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How Much Do Weed Seeds Cost?

How Much Do Weed Seeds Cost | Good Pricing When It Comes To Buying | The Seed Fair

People’s curiosity begins from the moment they consider growing a marijuana plant themselves, asking all kinds of questions such as, what does my plant need to grow or where do I get the supplies that my plant needs, or how much do weed seeds cost? Our article below will go over what are good prices and how you can find a bargain.

How much do weed seeds cost?

A single cannabis seed can cost around 12 USD and 18 USD, for each seed. In Canadian dollars approximately 15.21 CAD and 22.81 CAD respectively.  There are many bargains out there for sales etc.  If you are on our site check out our discount code:  newyear20% as that will help you receive 20% off your next order.


Factors that influence the price of cannabis seeds

Once searching and investigating different types of stores and types of seeds, you will find that prices vary a lot. Going deeper into this topic, it will be possible to find out where these price differences are born and what are the factors to consider in order to know the price of seeds.

The factors to consider are the following:

  • Genetics
  • Legal restrictions and risks
  • Available stock and demand
  • Production costs


When we talk about genetics, we are actually referring to the DNA of the plant, which also influences the price of the plant. The genetics of the plant has to do with its quality, be it from the taste, its ripening processes and its results. Usually the expensive is the good, so when we talk about expensive seeds we are also talking about strong genetics. For example, a luxury car undergoes more production processes than a common car, therefore its value is higher, the same thing happens with seeds. When we talk about good genetics of a seed it is because it has been in intensive research and development processes, with which we can conclude that expensive seeds are of higher quality.

Legal restrictions and risks
In the Netherlands, which is where there is a greater production of cannabis seeds, it is forbidden to grow them, along with different punishments and even going to prison, as well as for many other countries as well. To produce marijuana seeds and thus satisfy the demand of consumers, many others have to take risks when having their plants or even a garden full of plants

Available stock and demand
When we talk about high prices we imagine high quality, but this is not always the case. The price of these seeds is based on the supply and demand of the market. When there is a lot of demand for a type of marijuana, but its supply is low, its price goes up. For example, the best varieties of marijuana have won awards, a factor that makes them the most expensive compared to the seeds that have not won. But the popularity varies, and some types of seeds are simply better known than others.

Production costs
Before growing marijuana seeds, there must first be prior research along with its tests, which takes years of work and entails high expenses . Once stable, the seeds begin to produce, it is a quite tedious process.


How much do weed seeds cost?

Here at The Seed Fair, there is a wide variety of high quality seeds at very affordable prices and we have discounts as well.  Check out all our products we have on sale and take advantage of our free seed offers.

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