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The Best Strains for PTSD and Anxiety

Are you after the best strain for PTSD and anxiety? People with a psychological issue called post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) may have flashbacks and feel anxious. This condition could affect their physical, mental, social, and spiritual well-being.

While combining medication and therapy may provide some relief, many patients have difficulty recovering. Researchers continually investigate more effective treatments, like medical marijuana strains for PTSD. This natural alternative could be a breakthrough cure.

Read on to discover the best marijuana strains for PTSD and anxiety and how their potent effects could help you cope.

Marijuana’s suitability for relief from PTSD

The best strains for PTSD and anxiety, Tinctures, gel caps and oils


Why are weed strains for PTSD so popular?

Post-traumatic stress disorder affects nearly 3.5% of American adults annually. In other words, 1 out of 11 people in the USA experience PTSD in their lifetime.

Many patients use weed to help with various health conditions. Research shows the medical cannabis strains for PTSD may relieve symptoms like depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Some states allow medical cannabis consumption to treat PTSD, popularizing its effectiveness.

Most people with this condition report feeling more relaxed, experiencing better moods, and reduced flashbacks and nightmares after smoking weed.

The human endocannabinoid system has a significant bearing on PTSD. Scientists say people with post-traumatic stress disorder have a higher availability of CB1 receptors.

Marijuana’s cannabinoids bind to these sensory organs, reducing the severity of symptoms in patients, all the more reason to consider PTSD strains.

5 best strains for PTSD and anxiety

The effects of PTSD are undesirable, ranging from social isolation and low self-esteem to chronic fear and reduced productivity. Marijuana may prevent this condition’s escalation to devastating outcomes.

Below, we review the top five strains for PTSD, their potency, and how their effects and terpenes may help patients.

1. Do-Si-Dos


Do-Si-Dos seeds produce perfect plants that are among our best indica strains for PTSD and anxiety, usually inducing a peaceful and pleasurable full-body experience. It’s the offspring of two powerhouse parents: Face Off OG and OG Kush Breath.

This strain boasts a THC content of up to 27%, making it one of the strongest in 420 circles. A small dose goes a long way, delivering a euphoric high that relaxes and sedates. In this dreamy and warm atmosphere, traumatic thoughts effortlessly melt away.

Do-Si-Dos contains a unique terpene profile led by limonene, caryophyllene, and linalool. These compounds contain analgesic properties and may alleviate anxiety, depression, and insomnia, reducing trauma symptoms. They ooze a mix of sweet, floral aromas, making this strain a treat.

2. Sour Kush

The best strains for PTSD and anxiety, Sour kush feminized

Sour Kush is one of the best strains for PTSD, highly coveted for its long-lasting balanced high. It boasts indica-dominant genetics from Sour Diesel and OG Kush, so expect a powerful psychoactive experience.

This strain has an above-average THC content of about 20%, revered for inducing enough relaxation to combat traumatic feelings. Its fast-acting effects stimulate euphoria, energy, focus, and upliftment before translating into refreshing calmness and sleep.

Limonene tops Sour Kush’s dynamic terpene makeup, exuding a fragrant blend of citrus, lemon, spicy, herbal, and earthy aromas. This compound’s therapeutic traits could alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression, lowering PTSD’s severity.

3. Pineapple Express

The best strains for PTSD and Anxiety, Pineapple express feminized


Pineapple Express is among our best weed strains for PTSD, named after a thrilling stoner-action movie. Its sativa-heavy genetics descend from Trainwreck and Hawaiian, so expect an intense cerebral high engulfed in a spicy smoke.

This strain’s THC content may reach up to 23%, hitting hard and fast. Its potent smoke leaves you feeling alert, buzzy, and creative. A more talkative version of you is best suited to defeat the social isolation often caused by PTSD.

Caryophyllene, limonene, and ocimene are the dominant terpenes in Pineapple Express, reportedly helping relieve depression, fatigue, and traumatic pain. This aromatic combination delights your palate with refreshing citrus, tropical, and earthy pine notes.

4. Zkittlez

The best strains for PTSD and anxiety, zkittlez feminized


Zkittlez is one of the world’s best strains for complex PTSD, thanks to its calm, tranquil high. It’s an award-winning indica hybrid with rich genetics and well-balanced cerebral and body effects that don’t induce couch-lock.

Although this strain has a modest THC content of approximately 19%, it produces fast-hitting, lasting effects. A deeply satisfying mental high sets off euphoria and upliftment before gradually culminating in soothing physical relaxation.

As the calmness sinks, feelings of stress, depression, and anxiety could melt away, sending you into a refreshing sleep. High levels of limonene and caryophyllene in Zkittlez add a citrus, spicy touch to the sweet, berry, and grape aromas.

5. Strawberry Banana

The best strains for PTSD and Anxiety, Strawberry banana feminized

Strawberry Banana is an excellent cannabis strain for making the best edibles for PTSD, thanks to its unique aromatic appeal. It’s an award-winning indica cultivar descending from legendary Banana Kush and Bubble Gum.

This potent strain’s THC content ranges from 18–25%, so toke in moderation for a lasting high. The buzz intensifies steadily, beginning with euphoria and creativity and settling at soothing relaxation.

As you soak in the calmness, PTSD symptoms such as depression, insomnia, and anxiety may fade. Like its name, Strawberry Banana’s smoke is highly creamy and fruity. Each puff tastes like a sweet summer smoothie with spicy notes.

Enjoy a painless life with the best weed for PTSD

No one wants to relive their trauma. PTSD can trigger endless disturbing thoughts, fear, anger, nightmares, and anxiety, squeezing the joy out of life.

Although this mental condition is traumatic enough to devastate your lifestyle, there are various effective remedies to cope with it. The growing research around marijuana’s medicinal potential affords PTSD patients a natural alternative to alleviate their symptoms.

We stock top-shelf cannabis seeds with therapeutic genetics and terpenes to make life livable for people with different health conditions. Check out our best cannabis strains for PTSD to cope better and revive the joy of living by growing your own plants.

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