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What things you can do when you are high

If you’re seeking creative inspiration, relaxation, or simply looking to amplify your enjoyment, I’ve curated a diverse selection of experiences to explore when you are high. From artistic endeavors like painting or writing to outdoor adventures such as hiking or stargazing, there’s something for you.

When you’re feeling the buzz, don’t just stare off into the distance pondering life’s mysteries. Embrace the moment, revel in your elevated mood, and let the good times roll! After all, life’s too short to dwell on the future when you can bask in the euphoria of the present. So, grab your favorite snack, crank up the tunes, and let the good vibes flow!

Indoor activities to do when high

Man rolling a cannabis joint

After growing and harvesting the delicious buds from your indoor cannabis seeds, it’s time to enjoy them.

There’s plenty to do inside, whether you cultivated a relaxing indica or energizing sativa strain. After you light up, your mind races with thrilling thoughts as you decide on a fun way to spend your toking session.

An indoor setting gives you privacy and coziness to enjoy high activities alone or with friends and family.

If you’ve had a stressful week, you want to unwind and relax your body. Good weed, company, and games to play can provide the ultimate relief when taking a break.

Below are our top stoner activities to do inside.

Play video games

Four people playing video games while high

Getting high with friends and playing video games provides a new experience for the whole group. The best ones offer a way to pass the time while stimulating your mind.

The effects of marijuana may work to your advantage when you observe minute details during a fast-paced video game. The PC games like “Journey” or “Animal Crossing” are perfect for when you are stoned and want to let your imagination run wild. And here is another game that I personally like to play when high – “Hogwarts Legacy” – perfect for unleashing your inner wizard or witch while you’re riding the high. And hey, who could resist the timeless allure of classics like “Chess” or the pure chaotic joy of “Mario Kart”? Whatever your vibe, there’s a game to match – so grab your controller and let the high-score battles begin!

Binge-watch a comedy series

watching a comedy series while high

After consuming an indica, you may find yourself in a couch lock. Binge-watching a comedy series is an excellent way to ride this relaxing high.

The effects help you enjoy the series even more, and the uplifting sensations can have you rolling on the floor with laughter.

Here is my list of Netflix series which I like to watch when stoned:

  1. “Stranger Things” – Perfect for its nostalgic 80s vibe, supernatural mysteries, and thrilling plot twists that will keep you hooked.
  2. “BoJack Horseman” – With its surreal humor, deep themes, and clever social commentary, this animated series offers a blend of comedy and introspection.
  3. “Black Mirror” – Known for its mind-bending storytelling and dystopian themes, this anthology series will leave you questioning reality and the impact of technology.
  4. “The Midnight Gospel” – This visually stunning animated series explores existential themes through surreal adventures in space, making it an ideal choice for a high viewing experience.
  5. “Disjointed” – With its quirky characters, cannabis-centric humor, and lighthearted vibe, this comedy series offers plenty of laughs for a chill night in.Perfect for Sativa vibes.
  6. “Rick and Morty” – Known for its off-the-wall humor, clever writing, and imaginative sci-fi concepts, this animated series is a trippy rollercoaster ride through the multiverse.
  7. “The Great British Baking Show” – Indulge your senses with mouthwatering treats and heartwarming moments in this feel-good baking competition that’s perfect for a cozy night in.
  8. “Adventure Time” – Bursting with creativity, whimsy, and surreal adventures, this colorful animated series offers a delightful escape into the Land of Ooo.
  9. “Big Mouth” – The awkward and hilarious world of puberty through the eyes of a group of teenagers in this irreverent animated comedy that’s as relatable as it is outrageous.
  10. “Narcos” – The high-stakes world of drug trafficking and law enforcement in this gripping crime drama that offers plenty of twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Watch a movie

Watching movies while high

Movies help you relax and provide audio-visual stimulation for your brain. When you’re high, you may have an enhanced viewing experience and appreciate some film genres more.

Depending on your taste and preferences, some of the best movie genres to watch while high are: animations, comedy, documentaries, horror, psychological thrillers, and fast-paced action movies.

Good music films are delightful and may complement your heightened awareness as you sing and dance along.

Of course, stoner movies are a no-brainer as they depict relatable weed-smoking scenarios and unite cannabis users worldwide.

Some options that fellow stoners reported enjoying include:

  • Pineapple Express
  • How High
  • Half Baked
  • Clerks
  • Scary Movie

By the way, if you’re planning a movie night, “Pineapple Express” pairs perfectly with the strain of the same name. Why not elevate your viewing experience by enjoying this cult classic alongside some homegrown Pineapple Express? With our Pineapple Express feminized and Pineapple Express autoflower seeds options, you can cultivate your own stash and immerse yourself fully in the Pineapple Express experience.

Play cards

couple playing cards outdoors while high

Since their invention in early Chinese civilization, playing cards has been one of the most popular activities in the world.

