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Is It Okay to Freeze Weed?

can you freeze weed?

In 1857, the first gas freezer was invented, and since then, leftovers have been safer than ever. This appliance is now an essential item that drastically lowers food waste. If it keeps your half-eaten pizza fresh, then perhaps it could freeze weed too, right?

Properly storing your cannabis helps preserve its quality and potency. Typical storage methods include keeping it in an airtight container in a cool, dark place.

Many people claim to keep their stash in the freezer to enjoy it for longer periods. If you have an extra batch of weed and want to prolong its shelf life, freezing might be a viable option.

Read on to learn more about storing marijuana in the freezer, including the effects on potency and different cannabis forms. We’ll also reveal the steps to take should you choose to enjoy your herb on ice.

Let’s dive in!

What happens if you put weed in the freezer?

When you put weed in the freezer, there’s a chain reaction. All the water particles expand as the buds reach cold temperatures. This process destroys the structural integrity of the nugs by over-hydrating them.

Once you thaw the buds, they’ll likely become mushy green blobs. If you successfully defrost them and roll a joint, you’ll notice a significant loss in flavor, aromatics, and potency.

Cannabis is covered in resinous trichomes that contain cannabinoids like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). These compounds give each strain its effects and potency. The resin also contains terpenes, which are the chemicals that give it aromatics and other effects.

Trichomes crystalize when freezing weed, leading to a brittle, fragile texture. They easily fall off or become dislodged from being squished in a container. If you smoke this weed, it’ll probably be less potent and lack flavor.

Does freezing weed preserve it?

Concerns about how to preserve weed are prevailing, as cannabis loses potency as time passes. One study on THC found exactly how it declines:

  • One year: Loses about 16% THC
  • Two years: Reduction of approximately 26% THC
  • Three years: Loss of around 34% THC
  • Four years: Reduction of approximately 41% THC

The way you store your buds drastically affects the deterioration of the cannabinoids and terpenes.

The good news is freezing your nugs stops the degradation process of THC by up to 4%. The downside is they may lose their structure and become susceptible to mold once thawed.

Can you freeze CBD oil?

The buds from CBD cannabis seeds are commonly used to make oil. It deteriorates over time, but it has a longer shelf life than dry flower. If you have a few bottles, it’s crucial to look into methods to save them from declining in potency.

Freezing CBD oil is a viable option for those who want to keep it fresh for a long time. However, the results largely depend on the ingredients in the bottle. Some may split or become unusable once frozen, while others thaw out perfectly.

Most CBD oil products tolerate being frozen, but the consistency may change from prolonged exposure to cold temperatures. Note that it won’t freeze as it’s not water-based, but some products may separate.

Sticking CBD oil in the freezer may prolong the lifespan, but the viscosity can make it difficult to remove. Constantly thawing and refreezing isn’t safe in the long-run, so keeping it in the refrigerator may be a better option.

Can you freeze weed edibles?

Common consumables include brownies, cookies, and candies, which expire at the same rate as other similar food items. They may have more promising medicinal benefits than other forms, but can you freeze weed edibles?

Out of all the cannabis forms, it makes the most sense to freeze edibles because they contain ingredients that expire rapidly.

Freezing edibles allows you to extend their life and enjoy them whenever you’d like by simply defrosting them. It also makes portion control easier if you freeze them separately.

The texture and taste may change slightly once thawed, but it won’t be as noticeable as with frozen buds or oil. Edibles may have a stronger dank taste when stored in the freezer, but some people enjoy that.

It’s better to freeze your edibles as soon as possible to preserve most of the flavor and cannabinoids. You should also wrap them individually to prevent sticking and breaking. Mark the date on the packaging to keep track of their expiration.

Does freezing weed kill THC?

Cannabis has a natural decarboxylation process during which organically occurring THCA converts into THC. Over time, it converts into CBN, which has sleep-inducing properties without the psychedelic buzz.

Does freezing weed kill THC? By putting it in the freezer, you slow down the natural decarboxylation of THC and preserve most of the compounds. It’s impossible to halt the deterioration completely, but freezing it could help you enjoy the potency for longer.

