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How To Make A Cloning Box

How To Make A Cloning Box | Our Guide On Cloning Setup | The Seed Fair

If you’re trying to get a new cannabis plant, cloning is a great method. It has excellent benefits, you do not need seeds to start and yet you get a quicker harvest. Also, if you find a strain you like and relish, you can produce several of its kinds. This will help you have a fixed expectation upon harvest. The first way to begin your cloning journey is to make cloning boxes or a box, to provide a safe growing area for the clones.

The cloning box can also be used to safe keep mother crops where the clones are taken. With these the area is convenient to begin the cloning process, it ensures every crop has the necessities to start good growth. There are different sizes of cloning boxes, so, whether you grow plants in small or large quantities you can create the size beneficial to your planting scale.


Benefits of owning a clone box

There are quite a few reasons of owning a clone box. Firstly, it helps keep the seeds in a contained area. This is essential especially when you grow a multiple plants. Below are other benefits of owning a clone box:



It gives a proper growing  environment

It provides a standard environment that aids proper growth of clones and seeds, giving them all essential elements needed. A good environment, helps the seeds/ clones grow quicker and better, so harvest doesn’t take long.




Minimize plants smell


The clone box can reduce the plant’s smell, although, this depends in how the box was created. This is important in cases where the box is put inside your home or in grow rooms.



Guarantees plant’s security

Seeds and clones are safer when retained in the clone box. They are unseen, and not exposed to things that can cause damage or pose a risk of harm.

Reduces risk of diseases and pest attack

Clones and seeds are separated from growing plants when put in the box, this helps in reducing the risk of them being infested by pests or having a disease. It makes them stay healthy and avoid the risk of damage or even death.



Create fresh seeds and clones

There is a possibility of having newly created seeds or clones in the box, leading to more of each. This helps you increase your plants and gives you plenty of harvests.

The right place to keep a cloning box

The right place to keep your clone box depends on your ever growing style. If you have a grow room, the box can be placed there. However, if you don’t, you can create them to fit into strategic places in your home. If you want the box to be hidden, place it in a room or area where it can not be seen.

To get the right shape and size of your clone box, decide the right spot where it should be kept, so you can easily make one that fits the space. This ensures the box is not too large or too small for the space but should be enough to carry enough clones and seeds as you wish.

Make no mistake and do not place the box close to an electronic device or source,  to avoid spilling water on them when watering the clones.


How big can a cloning box be made?

The use of the clone box determines the size. Weed growers who seek small harvests would need a small clone box, while people who grow multiple clones will get a bigger box. New weed growers are advised to start growing small, and so wouldn’t need large boxes. Remember, you can create a larger box later on if a need for it arises.

If you have plans of building bigger boxes, take note of the space each clone or seed takes, and also the mother plant. Then you can start by measuring the boxes for each plant, while doing this, keep a little more space, so there’s room for expansion if the plants grow beyond your assumptions.


Select a proper cabin/closet

Some growers choose boxes or little closets in their possession to clone, others create new cabinets, or even shop for already made cabinets. Growers who plant lots of clones and seeds in boxes should consider getting one measured 5ft tall, 4ft wide with an 18inch depth.

Having a box exactly this size will give enough room for shelves and every plant that the clone box will hold. There’s also room for proper lighting and ventilation for adequate plant growth.

Growers can choose to make their box from materials they prefer, in the size that they want, to fit the available space, or they can choose to buy one. However, make sure materials used will not cause harm when used around electrical power, else it’ll cause the box to become warm on the inside. Try getting clone boxes with locks, so you can secure them properly.


Other necessary supplies for the cloning box

A good supply and availability of certain items help the plants grow adequately. Clone boxes may react differently to these however, every grower should have;


  • Thermometers -to check the temperature
  • Compact fluorescent lamp bulbs
  • An exhaust fan
  •  Ventilation pipe
  •  Light Reflector
  •  Monitor for humidity


In addition to the supplies, are hardware equipment used to install the ventilation or lights and materials in the box and supplies for seeds and clones. The setting of the growing area will determine if more supplies are needed.


How to create plant ventilation

Ventilation aids the removal of heat from the box, to make the temperature balanced, it also reduces the moisture so the humidity level is right and most importantly, it provides the plant’s fresh air which weed plants need for good growth.

Open the box at the top, creating a hole for ventilation when the heat rises. You can also use a fan to aid in removing warm air, so the fresh air can penetrate. Be cautious about this because the plants require a good lot of fresh air for proper growth.

There should be proper ventilation in the clone box, especially when the mother plant is in it, ventilation will help control the smell. Mother plants need more ventilation than clones or seeds because they use it to photosynthesize.

For the smell, you can use carbon filters, this way the smell is well minimized you wouldn’t even perceive it anymore. The exhaust fan pulls out hot air, so you can place the carbon filter close to it so the air goes through it while leaving and the smell is removed.


Hang the reflective foil to get more light

The work of the reflective foil is to reflect light around the clone box, to ensure all clones and seeds get proper lighting. This provides fast and healthy growth for the plants. We recommend Mylar reflective film for this, it has high reflective abilities and when installed it prevents light from leaving the clone box, this helps when you’re trying to hide the box by keeping the light inside.

Another option is using mirrors or aluminum foil, however, they are not so efficient in spreading light throughout the clone box. Adding the foil at the roof of the clone box is not necessary, but can aid better light distribution.


Section the cloning box in levels

The clone box can be divided into levels, 3 levels are enough except the box is quite small for a few seeds or clones, the light should then be installed in all levels. This level segregates the different phases of the plants, making it easy for you to see and note their progress

The first and topmost level or shelf is for germinating seedlings, it should be 10inch tall at least. This stage doesn’t need much lighting, as they only need the heat from the light bulb.

The next level is the middle which is for seeds and clones growing their roots. The shelf must be big enough to accommodate the growing plants. It should be 15inch in height and should get enough light. The plant size and amount should determine the lighting. However, 3-4 compact fluorescent lamp bulbs might just be enough.

The lowest level which is at the bottom is usually 25inch tall and has enough space for the mother plant and other plants at their vegetation phase. The compact fluorescent lamp bulbs should be larger here, probably 2 bigger bulbs with well-functioning light reflectors for the best harvest.


Camouflage if necessary

If you do not want your clone box to be noticed or you want it hidden from guests you can camouflage it. If the material used in making the clone box matches your room furniture, it can serve as a decorative piece. Let’s say it was made from cabinets, you can put a few books on it or even a plant. This makes it blend in with the décor, it will be hardly noticed.

It is not necessary to camouflage all clone boxes, if yours does not need it just take basics steps in keeping it safe. Conceal the light so it does not leave the box, as aforementioned you can use Mylar reflective film, the light will not leak out. Also, control the smell by using a carbon filter, this will help reduce it significantly.

Ensure the ventilation and electrical lines connected to the cabinet are hidden, as it may signify that the box is not a cabinet or furniture piece.

Weed germination and cloning are important procedures for proper harvest, this is why you must take good care of the plants at this stage and give them all the necessary attention. The clone box is useful even till harvest as it helps you separate seeds from other plants ready for harvest.

To get a perfect size clone box for your seed germination and cloning, you can make your boxes and customize them to your preference, so you have good control to make your plants grow healthy and faster.

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