These games’ mental capacity and thrills allow you to stay sharp and focused, enhancing your cannabis high. The increased excitement, adrenaline, and competition complement the effects you feel.

Cards are best enjoyed in groups, so get at least one other person to join you for increased fun.

Play board games

Monopoly game pieces, along with currency

Board games can be particularly entertaining if confined inside your house for several reasons. There might be a snow blizzard, a storm, sweltering outdoor temperatures, or even a pandemic.

As you wait for the weather to change, engage your roommates in a round or two.

With the help of a few puffs of marijuana, you can connect on a deeper level and enjoy the fun competition. Show off your favorite smoke trick, challenge each other, and enjoy making silly jokes as the high settles.

Playing board games requires you to think strategically to win. Smoking weed beforehand could help you stay focused, enhance your euphoria, and maybe even award you bonus points.

Some fun games to play with your friends at home include:

  • Chess
  • Monopoly
  • Trivial Pursuit
  • Weed-Opoly
  • Cards Against Humanity


statue of man meditating behind a bronze bowl of weed buds

Meditation helps you to achieve a sense of calm and peace that benefits your well-being. It requires you to tap into your inner self and channel soothing energy.

Some people may be unable to meditate correctly due to the nature of their surroundings and other internal conflicts.

Getting high may help minimize these stresses by allowing you to focus better. It heightens your mental and physical sensations so that, as you meditate, it’s easier to control your breathing and drift off into clouds of euphoria.

Explore your creative side

woman painting outdoors while high

Cannabis could help an individual break away from ordinary thinking. Doing this increases the probability of coming up with innovative ideas like making homemade bongs, finding solutions to problems, or exploring new ways of completing tasks.

While we all have different talents and abilities, being high may be an ideal time to actualize a lifelong passion.

Let’s explore some ideas that could help get your creative juices flowing.

Drawing and Painting

Cannabis may spark creativity and help you to be more productive with artistic activities like painting.

Art allows you to create masterpieces and tap into your inner passions. It’s just you, a joint, a brush, and paint.

As you move your brush across the canvas, the cannabis high can help you to incorporate colors, designs, and shapes in new, exciting ways.

If you prefer to draw, grab some colored pencils and create beautiful art while you listen to music and enjoy the high.


Baking is also an art, and it’s one of the best creative things to do while high, especially after smoking a delicious treat like Wedding Cake feminized.

Baking, when stoned, can open up your creative mind to experiment with new recipes. It may involve ditching traditional methods and using new and better ones, but can also include mixing ingredients to come up with unique treats.

Many marijuana strains stimulate hunger, so baking while high can alleviate the munchies when they hit.

Making Music

If you love music, now’s the time to follow up on your passion. Being high induces creativity, so you could soon find yourself making fresh tunes.

Even if you have no experience in music production, you can take this opportunity to learn an instrument. Explore our selection of the best strains for music to find your personal vibe.

Coming up with musical lyrics may also be easier when high. Many musicians have admitted to getting baked before putting pen to paper or, stepping in front of the mic.

Get intimate

Couple getting itimate outdoors while high

There are few activities better than cozying up to your partner indoors. If you want to take it up a notch, getting high together can provide a profoundly intimate experience.

Smoking cannabis can help you feel a better connection with your partner and may boost romance. Some claim that cannabis increases libido and may help heat things up in the bedroom, too.

Take a bubble bath together, blow smoke rings while making out, play video games, or watch a movie and cuddle. These activities can be incredibly intimate as you both experience the high sensations simultaneously. Don’t forget to explore our selection of the best strains for sex and female arousal to make your intimate experience unforgettable.

Outdoor activities to do when high

Getting high indoors is fun, but fresh air is also a wonderful way to enhance your smoke sesh.

Exploring nature is a no-brainer for stoners, especially if you enjoy growing outdoor seeds.

Below are some of the best outside activities to try at least once.

Get out and explore nature

nature shot of cannabis growing outdoors

Nothing sets the mood like mother nature itself. Being high allows you to realize every minute detail as you tap into the world around you.

Exploring the outdoors can help reduce anxiety and alleviate stress. Doing it after smoking marijuana enhances sensory perceptions, letting you appreciate nature like never before.

Cannabis also helps you to get in touch with your environment. It can provide clarity or revelations on deep existential life questions like your place in the world.

Going out in nature can involve:

  • Hiking up a mountain or in a beautiful nature reserve.
  • Camping alone, with your partner, or with friends.
  • Exploring new areas and enjoying a photo adventure while making new memories.

After smoking a weed strain to reduce anxiety, go outside and enjoy an old-school experience away from technology and cramped spaces.

Attend a funfair or amusement center

A theme park represents childhood adventures we can all relate to, providing various activities that get your blood pumping.