Remember, if you don’t store it correctly, you could end up losing even more potency.

The slightest amount of friction might also knock the fragile trichomes off, resulting in a bland, weak end product. Having a weed freezer section used solely for buds may prevent excessive movement.

Cannabis plants are infamous for having low cold-tolerance, and if your containers aren’t airtight, you might encounter this problem. Dealing with freezer-burned buds is an unnecessarily stressful situation, easily avoided with proper storage techniques.

Defrosting may also put your weed at risk of losing its texture and attracting pathogens. Ensure the space and utensils used are clean to prevent any bacteria buildup when thawing.

How to store weed in a freezer

If you want to keep your weed in the freezer, learning how to store it is key. Freezing it can have negative implications if done incorrectly, but if you follow our steps, you can enjoy your stash for months to come.

Freezing buds

Freezing buds is not a suitable option for everyone. It’s ideal for those looking to make resin or use them for non-smoking reasons. The cannabis may become soggy when defrosted, even when stored correctly.

Here’s how to freeze your nugs for the best result:

Place the buds in airtight, freezer-safe containers. Ensure they have enough space and aren’t stuffed together.

Seal the containers and wrap them in plastic bags for added protection.

When you’re ready to use, leave to thaw till it dries completely. Use within a week or two.

Note: Don’t microwave, bake, or speed up the defrosting process as this destroys the quality of your weed.

Freezing oil

The shelf life of most CBD oils is about two years, but the cannabidiol levels start to dwindle much earlier. Once it expires, it becomes murky, thick and unsuitable for consumption.

Simplify your life by making a batch of your favorite brew and pouring it into the ice cube tray with the oil. This step gives you CBD infused iced coffees on the go.

Here’s how to freeze CBD oil to extend the shelf life:

Use an ice cube tray or small plastic bags to separate the CBD oil into batches. This step makes it easier to thaw the right amount.

Cover it in an additional zip-lock bag to prevent excessive change in viscosity once thawed.

Freezing edibles

Freezing edibles makes sense. It’s an excellent way to preserve their flavor and potency. Compared to the other cannabis forms, consumables experience the least changes when thawed.

Use glass jars or silicone containers for best results as they let in less moisture and air. Here’s how to freeze weed edibles:

Space them out on a large baking paper lined tray and allow them to freeze completely. This step prevents them from sticking together.

Place the desired amount into containers. If you want them to last a long time, put each edible into a small zip-lock bag before putting them into glass or silicone tubs.


Do you still have questions about freezing your marijuana? Read on for some common queries on this storage method.

Can you freeze CBD oil?

You can freeze CBD oil to preserve most of the cannabinoids and terpenes in cannabis. It’s especially beneficial if you have a bulk supply and want it to last a long time.

As it’s not water based, CBD oil won’t freeze but the viscosity changes. It may split or become thicker and difficult to measure. A good way to prevent this problem is by portioning it before freezing it.

Does freezing damage THC?

Freezing weed doesn’t damage THC and prevents the natural degradation of this cannabinoid. Over time, THC decarboxylates into THCA and then into CBN, which removes its psychedelic effects. Freezing it slows down this process.

If you don’t freeze the buds properly, you risk losing potency because the trichomes become brittle and may fall off.

How long does cannabis last before going stale?

When stored the traditional way, in glass jars placed in a cool, dry area, buds last around 6–12 months. Over time, marijuana loses its potency and aroma, and after the first year, THC may decline by around 16%.

Cannabis can last for up to two years in the freezer, as long as you don’t touch it. If you move it around, the trichomes could break away. Keeping it frozen for long durations is only suitable for turning it into shatter, resin, or edibles.

Freeze your weed for a rainy day

Keeping your cannabis in the freezer is a viable option if you want it to last a long time. It’s especially beneficial if you’re looking to make live resin or hash.

The texture and potency may dwindle if frozen incorrectly, so ensure you keep it protected and avoid moving it excessively. Ideally, portion the products prior to freezing for easy removal.

With the right techniques, freezer weed can be just as potent and tasty as fresh weed. If you grow weed seeds and have extra nugs, keeping them in your freezer could help them last for up to two years.

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