker and have more buds than other strains.

How Tall Do Weed Plants Grow? | The Seed Fair

How tall do Indica plants grow outdoors?

The unmistakable, forest-green fingers of an Indica plant are responsible for accelerating its development by soaking up light. It is unusual for an Indica plant to grow above six feet (two meters) outside.

How tall do Indica plants grow indoors?

Most Indica plants grown indoors grow no taller than three feet. Many growers use Indica strains for their smaller plants. It’s ideal for those with small grow spaces and those who want to have total control over the plant height.

How tall does a Sativa plant grow?

Sativa strains grow taller and can reach up to 20 feet tall but the average height is around six feet. With sparse foliage and light-green, thin-fingered, delicate leaves, they have a lengthy vegetative stage, with the flowering stage taking up to 10 weeks in some varieties.

How tall do Sativa cannabis plants grow outdoors?

Weed plants that are grown outside have the potential to reach heights of more than 20 feet, depending on the type. Most cultivators trim them, making the plants easier to maintain and resulting in a much greater number of buds.

How tall does Sativa grow indoors?

While these weed plants have the potential to reach very high heights, this does not imply that you have to let them reach their full potential: the height of cannabis plants growing indoors can be managed. Sativa marijuana plants are still a popular choice for indoor growers.

How to control the height of your tall weed plant?

Despite appearances, it is not worth letting your plants develop over a particular height unless you have ample room to grow. There are various reasons for this, including:

  1. The biggest buds are at the top of the plant, closest to the grow lights. The bud gets progressively smaller as the plant grows. To produce bigger yields, you must guarantee that as much light penetrates the plant.
  2. Extra growth produces a tall, lanky plant with no additional output, wasting time, money, and power.
  3. Excessively tall plants might draw unwelcome attention, whether cultivated outside or in small spaces indoors.

Based on the size of your cannabis garden, you may have adequate root space for new growth. Depending on the weed plants’ strain, the overall size can be controlled. Various training techniques can be used to reduce the height of your cannabis plant. You can find out more in our post Why is my weed plant growing tall and skinny?

How to Control the Height of Your Tall Weed Plant? | The Seed Fair

Low-stress training (LST)

Low-stress training is utilized to create a reasonable level and even canopy. Instead of simply trimming the top major bud, this exposes several bud sites to direct light. As a result, trained marijuana plants naturally produce larger yields and buds during the flowering stage, as the marijuana plants get more light during their light cycle.

Top & prune cannabis plant

Topping is a form of trimming done right before the flowers bloom. To prevent the marijuana plant from being too stretched out during the flowering phase, use pruning shears and trim the tips off all branches. This makes sure that the plant can grow steadily.

Screen of green (Scrog)

This technique is similar to LST, except it necessitates using a net, screen, or trellis. Scrog causes plants to grow horizontally and short. The larger canopy lets more light reach bud locations, increasing yields.


Small weed plants have been genetically modified only to grow a few feet in height. Most growers prefer this as they grow inside and don’t have a lot of growing space. The same is true for tall weed plants. Their genetics are perfect to grow tall cannabis plants.

Most of a plant’s height is created during the vegetative phase, so trimming is typically done during that time. Even though weed plants grow tall, it doesn’t always mean that they will produce a high yield. There are many considerations when choosing the right genetics for your cannabis seeds so choose accordingly.

Choose the right plant size!

The Seed Fair factors seedlings of all sizes into their offerings, ensuring you find the right strain and potency you are looking for. Whether you are growing cannabis indoors or outdoors, you can be sure to trust the seeds you’ll find at The Seed Fair.

Growing marijuana from the seedling stage allows you to control the environment and grow cannabis seeds to the optimal height of your space.

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