A fun idea for stoners is getting high before the carnival and enjoying the thrill of everything on offer. The colorful sights, joyful sounds, and activities can enhance your moods and alleviate stress from the past week.

Enjoying roller coasters, Ferris wheels, and water rides when high is an experience you won’t soon forget.

Attend a concert

concert goers enjoying music while high

According to studies, cannabis makes music sound better. They indicate the positive effects of the herb on focus, visual processing, and the encoding of musical notes.

Watching a live concert performance from your favorite musician while high can add to the pleasure.

Some concert venues may even allow cannabis smoking, depending on where you live. Enjoy the experience as you listen to music with loved ones while cheering from the crowd.

Visit an art gallery or museum near you

The next time you’re baked, going to a museum can give you a deeper appreciation for artifacts of cultural or scientific importance.

If you’re more passionate about creativity, visiting an art gallery is ideal. Doing this while high can cause displays to become masterpieces as you’re more tuned in to the sights before you.

Remember to abide by the rules and regulations of museums or art galleries. Smoke at home beforehand to avoid getting into trouble or potentially ruining the experience.

Go to the beach

a beach picnic ready to enjoy when high

Beaches provide the perfect getaways for vacations and taking time off for yourself. Visiting them while high could enhance your experience and help you to completely relax.

If you live somewhere inland, you could plan a road trip by driving out to the nearest coast to enjoy quality time with your friends or family.

Smoking cannabis, especially a quality sativa, can encourage you to be more active at the beach and enjoy various seaside activities. If you prefer to lay back and enjoy getting a tan, a quality indica works like magic.

Getting high on a beach can help you get in touch with nature as the cool breeze from the sea caresses you. You could also dive into the water and enjoy the heightened body sensations.

Sample cuisine from a new restaurant

A new eatery opened up in town. You’ve heard good reviews about it but have yet to find the time to visit it.

If you’re baked and seeking an adventure, new foods may be just what you need.

The advantage of trying out new cuisine when high is that your taste buds appreciate the unique flavors, especially when the munchies set in.

Be bold and try out that Chinese food you’ve never had or the new French delicacy from the restaurant around the corner.

You may even discover a new place that caters to your needs and interests.

If you live in Los Angeles, why not visit one of the best cannabis restaurants? THC-infused dishes provide a sensory experience, unlike anything you’ve had before.

Go out and observe the starry sky

It may feel like a scene from a movie, but stargazing is among the most fun things to do after rolling a joint.

It can provide a mind-blowing experience as you take in the beauty of the night sky.

If you’re in the company of friends, a fun idea is to spend time identifying constellations and seeing who spots the most.

You could also grab camping equipment and sleep under the glittering stars. After smoking weed, you get to appreciate the visual display from planet earth and fall asleep feeling connected to the universe.

How can you enjoy your high more when doing fun things?

Due to emerging technologies and a host of traditional activities, there’s a lot to do while high. Choosing one of them can give you memorable moments to cherish forever.

Thanks to the enhancing qualities of marijuana, enjoying these activities makes sense, as they provide fantastic ways to make the most of your high. Listening to music, exploring the world, drawing, or writing a short story can be even more fun when you’re stoned.

You can even enjoy some indoor activities in an outdoor setting, like going to the movies at a drive-in movie theater. Play cards under the stars, show off smoke tricks like the french inhale while camping, or meditate by the beach.

The possibilities are endless, so why not make your own list of fun activities for your next blazing session?

If you’re looking for top-grade cannabis to enjoy these activities with, look no further than The Seed Fair.

We offer high-quality seeds that have passed rigorous testing, guaranteeing the best effects upon harvesting them. We also provide discreet shipping and billing, with discounts on qualifying orders.

Visit our blog to learn how to grow and care for your weed plants or enhance your smoking experience.

FAQs about things to do when high

Do you have more questions about getting the most fun from your weed high? Find answers to common queries below.

What do couples do when high?

Besides getting cozy in the sheets, couples who get high can engage in numerous fun things. They share an intimate bond that marijuana can enhance when you enjoy it together.

A few activities to explore with your loved one include going on a movie date, dancing, hiking, visiting an amusement park, or playing video games.

How do you calm someone if they’re too high?

The first step is to remove the substance causing them to be high. Get them to lie down or sit in a quiet place and relax, ensuring they don’t operate heavy machinery. Try to engage them in breathing exercises and give them plenty of water and some food to calm down.

Does taking a shower take away your high?

Different people report varying experiences about taking a shower while high, depending on whether it’s cold or warm.

If you’re experiencing adverse reactions, a cold shower may help, while using warm water or taking a bubble bath may enhance the high.

Do you sleep well when you’re high?

Many people claim that indica strains help promote better sleep. They’re especially beneficial for people with insomnia, and some report it enhances dreams. Several medicinal cultivars could aid with restlessness and induce a deeper slumber.

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