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Our Guide On How to Make a Homemade Dab Rig

Homemade Dab Rig | Our Guide On How to Make | The Seed Fair

There are many methods and ways to consume cannabis, you can even do it yourself with the right tools to save a few dollars from your wallet. A homemade Dab Rig is something that this guide can help you with.

What is a dab rig?

Dab rigs are used to vaporize cannabis concentrate products. You can easily identify them by their bong-like shape. There are also accessories that you can add to your existing bong like a quartz banger or a nail.

A dab rig requires the use of a glass piece usually called a nail or banger. It’s basically a platform that the concentrate is put on. A high-powered torch (butane) is used to heat up the nail or banger.

The concentrate is then applied to the hot glass using a dab tool which then will vaporize cannabis concentrates. Much like a bong, you can inhale that vapor through some water to filter it out.

Concentrates are much stronger than traditional flower products and having your own dab rig is a customizable thing. Homemade dab rigs are popular amongst concentrate consumers with everything from mason jar dab rigs to ones made with a plastic water bottle.


Homemade dab rig: The important parts

Before starting up your idea, you must know the important parts of this tool for its efficient use, also put your imagination to the test, and how creative you are in implementing its use.


No matter what it looks like, the ideal is to be the right size for the vapor to pass into the chamber. When it reaches the lungs, it becomes clean and cool.


A banger is a kind of container that is responsible for vaporizing the product from the end. There are long and even electronic nails. They need to warm up and you choose your favorite.

Tool for dab

You can not enjoy your product without this, as this is where it charges. Ideally, it should be metal for best results.


With a torch, you are ready to dab as it is so tiny that you can carry it anywhere and enjoy a good dab.

Clock or timer

It is ideal to keep the banger timed to see how long it takes to cool down. You can use any watch that has a hand or your phone´s timer.


Method 1: How to make a dab rig with a plastic bottle and a knife


The main character: a bottle of plastic

Rest: metal knife, pen, and blow torch

  1. The first thing is the lid of the bottle, where two openings should be made, hopefully, aligned.
  2. Then the pen should go down one of the holes in the cap.
  3. The titanium nail should be wrapped with paper in the pen. The space where the nail and cap meet can also be covered with paper. You can choose to use liquid rubber or silicone for more security.
  4. A straw could serve as a bong, this goes in the other hole wrapped with aluminum foil (so that no air enters).
  5. When everything is put together correctly you can fill the container with water and your preferred strain.

Method 2: DIY dab rigs with a mason jar and drill


The main character: Glass jar with a lid

Rest: Drill, pen, straw, foil, Dab nail

  1. Get a small drill bit and put two holes in the lid. You want to make sure they are large enough to hold a pen. Ensure the pen has no ink cartridge or tip attached as it will be a downstem.
  2. Wrap the pen in aluminum foil and push it through one of the holes in the mason jar lid.
  3. Using a titanium nail is the best option here. Attach it to the pen and secure everything with tin foil.
  4. Slide a straw through the other hold and also secure it with aluminum foil. You don’t want any air to leak out around the straw.
  5. Keep adding water to the mason jar dab rig until the downstem is between 1/4 and 1/2 submerged.
  6. Heat up the nail and dab your concentrates while inhaling through the straw and you have a new homemade dab rig.

Method 3: Beer bottle dab rig


The main character: Glass bottle

Rest: Drill, Downstem, Adaptor, Dab nail, duct tape, silicone sealant

  1. Get together some glass drill bits and duct tape. Put the duct tape over the area that you want to drill. This is to ensure that you don’t crack the glass when you drill through it. Make sure that you drill slowly as there is still a chance of cracking.
  2. Slide your downstem through the hole until the end is just above the bottom of the bottle. Use the silicone sealant around the downstem to ensure there is no air leaking.
  3. Attach the adapter and dab nail to the downstem and you’re done with this homemade dab rig. Heat up the nail, add your concentrates and inhale through the top half of the bottle.

Method 4: Going from an old bong to a new dab rig

Old bongs can also be recycled into a dab rig. Some people may have one unused but if you don’t, maybe a friend or neighbor or even at a garage sale can get it.


Adapter: the adapter is almost the essential part of dabbing with a bong. Although its size is very small, it can be very useful for various things. There are male and female adapters, you have to make the bong go from female to male. Its size ranges from 14.55mm to 18.8mm. These sizes you can respectively compare with your little finger and a dime coin.

Nail: the nail must be snug in the adapter. It all has to do with size (again). So if the adapter measures 14.55mm, take a nail of the same size, the same for the 18.8mm. The material of the nail is of great importance, the most suitable are titanium, ceramic and quartz, each one having its advantages and disadvantages, you will decide which one works best for you. Nails that are titanium heat up really fast, try to avoid this so your strain doesn’t taste funky. Another point against is that it is not medically healthy to use unlike ceramic. Ceramic nails are safer but take longer to heat up. If you need to generate more heat, you can join it with the quartz nail. Now having more knowledge you can adapt your tastes to the materials.

In summary, thanks to this article you can have an idea of how to make a homemade dab with materials that you probably have in your house, dedicating some time and effort as well.

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Ready to dive into the world of making your own homemade dab rig? Here are some of the most common questions people have.

Can you make a DIY dab rig?

Making your own homemade dab rig is easy with the right components. Even using an item as simple as a plastic water bottle makes it possible to create dab rigs.

How to make a homemade dab pen?

Making a homemade dab pen can be tricky as you’ll need a heating coil that requires a power source. Some people utilize old vaporizers that might hold small ceramic oil chambers that concentrates can be vaporized on.

What can I use as a dab tool?

Dab tools need to be metal, stainless steel, or titanium. The latter works best. For a homemade dabber, some items to use include a paperclip, screwdrivers, or even a regular nail file.

How can I dab at home without a rig?

You can use something like a hot knife, which is essentially just a heated knife blade that you drop concentrates on and inhale the vapor that comes off. Any thin, metal, flat surface that is heated will work. Stay away from any coated metal like what is found on some utensils such as butter knives.

What method is simplest to make a dab rig?

The simplest dab rigs are the ones that require the least amount of building. Bongs make excellent dab rigs with an adaptor and nail conversion. Your homemade rig will work just like a bong that was made to vaporize concentrates.

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