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How To Plant Seeds After Germination

How To Plant Seeds After Germination | Our Guide On Growing | The Seed Fair

When the taproot is about a centimeter long, it can now be planted in the soil or hydroponic medium. This, however, applies to a soil-less germination medium or hydroponic method. At this point, the little seeds are very delicate and should be well cared for else they’ll decay.  This article will go over how to plant seeds after germination.

During planting the seedling should be placed with its root facing the ground in the hydroponic growing instrument or soil hole. Avoid touching the seedlings or roots when it begins to germinate or expose them to much light for a long period, as this may cause damage.

Cannabis seeds can be easily transplanted. If this is your plan, firstly, plant the weed seed in a plastic container or cup, this makes it easier to transplant to a bigger pot when it grows larger. When you transplant with this method, you can easily remove the cup from the soil by cutting around it in the larger soil, rather than uprooting the crop and replanting.


Soil weed planting

To do this, review the seed and create a hole double its size, ensure the seed is below the topsoil by about 2 centimeters. Planting the weed seeds deeper will make it grow slowly to the topsoil, thereby not getting the good amount of light it needs.

Before you place the seedlings, ensure the hole dug has moisture. Apply a little water after the seed is placed then carefully cover it with the soil. Before you water the plant, make sure the soil top is dry, else you may drown the fragile seed.

We do not recommend Miracle-Gro as a healthy nutrient for weed plants. It has a high nitrogen level and is low on other essential nutrients like phosphorus and potassium. With time, it goes into the plant and causes harm during the early flowering stage.


Using the hydroponic planting medium

Soil-less planting can be done in many ways with different methods. Several are prepared as cubes, with already made holes in the middle where you can gently place the seed right after germination. Hydroponic cannabis growing methods are likewise good for seeds before germination.

Most cubes used usually break down with time, they are also useful in soil planting. However, some like stone wool -rook wool- do not break down. They contain a great amount of pH and must be thoroughly washed before use.

After placing the seeds in the hydroponic planting medium, you can drizzle minerals like vermiculite over the soiled spot.


After seed planting?

After seed planting, you need to take lighting seriously. You can begin with giving the plant daily light for eight hours and six hours without. When germination is done and seed’s planted, the lighting should remain to aid proper vegetation.

If you have plans of changing the plant’s environment by moving them outside after a little growth, you have to make them familiar with the environment, you can place them close to the windows to get a little sunlight. If this is your choice, then do not use bulbs with high intensity, as it can make the plant develop issues in the future.

However, if indoor planting is your preferred option, place the light 2ft above the topsoil. Consequently, you’ll need to increase the height as the weed grows, but maintain the 2ft, except for florescent bulbs, they can be closer than others.


Second week after germination

The cannabis plant usually sprouts a little above the soil some days after placing seeds in the ground. It may take longer than this, but it’s not a problem, all seeds don’t grow the same way.

Do not add any nutrient to your plant till after the second week, except you used a sterile hydroponic technique, then you can start putting in nutrients before the third week.

The early cannabis sprout might leave you confused because they do not look like the cannabis plant, It sprouts as a couple of leaves with smooth edges and is known as Cotyledons. The second pair, however, looks more like the weed plant. They are the first actual leaves and might just be one leaf, however, they will multiply by the next and continually.  Hopefully, this article went over all the steps you need on how to plant seeds after germination.


Few tips to help germination stage

1. Weed seeds that appear dark shade brown are very effective and are likely to germinate more than green or white marijuana seeds. However, you should try all seeds before trashing them.

2. Most weed growers assume that seeds will not germinate if they are so hard and can’t be grounded with fingers. This is false speculation, though some have claimed it to be true, you should try out every seed before concluding.

3. For some seeds after planting, the thin stem from the hydrophobic technique is white and has a resemblance with the root. This is nothing but an early trunk, so do not change the seeds or turn them around, maintain the first technique and let the plant develop with time.

4. When the seedlings are of low quality and cheap there’s a low chance of germination. That is why we advise weed seeds should be bought from trusted sellers.

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