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What Are The Best AutoFlower Breeders

What Are The Best AutoFlower Breeders | Our Guide | The Seed Fair

Most times, when you need information on a particular subject, online search engines are your first stop but you too can confess that sometimes, there is not enough information for a subject and this is especially true for finding top-choice autoflower breeders.  Well, finding it might not be too difficult if we approach it by looking at a brief history of cultivating autoflowers.

A lot of seed banks have been in the business of selling autoflowering seeds for decades and they can testify that many years back, several autoflower seeds had a reputation for poor yields and weak strength which can be interpreted to be as a result of the low quality of their seeds. This poor reputation has resulted in poor sales of autoflower seeds but over time,  there has been a growing improvement in their sales, thanks to the improved efforts of autoflower breeders.

Recent records of several growing cycles have shown the calculated efforts of autoflower seed breeders to bridge the gap between non-photoperiod seeds which are also known as autoflower seeds and regular photoperiod seeds. These days, the autoflower seed strains that are sold by seed banks are mostly characterized by small plants, and a shorter life cycle that nonetheless, produce a highly intoxicating weed plant with tangible yield.

Well, due to their novelty, autoflower seeds have not made a big name for themselves when compared to feminized seeds and so, finding a seed bank that stocks the best autoflower seeds in terms of quality, potency, and yield can be very difficult. This article aims to ameliorate such hardship by assisting autoflower seeds growers in finding autoflower seeds with good yield, a fast-growing cycle, and sustainable potency when compared to photoperiod seeds.


How to identify top choice autoflower breeders

A lot of times,  we are more concerned with haggling the prices of different ranges of seeds and trying to get the best deal out of special offers and prices of delivery than focusing on simple but important things that can guarantee a bountiful yield come harvest time. Since autoflower seeds grow smaller than regular photoperiod seeds, it is very important to patronize a good seed bank that is dedicated to providing high-quality seeds with the best instant genetics.

The ease of growth, fast growth cycle, and larger harvest of auto flowers, when compared to regular photoperiod seeds, have made them a preferred choice for inexperienced growers. This recent spike in popularity among growers has made it one of the most highly demanded seeds sold by top seed banks.

Avoid getting intoxicated with the rush for autoflower seeds by knowing how to identify top-quality best autoflower breeders. So, what are the things that you should look out for?


  1. Reviews and Recommendations
  2. Relevant Information and Helpful tips
  3. Warranty of Germination
  4. Assurance in Delivery
  5. Numerous species of auto flowers.



1. Reviews and recommendations

Positive reviews and recommendations from customers have to be earned because it is one of the ways that a satisfied customer says thank you for delivering nothing less than expected. A couple of names might pop up on different counts if you ask about the best autoflower breeder and one of such names that have frequently appeared as answers to questions about the best autoflower breeder is The Seed Fair.


2. Relevant information and helpful tips

You might not be a fan of comparison but this is one of the things that might save you from investing time and resources on an unworthy venture. Providing answers to your thousand and one questions is not enough as a well-esteemed breeder should be also able to provide helpful tips and relevant information to help you examine the duration of harvest for each strain, and difficulties that might be encountered in the cultivation process, as well as the pros and cons of the weed.


3. Warranty of germination

Despite being a new breeder in the seed market, The Seed Fair has earned a good name for itself as a result of many factors, with the most prominent being a warranty for seed germination. Although it rarely happens, in the event where your seed doesn’t sprout, be rest assured that provisions have been made to help you get new seeds. So, irrespective of whether you’re a newbie or a well-experienced grower that is concerned about getting high-quality seeds, our guarantee covers all.


4. Assurance in delivery

Well rated breeders have earned their spot as a result of their continuous assurance in the germination process, outstanding promotion tactics that have helped to spice up sales, excellent delivery which sometimes include options for free shipping to Europe and the US and a handful of payment of options to make the transaction easier and more convenient for both parties. ABCD incorporates all of these options to make buying autoflower seeds easier for you


5. Numerous species of autoflowers

A perfect combination of knowledge in numerous autoflower seeds, skill, and experience gathered over the years has helped some cannabis breeders stay in the front line when looking for the best autoflower breeders to get high-quality seeds from.

ABCD has numerous high-quality auto-flowering cannabis strains that have high compositions of cannabinoids and terpene. They also have a commendable level of resin production, quick growth cycle, and large harvest. The stock US variants of auto-flowering cannabis strains and offer folks outside California an opportunity to enjoy and cultivate popular and well-reputed strains and genetic which can be substituted for originals.


The best is only available at The Seed Fair

The Seed Fair has an excellent reputation for dealing with seeds that have outstanding genetic quality. This brand is driven by excellence, dedication, and a commendable customer service unit. They also offer free advice and support to help you make the right choice. While you might have met with other weed suppliers, it is only fair that you interact with a supplier that promises nothing less than the best in delivering auto flower seeds with excellent genetics and guaranteed germination.

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