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Everything You Need To Know About How Hard It Is To Grow Weed

How Hard Is It To Grow Weed | Everything You Need To Know | The Seed Fair

It isn’t very difficult to grow your marijuana. It is “weed” after all and given the right circumstances, weed will grow like what it is – a weed. However, to grow good quality cannabis that can be smoked will require different conditions from growing weed with high compositions of the THC cannabinoid.

Your starting point is to conduct proper research to help you prepare adequately for the task in front.

Now, let’s answer the million-dollar question – How hard is it to grow weed?


Is it difficult to grow weed?

Cultivating weed is not as difficult as most people think but to increase your chances of having a great yield at your first harvest, there are four important things that you should keep in mind.

Use easy to grow seeds

It is much easier to grow marijuana with an auto flower seed because the plants maintain the same lighting conditions from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage.

Genetic properties

The importance of genetics to plant growth cannot be overemphasized. Poor genetic properties in plants affect their growth and yield. More than three-quarters of good plant yields are based on good genetics. The same way a very good seed can be ruined by a bad grower, a seed that seems worthless can yield bountiful healthy yield when it is planted with the best hands.  One of the safest ways to ensure this is by patronizing highly reputed seed sellers such as the The Seed Fair. that stock seeds with excellent genetic properties.

If you’re not a fan of cultivating weed from seedlings, you can opt for healthy clones with strong genetics to ensure that the female plants grow strong,  produce healthy buds.

If this is the first time you’re trying your hand at weed planting, it’ll be helpful to choose from a variety of cannabis strains that have high chances of producing good plants. These include the gorilla glue auto flower, the critical purple auto flower, and the girl scout cookies auto flower amongst others


Opt for a Mold-Resistant Strain – preferably Indica

As we earlier stated, genetics is very important to plant growth. Knowing which seeds are less difficult to grow increases your chances of having a great harvest. . Out of the numerous strains of the cannabis plants, Indica is well known for being the easiest to grow and produce fantastic yields. This is in comparison with hazes and Sativa that will require experience that is foreign to a beginner. Before buying any seed variety, ensure that the description states that they are easy to grow and mold-resistant seeds.

If you have access to a large greenhouse, or you live somewhere hot and sunny like California, you’ll probably agree with the popular opinion that growing weed is easy. On the other hand, if you live in the Northern Hemisphere and you intend on growing cannabis indoors either in a grow tent or a grow box, you might have to pay extra attention to the needs of the plants. A benefit of planting weed indoors is that it offers you greater control over environmental conditions when compared to growing weed outdoor


Do not overfeed or overwater

Cannabis plants do not need many nutrients, water, or extreme lighting conditions, especially seedlings.

Inexperienced growers who discover that their growing seedlings, cuttings, and clones have a pale light green appearance make the mistake of tending to these plants which alter their growth process. It is advisable to let the plants grow while watching out for tangible growth results within the space of ten days.

Most inexperienced growers are guilty of using intense light conditions for plants in grow tents without providing a suitable ventilation system. This results in excess heat, especially in the case of HID lights and this can cause some problems such as low harvest that ordinarily would have been caused by environmental factors.

As they say, experience is the best teacher. You never know how well you do certain things until you give them a try and planting weeds is one of such tasks. The questions such as the suitable amount of water and nutrients and what qualifies as adequate ventilation are never-ending and they can best be answered by you.

Of course, you can find answers to these questions online, but you can sometimes be faced with conflicting answers. You should also consider using high-quality equipment while growing your weed plant.


We hope the million-dollar question has been answered and you can say for yourself that planting cannabis doesn’t break your back- just keep an eye out for molds, and watch your efforts grow too big healthy buds.

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