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What is the Difference Between Male and Female Marijuana

What is the Difference Between Male and Female Marijuana | The Seed Fair

When you are going to enter the world of growing cannabis, you should know that there are plants with gender, male and female. In this article we explain the traits and characteristics that differentiate them and how to identify them, so you can buy normal feminized seeds in a more exact way.  As well we will distinguish the difference between male and female marijuana.



What differentiates cannabis plants from normal plants in that they have gender just like we humans do, as well as the natural division (half female, half male), each of which has sex chromosomes. Which means that male plants occupy the XY pair of chromosomes and female plants have XX chromosomes.


Hermaphrodite weed plants

Still there is a significant difference between the gender of cannabis plants and humans. Because the plant can have traits of both sexes (a pistil and stamens), then it can be a hermaphrodite plant.


When and how do you recognize the difference between male and female marijuana plants?

At the beginning, it can be a bit difficult to distinguish the sex of the plant, since the plants in their initial stage do not show their gender and you cannot tell from the seeds, therefore, as a grower, it is of great importance to recognize when their plant is female or male. People value female plants more or consider them more prestigious as they produce the amount of cannabis they expect it to grow, whereas male plants do not, so when your plants grows you will want to know how to identify it.


The sex in only visible after a few weeks

During the fourth or eight week of vegetative phase, it is where the pre-flowering begins, this is where the genus of the plant becomes visible. It depends on the type of cannabis so that the moment of seeing the genre can be seen, some arrive at the moment before, others after. So it is very important to pay more attention to male traits than to female ones (in pre-flowering). When you start to notice male cannabis plants, you will need to get rid of them completely.


How do you recognize female cannabis plants?

Both male and female cannabis plants have a granule very close to the leaves. What differentiates them is that the female ones have small hairs that grow around them. In addition, its spheres are smaller than that of the male plant. Female plants tend to have more branches, are larger, and appear healthier.


How do you recognize a hermaphrodite cannabis plant?

A cannabis plant becomes a hermaphrodite when its growing conditions are not so good or also when the plant is under a lot of stress and when the genetics are not of the best quality. Some species are more likely to be hermaphrodites than others. For this reason, in not so common cases, a plant can develop two different sexual organs (female and male). They can be presented in two ways. The called “banana”, just called like that for may be the case that presents a ball from inside out. Or both balls of different size, one with hair the other not.

As a note it is important to remember that hermaphroditic plants have some pollen, so be sure to remove it if you do not want a male plant.


Why do you have to remove male marijuana plants?

Male plants do not usually produce or give the results that growers want, whether they grow indoors or outdoors, so a harvest and its long wait is not worth it. The male plants tend to distract the female plants from their germination process, which ends up wasting the time and effort of the grower, since they will produce less weed and not seeds, so this should be avoided.


This is why growers choose female weed seeds

The male plants interrupt the female plants in their flowering process so they should leave as soon as possible, since the female plants are in charge of the harvest, you will nor have these types of problems if you already buy auto flowers seeds or feminized seeds. With regular seeds the gender of the plant is not known, so it is very likely that you are dealing with it.


Want to grow weed? Then buy feminized or auto flowering seeds!

So if your plan is to grow quality marijuana, we recommend buying feminized or auto flowering seeds. In this way you save a lot of work because you no longer have the uncertainty of whether your plant will be male or female and the best thing, it prevents your harvest from falling.

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