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What Is Shake Weed And Can It Be Used For Smoking

What Is Shake Weed And Can It Be Used For Smoking | The Seed Fair Guide

Shake weed has received a mixed reception, with a lot of pros and cons for cannabis consumers. You will commonly find marijuana shake rolled into joints or sold at a discounted price in larger quantities.

If you like consuming weed in bulk, then shake weed might be a good choice for you. Keep reading to learn the highs and lows of this discount cannabis product.

What is shake weed

Cannabis shake can be a confusing term for beginners, but for educational purposes, it can be referred to as “leftover weed” that comes from the cannabis flower. Leftover shake can include plant material like leaf trim, stems, and tiny pieces of marijuana flower.

A lot of shake comes from the sugar leaves that have been trimmed away. These tiny leaves lie close to the buds as they develop and are generally coated in crystalline trichome structures that rival the potency found on the flower directly.

In recent years, shake weed has become as popular as regular weed because of its cost savings and versatility. There are tradeoffs, however, it is a stand-alone product that can be just as potent as top-shelf buds.

What is shake weed? The Seed Fair

What’s the difference between cannabis shake and popcorn weed?

You may have heard the terms popcorn weed thrown around with cannabis shake and have wondered if they are the same. Well, popcorn buds are generally the small flowers found around the bottom of the plant. The lack of direct sunlight, thanks to the main colas, has stunted the growth of these flowers.

Other conditions, such as plant health, can create an environment for popcorn buds to appear. Generally frowned upon, small buds can be less potent and have a harsher smoke. From our experience, popcorn buds can be some of the best burning parts if dried and cured correctly.

Shake flower is all the stuff that fell off as you were trimming your beautiful buds for drying. This can include stems and other undesirables that can cause a harsher smoke, contributing to its bad rap until recently.

The difference between the two is that popcorn buds are grown flowers from the cannabis plant, whereas shake weed is what falls off after trimming.

Is a shake the same as a flower?

Marijuana shake consists of the flower parts that have fallen off during harvest. This can include being knocked off by the process of trimming or falling from the trimmer into a catch bin. It is then ground or sifted to get the larger pieces broken down.

Is shake stronger than nugs?

The potency of your cannabis shake depends on a couple of factors. If it’s from one strain, it will not be stronger than any nugs from your plant.

If the shake comes from multiple plants, then the combined potency of the strains may push the THC levels higher than fresh nugs.

Is shake more potent than bud?

There are a few factors that come into play when you think about shake being more potent than cannabis flower. Since most trichomes are found on the cannabis buds, it would make sense to think that the stems wouldn’t contribute much.

This means that if your shake weed consists mostly of broken pieces of flower, and you turn it into edibles, there is a chance that the effects would have a higher potency than bud.

Is it worth it to buy a marijuana shake from the dispensary? | The Seed Fair

Is it worth it to buy a marijuana shake from the dispensary?

You can purchase shake at dispensaries in a variety of forms and different strains. Shake typically comes in pre-rolled joints, or you can use shake to make homemade cannabis edibles.

Recreational customers will find many dispensaries carrying marijuana shake in various strains in a bag that can be used in your own blunts and pre-rolls.

Weed shake bought from most dispensaries can have other things added, such as flavoring in the form of terpenes or aromas. This is to enhance the weed in both its smell and taste.

One other draw is that flower shake is generally offered at discounted prices. Those that are on a tight budget will appreciate the lower price tag. Be warned: a lower price tag can mean lower quality cannabis.

Is it okay to smoke shake weed?

The shake comes from the same marijuana plant as the larger buds that everyone loves. Smoking shake won’t harm your health any more than another consumption method.

For medicinal purposes, you might want to stick with the higher-quality bud for smoking since they would have more cannabinoids you’re looking for.

Does shake weed get you high?

If you’re getting high-quality bud from your cannabis plant, then you can bet that the cannabis shake will be potent too. Purchasing shake flowers from a dispensary will still give you the psychoactive effects and THC potency you will find in god bud.

How is shake weed used?

The uses for shake flowers are the same as a regular flower, but without the hand cramping that grinding can cause. Here are some ways to use your marijuana shake aside from the usual shake joint.


Steep your shake in butter or coconut oil to extract the THC and have a great infusion for cooking and baking. Homemade tinctures are generally made from plant shake.


Shake weed is chunky enough to work in a bowl for a bong. If your shake has stems or other trim in it, there is a chance it could be harsh smoke.

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Creams and salves

Skin topicals are popular since cannabis works with so many other herbs to provide relief from things such as cracked skin and minor cuts. Popular additions include lavender and shea butter for their moisturizing capabilities.

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